How to use LiteManager Free to manage remote computers

LiteManager Free allows you to work with a computer (or several at once), which is located at a distance from the user. Unlike similar applications, this software does not prohibit free corporate use - the coverage limit is 30 machines at a time. For the rest, there are no restrictions, and it is not necessary to purchase a paid license. In addition to free use, the program has several other advantages:

  • you can record what is happening on the screen and convert it to a convenient format;
  • there is a chat, which is very helpful if you use the application for educational purposes or provide support to trainees at work;
  • through the application you get full access to another PC, including system management functions;
  • you can download and install programs on a computer far away from you;
  • Remote access to a PC via LiteManager has no time limit.

How to use the application LiteManager Free.

If you need extended rights: access to the proxy server's fine settings, for example, that is, the paid version of LiteManager Pro Server is the same program, but with great features:

  • unlimited number of computers to which you can connect;
  • remote printing on the printer;
  • convenient add-ons for corporate use: shared address books, synchronization, etc .;
  • drawing with the mouse on the working field.

It is suitable for large companies and professional system administrators, as well as for freelancers, leading training courses. If you have already made a choice between LiteManager Free and Pro, let's see how to use the program.


Go to the manufacturer's website and download the distribution kit corresponding to the digit capacity of your computer.

  1. Unzip the archive - there will be two files.
  2. To get remote access to a PC through LiteManager, you need to install a file called Server on it, and a file called Viewer on the main computer.
  3. Start with the Server distribution: launch the installer window and click “Next”.

  4. Select a folder for storing files (the default is C / ProgramFiles).
  5. Next, you need to come up with a digital code of 8 components, click the "Set / Change" button and enter the value in the string. Of course, it must be memorized or written down.
  6. The same thing to do with the viewer file.

Now the program will be displayed in the lower left, where the icons of the antivirus and the Update Center are usually located. To call it, just click on the blue logo.

Setup and use

We bring to your attention also a small instruction on the elementary configuration of the software:

  1. Open the program from the administrator’s computer.
  2. In the window that appears, on the right you will find the "Mode" button - click on it.
  3. Select "Connection by ID".

  4. A window will appear where you need to enter the password you invented.
  5. On the remote computer, a notification about the connection request will be displayed, you need to allow the connection.

You will see all the computers under control in the main program window and can switch between them in one click. At the top there is a toolbar and a chat button, by clicking on it, you will see the messenger window for writing messages.

Possible problems and their solution

Sometimes there are problems with LiteManager Free, now we will analyze the main ones and tell you how to solve them.

Unable to connect to another computer

If you are trying to contact a remote PC, but every time you are returned to the password field, try the following:

  1. Make sure that the remote PC has the program installed correctly and the correct password is set.
  2. Also check that the password you entered is correct.
  3. If you downloaded the Server and Viewer files separately or from a questionable site, then make sure they are the same version.
  4. Set the command for firewalls to allow connections - this must be done on both computers.
  5. Check whether the Server is installed and running on the remote computer, also check the version of the Viewer and Server - preferably they should be the same.
  6. Check the Internet, if it is not working or slowed down, the connection will not be able to establish.

The program does not remember the list of connections

It happens that after re-launching the program, the list of satellite computers disappears on the administrator's PC. Unfortunately, this behavior is typical of the trial version of the program (when you switched from a free to a trial paid version and the demo period ended). You can uninstall LiteManager and reinstall the free version.

Incompatibility with Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Unfortunately, LiteManager conflicts with this product, as a result of which it is impossible to work normally - the window constantly hangs, the mouse moves slowly. It is better to disable the antivirus while working with the manager. You can also remove one of the drivers - kl1.sys (it is located in the System32 folder in the "Drivers" section of the system disk). This can happen when interacting with other antiviruses - some consider LiteManager to be a malicious object and block its functions.

Only one mode is available.

The list of connection modes with the satellite PC usually presents different methods: “View”, “Demonstration”, “Management”, “Task Manager”, etc. Sometimes everything turns into non-clickable or only one is available. Look at the "Settings" section - perhaps you have inadvertently banned working in certain modes.

Slow work program

Braking the mouse and opening windows on a remote PC is associated either with low Internet speed or with limited resources of the computer to which you are connected. Before installing the manager, check the system requirements.