Purpose of the Adobe Creative Cloud program and basic operations with it

People who are fond of and professionally engaged in design, leading blogs, creating videos are certainly familiar with Adobe products. It is a major producer of graphic, video and vector editors, as well as other creative programs:

  • Photoshop - for professional photo editing;
  • Illustrator - for vector graphics and illustrations;
  • Indesign - for book, magazine, newspaper layout;
  • Flash Builder - to create applications;
  • Adobe Muse - for building sites.

These are the most popular products, but there are others. Previously, they all had to be bought and installed separately, and then the developers came up with the Adobe Creative Cloud, where they collected the entire package of their programs. We will tell about this innovation further.

Work with the program Adobe Creative Cloud.

What is this program Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a cloud storage with product distributions, which are then selectively installed on a PC - that’s what the program is. It is available for a paid subscription, which is renewed monthly or annually. Such a system, on the one hand, makes software from “Adobe” more accessible, since the amount is much less than for a lifetime license, which was provided earlier, but on the other hand, you will have to pay for services all the time. After installation, Creative Cloud is sent to the Program files folder on drive C and stored there.

System requirements

The application has a number of requirements for the system and the state of the computer as a whole:

  1. Windows version should be from 7 and up (XP and Vista are no longer supported).
  2. Mac version should be X10.9 or later.
  3. To work with Adobe Creative Cloud, you need to connect to the Internet, but the programs installed through it function perfectly offline.

For each application separately, there is its own list of requirements, which includes the amount of RAM, the amount of free space on the hard drive, the state of the video card, etc.

Main functions

Let's talk about the main features of the Adobe Creative Cloud program:

  1. All applications included in the package are automatically updated to the latest versions.
  2. Each distribution kit contains a variation of software for a computer and a mobile device, and any project is synchronized between them. For example, you can easily finish an illustration on a tablet, started on a PC, and this will not lead to any fatal changes like merging layers, unauthorized font replacement, etc.
  3. You can build a portfolio and upload it on a special platform, and then link it to potential employers.
  4. With a subscription, you will be given 20 GB of storage for your data: projects, work materials and other things.
  5. The developers provide, along with the subscription, training courses on different products: remember what a problem was before the development of the new program - it took a lot of time and certain expenses.
  6. Almost all brushes, styles, effects can now be integrated from one application to another without losing editing capabilities.
  7. You can also send projects to other people through the Share function.
  8. The application provides users with their own microstock, where you can find various templates, photos, vector blanks, as well as a library of brushes, typefaces, patterns, textures and other necessary materials.

Advantages of using Adobe CC

The main positive point is the price of the product. For a moderate fee (from 600 r to 5000 r per month) you can:

  • get access to high-quality licensed software;
  • Download both computer and mobile versions of applications and work on projects in any situation;
  • download demo versions of programs you want to try;
  • do not follow the release of the new assembly - everything is updated automatically.

Uninstall Creative Cloud App

Sometimes the Adobe Creative Cloud distribution is distributed as part of other installers and falls into the hands of people who do not need it at all. For example, you downloaded the game, and received an additional CC. It is possible that this may be a pirated version. Because of this, many have the question of how to remove Adobe Creative Cloud from a computer. A similar desire may occur to subscribers of the licensed version for several reasons. Before canceling a subscription, please note that if it is ordered for a year, then only half of its cost will be returned to you (but if you change your mind to use Adobe Creative Cloud within two weeks after payment, you will receive back the full amount). With a subscription for a month this does not happen - you can interrupt it at any time.

To unsubscribe:

  1. Go to the official Adobe website and enter the username and password under which you are registered.
  2. Contact the support service with the appropriate request.
  3. Now you can delete the application in the standard way (“Control Panel” - “Add or Remove Programs”).

Additional PC cleaning from Creative Cloud tracks

The easiest way to get rid of the remnants of the program is to download CCleaner, select the "Registry Cleaner" section, analyze the files, and then click "Delete Selected." The procedure is best repeated several times for reliability.