Snappy Driver Installer - automatically update drivers on PC

Snappy Driver Installer is software from BadPointer. It provides an intuitive system for installing new drivers for desktop computers. The application has a driver ranking algorithm in which it prioritizes the installation of compatible drivers, while at the same time preventing the installation of non-optimal drivers. It has driver archives that offer the latest download indexes and driver packages. Users can download all driver packages up to 12 GB or only indexes up to 10 MB, depending on the needs of their computer. His internal torrent client loads the drivers very quickly. This software is also updated when a new software or driver package is available. Users can also purchase Expert Mode to access advanced features. Any information about the driver is provided in detail with tooltips. Expert mode also allows you to select alternative drivers other than those recommended.

Work with the Snappy Driver Installer application.

Program installation

Driverpacks are downloaded through Snappy Driver Installer in so-called driver packages, which are simply driver sets (packages) for various hardware, such as sound devices, video cards, etc. With the full SDI load, all available driver packages can be downloaded via torrent client through the file .TORRENT (but this requires a lot of disk space). Or you can download only those that your computer needs using the SDI Lite version. The options offered by the Snappy Driver Installer (in expert mode) allow you to filter the results to show drivers that are not installed, but should be, drivers that are newer than those installed, and display only current or older drivers. The software can also show duplicate drivers and invalid drivers. You can see information such as, for example, the name of the manufacturer and the HardwareID, as well as the date and version number of the installed and available driver.

How to use Snappy Driver Installer

You can use the Snappy Driver Installer to find and open the INF file for installed drivers. Updates that require a computer restart are marked in orange so that they can be easily distinguished from the rest. The program contains many features that make it one of the best driver update tools.


  • The download goes through the program, so you do not need to use a web browser.
  • You can download drivers for offline use.
  • Supports bulk download and installation of drivers.
  • Download at full unlimited speed.
  • There are no restrictions on downloads and updates that you can perform.
  • Completely free of advertising.
  • If necessary, create a restore point before installing the driver.
  • This is a portable software, so it does not need to be installed on a computer.


  • A bit confusing interface.
  • You cannot create a schedule that checks for updates.
  • Modern OSes are already updating drivers.
  • No need to install updates manually.
  • Additional features are hidden in expert mode.
  • Some updates may not be compatible with the driver.

It is a good program that not only determines for which of your devices a driver update is required, but also finds a specific suitable driver for them and actually installs the driver for you. Unfortunately, the software is not as easy to use as similar programs such as Driver Booster, but still quite understandable. After downloading the driver updates needed by your computer, you can use the side menu to select and install them all.

Another thing worth mentioning is how Snappy Driver Installer can be used for offline driver updates. This feature means that you can download multiple drivers for different devices at the same time, but not install any of them on this computer. You can then use the "Select Driver ..." option to load these drivers into the Snappy Driver Installer on any computer, even if it works without connecting to the network. If you are not already using Windows 10 or 8, you may have some driver problems when installing the operating system, because they are no longer updated so that your computer is ready for use as soon as you get the system out of the box. In this situation, you can manually install as needed programs that can prevent excessive consumption of space - even if you only use the outdated version.

Downloading each of the necessary drivers is quite difficult, so you need to remember about each one of them, which is necessary for using a PC in everyday life. However, you will not have to suffer from this process, because programs such as Snappy Driver Installer offer a very simple and practical way to deal with the inconvenience associated with improperly updating everything on your computer. This software does not require installation and is fairly easy. With it, you can find out which drivers are outdated on your computer, and immediately download and install them automatically. Although it may seem a bit disorganized, its interface is actually quite simple - you just need to let you know what to look for.

A variety of topics available to customize the interface of the program is an interesting option, although many of them slightly violate the correct reading of texts. If you click on the first parameter listed at the top of the window, you will see several available download options: select this option to specify only those that are relevant to your PC, and this will avoid unnecessary downloading of several GB of files. After installing the “index” (possibly listed as the first item in the list of updates), there is a high probability that the Snappy Driver Installer will determine more drivers that need to be downloaded. Then, in your window, different boot options for each driver will be displayed, each with a description related to the update status — you must be careful not to choose something obsolete or allow the program to work alone to avoid choosing the wrong items.

The instructions provided by the Snappy Driver Installer are actually very simple and practical, but the program requires a bit of computer skills. The first requirement, in addition to understanding the function of the driver in the computer, is to read the descriptions of each element in order to choose the best option for your account. because the software can not determine the latest version of the driver. The speed of downloading and installing drivers leaves much to be desired, because it takes time to start the process. It should also be noted that the program does not mention anywhere where it loads drivers, so perhaps it does not use sources that you consider to be reliable. In this case, you can opt out of the Snappy driver installation program and update the drivers manually.

The number of themes available to customize your interface is almost useless, since few of them allow you to read texts correctly, the rest only get in the way. In short, the Snappy Driver Installer has an average learning curve, but it is easy to use when you understand how it works. With average speed and questionable choice of versions (as well as download sources), the program performs its function “satisfactorily”: although it is not the best option in the genre, at least it still performs what it promised and facilitates the process of downloading and installing various drivers. That is, automatic downloading and installing 9 GB using the Snappy Driver Installer is still more practical than “manually”.

Benefits of Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer takes on the time-consuming process of finding the right drivers as soon as possible. Thanks to its clear structure, ease of use and extensive driver databases that are regularly updated, this is the perfect tool for updating drivers.


  • Extensive driver database
  • Simple functions.
  • Detects missing and outdated drivers automatically.
  • Creates a restore point if desired.
  • Multiple interface settings.
  • Automatic download and installation of drivers.


  • First, it does not recognize outdated drivers.
  • Getting used to the application interface takes some time.
  • It takes time to start downloading.

With the help of the Snappy Driver Installer, you can easily find missing or outdated drivers on your system and update all at once. Missing or outdated drivers can cause problems or slow down Windows. But what does not automatically come to the drivers through the Windows update, you have to painstakingly search for yourself. The open source tool “Snappy Driver Installer” eliminates the difficulty of finding and installing individually. It also makes this problem quite solvable.

The lightweight version of Snappy Driver Installer is ideal for private use and can be used completely without installation. Lite does not mean that the possibilities are limited. This is about the size of the driver downloads. After the first run, you can specify what you want to load into the drivers. We recommend choosing “Load only indexes” to minimize storage requirements. If you select a full load, the tool will take more than 15 GB. This is useful for PC pros in “field conditions”. After you have made your choice, the tool will scan your system and then provide a list of all missing or outdated drivers. Then you can mark individual points or all points and update them by clicking the "Install" button.