Android firmware update on tablet

Any Android user sooner or later has a need to update the firmware. This happens for a number of reasons, but the point is that this procedure is quite simple and can be performed by each user, regardless of their knowledge in the field of technology.

Periodically need to change the software version to a newer

Let's find out how to update Android on the tablet, why do it and in what ways can you install a newer version of the software?

Why update the firmware?

In most cases, the update is done due to the fact that the manufacturer is constantly improving, modifying its software, and therefore there are more and more new versions of it.

They eliminate the previous problems, new functions appear, the interface may change, so periodic system updates most often play in favor of the tablet health.

Moreover, at a certain point, in any case, you will have to change your software, as some programs (which are also updated) stop working in older versions of Android. Or it happens that the outdated version starts to fail, there are problems in it.

All this leads us to the conclusion that it is useful for each user to know how to update the firmware independently and not to go to the service center every time.

Update the firmware on Android

The easiest way to update your device is through settings using an Internet connection. This option is suitable for those who use a tablet from a well-known brand, that is, the manufacturer has provided for the implementation of such an action through the system settings. The Chinese models simply do not have such a function.

All this looks like this:

  • Go to the system settings, turn on Wi-Fi - it is necessary that the connection was high-quality and stable, that is, the update did not stop at the right time due to network problems.
  • Find the section of the settings menu "About the device", after which you will see information about the name, series, device model and the item about the update - select it.

  • Click on “Update”, then select “Reboot and install updates”, then your device will do everything on its own.
  • Your task is to trace the process and the fact that the Internet connection is not interrupted, so it’s better not to go anywhere with the tablet.

If you do not have an item for updating in the menu, then you can install the new software version through the manufacturer’s official website using the following actions:

  • From the computer, go to the website of the manufacturer of your gadget.
  • Find the most current firmware for the device, download it to your computer. You also need a program to download it on the tablet (it should be provided on the same site).

  • Connect the tablet to a stationary PC, turn on the program you downloaded from the site, specify the path to the file with the software in it and start the update process.

The latter method, which is quite simple and will allow you to update the system on your gadget, is the use of special programs.

You can download them from the Google Play Market, and the most popular applications trusted by users are Rom Updater and Rom Manager. To upgrade the system in this way, do the following:

  • Download one of the applications through the Play Store, install it on your tablet.
  • Run the program, select the menu item "Update firmware" or "Download firmware", if required.
  • Then the application will do everything on its own, most importantly, it does not interfere.

As you can see, it is quite simple to update the software on the tablet, however, there are some nuances - on non-original products you will most likely have to reinstall it completely. If you use a “nameless” device for which the system is not specifically developed, you need to independently search for suitable software and install it on the gadget, but this is a completely different topic.

Note that the process itself is quick and easy - you can choose one of several options for flashing based on which one is most convenient for you. Having tried once, you will be able to upgrade your system to a newer version without any problems in the future, and you will not have to contact the specialists every time.