Unlock smartphone

Favorite smartphone at one moment can bring a lot of frustration, damaged nerves and long-term experiences. And all this is due to the fact that it was suddenly blocked, and the pattern was either not accepted by the system, or was forgotten. Of course, the situation is unpleasant, but it is not worth it to plunge yourself into nervous turmoil.

Often there are situations when the owner of the phone forgets the password to unlock

There are ways to solve the problems associated with blocking smartphones. Moreover, there are enough such methods, so everyone can try to find the best option for themselves. Unlock the smartphone can and in the service center, if the owner forgot the password. It should be noted that warranty service does not apply to this situation, so you have to pay for the work of the service center masters. Unfortunately, the cost of the work of the specialist who managed to unlock the smartphone, remove the pattern key is not small, so it is better to try to carry out such actions on your own after reading the unlock procedure.

Effective ways to unlock

There are quite effective ways to unlock a smartphone without much difficulty if, through carelessness, the wrong password was entered several times. This situation is familiar to many parents, if their young children perceive the smartphone as an interesting toy. The phone can be locked in those cases where at a certain moment the owner himself came up with a pattern key, entered it, but did not fix it anywhere, hoping for his memory, which later on mercilessly let him down and created such an undesirable situation.

Removing a password using SMS

After purchasing the phone, when the owner has a desire to install a pattern to prevent unauthorized use of the gadget, it is best to carry out some actions that allow later to easily unlock the smartphone.

To do this, it is enough to install the SMS Bypass application in advance. Unfortunately, for such an application you have to pay or find a pirated version. It will be more honest to still pay and use a quality product, especially since the cost of such an application is small and amounts to about one dollar.

Having installed the SMS Bypass application, you should confirm the request for permission to use Root rights. Now, if the owner inadvertently forgot the password, it will be enough to send sms with a special text - 1234 to the phone number, after which the smartphone will restart and the password will be removed.

If the reason for blocking is a graphic key, then in the text of the message add, in addition to numbers, also the word reset. The smartphone will also start successfully after such actions, which will please the owner.

You should not despair if you failed to install such an application in advance or the owner knew nothing about it. It is possible to install such an application even after the owner of the phone has forgotten the password and it has been blocked.

You should connect your smartphone to your PC, log in to your Google account, install the application and unlock the gadget in the manner described above.

Removing the pattern

A graphic key is the most common cause of blocking a gadget. The owners often use digital password for many accounts, associate them with significant life dates, so they are forgotten much less often. A graphic key is a set of gestures, symbols, which only seem simple at the first moment, but after a certain period of time, it is difficult to recall it.

If the owner of the smartphone suddenly forgot the pattern, then you can still unlock the smartphone, all you need is to make a call using another phone. When accepting an incoming call, you should quickly enter the settings menu, go to the security tab and disable the pattern key.

If someone has forgotten the password, and there is no one in the immediate vicinity who could make a call, you can use the following method, which is almost identical to the previous one. During dialing, you should have time to capture the information line at the top of the screen. If this succeeds, then go to the settings and disable the pattern.

It is possible to enter the security settings even if the smartphone battery is almost discharged. A warning record appears on the screen, thanks to which you can enter the battery menu initially, then the security settings and unlock the gadget in the same way.

Unlocking using Internet resources

You can unlock your smartphone using online resources, if the owner completely forgot the password. There is no particular difficulty even in this case, so anyone who is in such a difficult situation can use this original method.

Removing a password using a Google Account

Everyone is familiar with the situation when someone tries to enter various combinations of numbers and letters several times in a row to restore a forgotten password in memory. If, nevertheless, all attempts fail, the Android operating system is set up so that at a certain moment it will prompt you to enter the password set for logging into your Google account. Also, the "desired inscription" appears after six times the introduction of the wrong set of numbers and symbols. Logging in to your Google account, the smartphone can be unlocked automatically.

Sometimes it happens that the “desired label” does not appear even after repeatedly entering the wrong password. This happens when there is no connection to the Internet, so the correct solution is to reboot the operating system by turning the phone off and on.

When enabled, the top line appears, responsible for connecting to the Internet. Pulling it, it remains to enter credentials for Wi-Fi or mobile Internet, after which it becomes possible to log into your Google account and unlock the gadget.

The procedure becomes a bit more complicated if the owner of the smartphone has forgotten not only the password of the gadget itself, but also the password of the Google account. In this case, you will have to initially restore the password to your account, and then proceed to unlock the phone. You can restore access to your account by connecting your mobile device to the Internet.

To do this, make an emergency call, then quickly dial the combination - * # * # 7378423 # * # *. Next, go to the Service tests - WLAN menu, you can simply connect to Wi-Fi, and all further actions are carried out strictly following the instructions of the Google service.

You can connect to the Internet using another borrowed sim card that is connected to the mobile Internet and you have enough money in your account to use Internet resources.

Another way to provide access to the Internet, if the owner forgot the password and the phone was locked, is to connect the gadget to the router, but this will require a LAN adapter. It is unlikely that each user has it available, rather, it will have to be additionally purchased, it is only important to remember that such an adapter is not suitable for all smartphones, so its acquisition, accompanied by additional expenses, may be in vain.

If, nevertheless, it was possible to connect the smartphone to the router via the LAN adapter, thereby providing access to the Internet, the unlocking will take place automatically.

There are several other ways that you can use if the owner of the smartphone has forgotten the password, but they are accompanied by an increased risk, since you have to manually delete the program files. If a mistake is made by negligence, the operating system will fail. Of course, everything can be restored, but this will require a lot of time and additional knowledge. That is why the method of unlocking the smartphone manually by inexperienced users is better not to use.

So, every phone owner must understand the degree of responsibility when setting a password. If, however, having established the key, he still forgot it, then one should not panic, it is more expedient to use the above listed tips.