What is TouchPal for Android and iOS smartphones

The keyboard is the main means of data entry and device control, in the case of modern smartphones equipped with touch screens - talking about a virtual keyboard. Software solution available by default does not always fully meet the requirements of the owner of the device, then third-party software comes to the rescue, the developers of which, in an effort to please users, present a more interesting product implementation. One of the best virtual keyboards - TouchPal, it is about her and will be discussed.

Using the TouchPal utility for smartphones.

What is this program TouchPal

Not every user will be content with a standard keyboard, and TouchPal is an excellent alternative to the built-in input tools for the mobile operating system. This is an emoji keyboard on Android / iOS, which will appeal to lovers of maximum comfort, as well as fans of emoticons and Swype functions. Let us take a closer look at what TouchPal is on Android and how remarkable this mobile software is. By default, the application interface is made in quiet dark colors, the number of alphanumeric keys for data entry is the same as on traditional keyboards, but the program offers more opportunities, while being different and easy to operate, so it is easy to master the functionality. The user can choose the interface design they like, change the key layout or change their purpose, and the emoticons and emoji that are often used when communicating on social networks and instant messengers will make your messages more “alive” and emotional. Considering what this program is, and how TouchPal is better than other products, we present a number of features available with software installation:

  • A huge, constantly growing base of emoticons, stickers, emoji, Gifs, and emoticons from the symbols ʕ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔ.
  • A large number of wallpapers and themes with the ability to create your own.
  • Fast typing with a curve and prediction.
  • Convenient voice input.
  • Correction of typos, taking into account the pressed buttons and the context of the message.
  • Support more than 150 languages.

Advanced TouchPal functionality favorably distinguishes the program from other software of this category. Initially, the application was available only for devices running iOS, but today the owners of smartphones on Android can also evaluate the capabilities of the software.

Additional features

The TouchPal application is one step ahead of the competition, offering the options immediately available after installation without the use of additional modules, such as entering information with gestures. This option involves intelligent text recognition, analyzing the direction of movement of the finger, the keyboard is able to offer probable variants of words. Of course, the function is implemented imperfectly, but basically the input method is good. The sliding input technology, available with TouchPal on your phone, greatly improves typing efficiency by combining swipe capability and predicativeness. It is not necessary to draw a curve through the entire word; the program recognizes it in advance, which is especially convenient in the case of long words.

The performance of using TouchPal is significantly enhanced by intelligent prediction based on the context and manners of the user. So, the keyboard will offer the desired version of the words that you use. Analyzing previously entered messages, studying new words, TouchPal expands its own "knowledge base". The program is capable of learning in various languages, including Russian, so here the implementation of predictive input bypassed the “smart” iPhone keyboard, which is also famous for this opportunity. Among other things, in the TouchPal application there is also the option to save personal words to a memory card or to the cloud.

Advantages and disadvantages of the program

TouchPal functionality will please even the most advanced user, because the software offers by default a huge number of options that are not implemented in the standard keyboard of a smartphone, while available to the user immediately after installation. Among the advantages of this application:

  • Convenient, intuitive interface.
  • Swype function that allows you to enter text by sliding your finger without leaving the keyboard, which speeds up text input.
  • Intellectual memorization of words, resulting in the most likely clues, which greatly increases the efficiency of typing.
  • The ability to transfer personal dictionaries generated by the user to the cloud or to external media.
  • A large collection of emoticons, stickers, text muzzles and other graphic elements, allowing to express emotions and make the correspondence more interesting.
  • A variety of interface options, custom themes, a variety of lights and colors.
  • Support a large number of languages, multilingual input (you can type text simultaneously in four languages).
  • Checking spelling in the process of typing, correcting errors and typos, taking into account the context of the entered information.
  • One-touch voice input.
  • There is a set of functions for working with the clipboard.

Like any software, TouchPal has its drawbacks, which, of course, are insignificant in comparison with numerous advantages, but still require mention:

  • Advertising that appears in the settings. However, this flaw is seen only in the free version.
  • An error that occurs in the absence of a network and is related to the fact that it is not possible to load advertising (in the premium version this will not happen either, due to the lack of advertising).
  • Not supported by all games.

How to install the program

Software installation on a smartphone is performed in a standard way on the same principle as the installation of any other mobile software. You can find TouchPal in the Play Market app store (in the case of Android) or the App Store (in the case of the apple device). After you have installed the program, in the settings you need to select the input method:

  • In the TouchPal app, click "Enable".
  • On the "Languages ​​and Settings" page, select TouchPal by checking the box.
  • Click "Switch to TouchPal" and mark the option you want with a checkbox to replace the current keyboard.

By simple manipulations, you can use this product in system programs, as well as in third-party applications installed by you.

How to remove the program

If for any reason you do not want to use TouchPal anymore, you can easily disable the application in the input method settings, which will result in the use of a standard keyboard, or completely remove the software. In the second case, the procedure is similar to the removal of any third-party software, after which the keyboard will also be replaced with the default option. The software is deleted in the device settings (“Settings” - “Applications” - “TouchPal” - “Delete”). After these actions, the program will be deleted from the memory of the smartphone, while freeing up a lot of space. The TouchPal software solution offers really wide opportunities that are not available in many similar applications, and even more so in standard input tools, so after testing this software, you are unlikely to want to return to the built-in keyboard.