Which Android emulator for a computer is better

Running mobile operating systems on computers is now commonplace. This is a pretty convenient option for those who want to get acquainted with the system in detail before purchasing a device or who just want to play around with applications. This article will discuss, perhaps, the most popular mobile operating system in the world - Android and how it can be run on a PC.

Utilities for running Android applications on a computer

To run the Android OS on your computer, you will need a special emulator program. The principle of its operation has much in common with the virtual machine, so in order for most simulators to work, you will have to enable the virtualization feature in the BIOS. Usually this function is enabled by default, but if suddenly there are any errors during the launch of the emulator or it does not start, then this is exactly the case.

Now let's proceed directly to the analysis of emulator programs, with the help of which you can open the Android system on a PC.

Nox App Player

The first in the list will be one of the most popular emulators - Nox App Player, which many consider the best of its kind. It is compatible with all versions of Windows, so everything will work regardless of whether you are using, for example, Windows 10 or XP. As soon as the Nox App Player starts up, an Android 4.2.2, Cyanogen Mod window will appear, with the Nova Launcher shell installed on it. It is noteworthy that the specified emulator does not have Russification, however, you can set the Russian language in the virtual Android settings. There in the settings you can also change the resolution of the window in which the system opens. Initially, the resolution is set to 1280x720, as on the tablet. It is possible to change the level of performance, in the “Performance Setting” you must select “Low”, “Middle” or “High”, depending on the tasks. When choosing, proceed from the capabilities of your computer to avoid system hangs. In general, it is worth noting that this emulator works quite quickly.

Control in Nox App Player is no different from managing Android on a smartphone or tablet. Possibilities of downloading applications from the store are also present here. This program has additional functions for working with the system, such as:

  • Installing applications from files contained on a PC;
  • Setting another location;
  • Import / export of various files;
  • Take screenshots;
  • Ability to run multiple windows in parallel.

In general, the Nox App Player gives you everything you want from an emulator. The program works quickly, without failures and without restrictions provides all the features of Android, as if you were using a smartphone or tablet. It is advisable to note that problems can still occur when you start the simulator. You can solve them by renaming the user folder from Russian to English.


Next on the list - BlueStacks. This is another very popular program of this kind. The main advantage of BlueStacks is the presence of Russification, which makes it convenient for those users who are not strong in English. This emulator is aimed at launching games, and therefore it will not please the subscriber with a full-fledged Android, but games and various productive applications will work as well as possible, which, of course, will appeal to many.

BlueStacks runs in full screen, but it is possible to run in windowed mode. The main menu provides a list of all the games that can be downloaded. You can also find the game you need through the search bar. BlueStacks has a rather interesting and useful synchronization function with your Android device (if it has one), which will allow you to play the same games on your PC on your tablet or smartphone. It is worth noting that with productive games BlueStacks does an order of magnitude better than the same Nox App Player.


Now consider the less famous, but also noteworthy emulators. One of these is Koplayer. A good program on which you can run applications, games and, in general, whatever you like under Android without any problems. In general, Koplayer duplicates the previous two emulators, a feature that can only be called an interesting keyboard setting that can be adjusted for each application, including in games that are controlled by an accelerometer.


Another good Android emulator on Windows is the Droid4X. Not the most popular option, but that’s why it’s as good as the rest. It has an interesting opportunity to assign a button on the keyboard to a specific place on the screen, which will be convenient for those who want to play races, like Asphalt on a computer. In the rest of the specified simulator is not much different from all considered above.


Next on the list is Genymotion. This is a great emulator with a wide range of functions and a choice of different versions of Android, up to the latest. The program works smartly, largely due to the support of hardware accelerated graphics. This emulator may seem too “tricked” for a simple user, but software developers will like it, thanks to an extensive set of functions and settings. For example, in Genymotion there is the possibility of imitation of calls, messages, different information about the state of the device, and so on. Among the shortcomings it can be noted perhaps that there is no Russification and the fact that in order to obtain the widest functional set you will have to install a paid version. And for the usual "home" use of the free version is enough with his head.

There are many more such programs, but all of them, as a rule, show not the best stability in work. By themselves, emulators are not much different from each other, and therefore a wide choice here, in principle, is not required. This article has reviewed all the best and most popular Android simulators. Each of them is good in its own way and has its advantages and disadvantages. Choose based on priorities and your needs. Write in the comments about whether you liked the article and which Android emulator you think is the best.