Kingsoft Office as one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Office: truth or fiction

The office software market (hereinafter referred to as software) has been monopolized by Microsoft for a long time and with enormous success. First of all, this is due to the fact that Microsoft Office is the recommended application for computers and devices with the Windows operating system, which also came out of the pen of this company. It should be noted that all government structures polls use this particular office software, since they simply do not have worthy alternatives and choices. The question of the pattern of such popularity of Microsoft Office for almost two decades remains open. On the one hand, this is a familiar interface, proven by time (hundreds of hours of text processing, because everyone is familiar with it), with a familiar set of functions, standardized document formats, reliability, and some guarantee of the safety of the projects created.

Work with the Kingsoft Office application.

For more than a decade, application software developers have been trying to release an office suite that could impose a battle on the “giant of Microsoft”, while even refusing profits, releasing their projects for free. For example, “LibreOffice”, distributed completely free of charge, despite the fact that it is the result of the works of almost half a thousand programmers. Of course, projects like “LibreOffice” find their users (primarily because of their gratuitousness), but they cannot securely gain a foothold in the software market for the reasons given below. If everything is extremely clear with office suites for computers, then here is a mobile platform - this is the audience that is just coming to mass use of the software in question, which makes the market more open, competitive and diverse. And this is exactly what the application, which will be discussed in this article, is trying to use.


Kingsoft Office is a relatively young project, released in early 2014 by a talented (as it turned out) company Kingsoft, based in China. In order not to mislead anyone further, it is worth saying that at present this office package has a different name, spreading under the acronym “WPS Office”, which is an abbreviation of “Writer (Writer), Spreadsheets, and Presentation ". From this explanation, it becomes clear that the functional part of the considered software has only three main internal applications. Can this circumstance be considered a minus. Looking ahead, you can confidently answer that definitely "NO"! So, "WPS" is distributed on an absolutely free basis, and according to the assurances of the developers themselves around the world, it has already been downloaded more than 1, 000, 000, 000 times. In addition, in 2015, WPS was the winner of a sufficiently significant award from Google in the category “Best Applications”. Such popularity could not but lead to the full porting of “WPS” to all known platforms “Windows, Android, iOS”. In addition, "WPS" for some smartphones comes as pre-installed software, for example, it uses megapopular company "Xiaomi".

Advantages and disadvantages

From general laudatory statements one should go directly to the facts that made WPS so popular, and for greater clarity all the pros and cons will be given in the form of a table:

Distribution is free, but additional subscriptions are provided that do not significantly limit the free functionality.
Full compatibility with "Microsoft Office"
Integrated conversion
Built-in scanner of paper documents
Full work with files "PDF"
Sync with Cloud Drive (DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive and others)
Convenient interface for creating and delivering presentations, including the ability to broadcast over WiFi, NFC, DLNA and Miracast
Document Encryption and Recovery
Share and transfer documents (Share function)
Supports 51 languages ​​and all office file formats
Abundance of auxiliary components
Multi-window support and more
No preset templates
According to some information, practical experience is unconfirmed, there are problems with the discovery and preservation of third-party projects
Imperfection PC version

Android practice testing

The first thing that catches your eye when you first enter the office application interface is the lack of advertising and any other distracting elements. The main interface is maximally simplified and has only two buttons (search, windows and menus do not count) - the “Open Document” button and the “+” button to create a new project.

Clicking on the plus opens the already familiar menu, where you can choose from four options - a table, a presentation, a document and a note.

Unfortunately, WPS has no predefined templates, which somewhat spoils the overall impression, since the availability of standardized layouts is sometimes a very useful factor, providing the editor as quickly as possible. But you can create your own template and customize it to your liking. In the editing window everything is also simple and clear. Below are three main tabs:

  1. “Text wrapping” - allows you to easily transfer text to a new line, taking into account the active scaling of the page;

  2. "Tools" - includes seven additional sections:
    • “File” - encryption, conversion, access and storage;

    • “View” - search by document and settings for its display;

    • "Font" - size, effects, fill and selection;

    • "Paragraph" - text orientation on the page, spacing and markers;

    • "Style" - the choice of titles and links;

    • “Insert” - adding an element (figure, table, figure, signature, bookmark) to the document;

    • “View” - spell checker, counter (special thanks for it) and adding comments.

  3. “Keyboard” - calls up the default keypad.

In order to save the project, simply click on the corresponding icon in the form of a floppy disk and select the storage location - this is the memory of the phone or a connected memory card or cloud storage.

If a text document has a rather unusual interface that requires some time to get used to, then creating and editing a table does not oblige it.

Everything is as accessible as possible, all the tools are at hand, the formulas are called by a special button that is located in the lower right corner, and the switch between the sheets goes from the lower right to the upper left corner when you open the toolbar, and is also always directly in front of your eyes.

This also applies to creating presentations. Adding elements to the slide takes just a couple of seconds, uniform placement is achieved by horizontal and vertical guides, filling text and presentation building blocks is done using a single tab. Convenient and fast, but it does not limit the flight of the user's fantasies.

The last thing worth noting is that when testing the WPS Office application, which has been going on for more than a month, there were no problems with opening and saving files created in other programs, as indicated by many users. Everything opens stably and remains in its original format, regardless of the size of the text.

The package is removed with a standard long tap and placing it in the basket.


Above “WPS” was considered only as mobile software, and the test results allow us to call the Kingsoft product really the best free alternative for Microsoft Office. But there is one meaningful "BUT". In the version for the Windows operating system, the shell is almost completely copied from the “Word” sample of 2010–2013 and functionally inferior to a more eminent competitor. Therefore, the general verdict for the entire topic under consideration has led to the fact that WPS is installed by default on the smartphone and tablet, and the computer uses a more familiar and proven product from Microsoft. Yes, of course, the charm of synchronization and collaboration is lost, but it is successfully covered by the shared cloud storage.