Error 0x80070666 in Microsoft Visual C ++: Causes and Solution

The Windows operating system for its regular and complete work requires an abundance of various software (hereinafter referred to as software). Particularly acute need for any components for the operating system is manifested when using a certain type of software that involves working with visual effects and processing media content. One of these important components is the Microsoft Visual C ++ package, distributed free of charge and available for download on the official Microsoft website. This article focuses on resolving the error number 0x80070666, which “terrorizes” many users during the installation of the above operating system component.

Methods for fixing error 0x80070666 in Microsoft Visual C ++.

Causes and Solution

The error announced above is accompanied by a text explanation in the form:

“0x80070666 - Another version of this product is already installed. Installation cannot continue. To configure or remove an existing version of the product, use the Add / Remove icon.

Most of the possible reasons, and, consequently, the ways of correction are indicated directly in the text explanation itself, namely:

  • The system components package in question is indeed already installed on the target computer.
  • In the existing registry entries remained data on previous versions of "Visual C + +".
  • Incorrect installer works.
  • The operating system is missing important updates needed to work.
  • Installer actions are blocked by exposure to virus software.

And on the basis of these reasons, concrete measures should be taken to eliminate the error in question.


So, the method of correction suggests itself and consists only of the following (Windows 10):

  • Click "Start" and sort the list by the letter "C".
  • Select the Windows System Tools folder and open the Control Panel.
  • In the window that opens, open the "Programs" section - "Remove Programs".
  • Among the available components, find “Microsoft Visual Studio C ++” and check the bit width of the installed libraries.

The further procedure depends on the actions that led to the error in question. If the presence of this package was requested by any game or software, and the installed version does not respond to their requests, then delete everything that is displayed in the “Uninstall a program” section named “Microsoft Visual Studio C ++”. After all the old used versions are removed, refer to the functionality of the CCleaner program and check the registry for errors. In most cases, “CCleaner” quite easily copes with its work and removes the remaining traces of the library in question.

As an alternative solution, you can download the official utility from the site “//”, which solves most of the problems considered in automatic mode. At the end you will need to visit the same official site of Microsoft and download the latest version of “Visual Studio C ++” corresponding to the bit depth of your operating system.


As can be seen from all of the above, there is nothing difficult in solving the error in question. It is also worth noting that unless absolutely necessary, you should not interfere with the installed system libraries, since their timely updating is carried out by the operating system independently. That is why most of the fixed errors are due only to the fact that a newer version is already installed on the computer and does not require updates.