MTKLogger on Android - functions and features of the program

MTKLogger is an Android error-collection application that runs in the background. Built into some Android phones, in particular, mobile phones and tablets that have MediaTek physical components (a company that sells semiconductors). You can deactivate the application without being root, and delete it if you are root.

Work with the MTKLogger app on Android.

What is mtklogger

In this case, the message “MTKLogger is running” appears in the notification panel, which is returned after each reboot. Not everyone can get rid of the obsessive reminder, for this you need to disable or delete MTKLogger on Android. For system stability, the application is not required, and if you want, you can remove or disable it by following the instructions described below. MTKLogger is an application responsible for mobile, network, system logs and modem log. Provides the ability to use all the logs in one user interface. MTKLogger with the package name com.mediatek.mtklogger has components available to any application that resides on the device. Namely, the components of the application com.mediatek.mtklogger.framework.LogReceiver and com.mediatek.mtklogger.framework. These components can be used to start and stop logs. Available logs are GPS log, modem log, network and mobile log. The base directory containing folders for all 4 logs is / sdcard / mtklog. Therefore, the directory is available for applications that require READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

TIP. The GPS log contains the user's GPS coordinates as well as a timestamp. The modem log contains AT commands and their parameters, which allow you to receive outgoing and incoming user calls and text messages. The network log serves as the tcpdump network interceptor. Mobile log contains the Android log, which is not available to third-party applications. To start the application, go to the engineering menu and open MTKLogger. On the phone keypad, dial * # * # 3646633 # * # * and find the program in the list. The utility settings window will open.

Mobile Log:

  • Android Log (Android Log) - the main magazine android; persists until Mobile Log is active.
  • Kernel Log — Kernel Log; persists until Mobile Log is active.
  • Bluetooth Log — The Bluetooth log is retained while the Mobile Log is active.
  • Limit Current Log Size — The maximum size of the Mobile Log for this session.
  • Limit Total Log Size - The total log size, including the current and saved Mobile Log records.
  • Start Automatically - Autostart Mobile Log.

Modem Log:

  • Log Mode — Log recovery mode, usually SD.
  • Limit Log Size - The total size of the Modem Log folder.
  • Start Automatically - Auto Mode Modem Log.

Network Log:

  • Enable environment check — enable to check the current state of the network connection. If the parameter is active, it will ping 2 IPs, if necessary, to confirm the status of the network connection.
  • Enable package limitation - limit the size of each Network Log package.
  • Limited package size - restrictions for each network package.
  • Limit Log Size - The total size of the Network Log folder.
  • Start Automatically - Network Log autorun.

Advance settings:

  • Enable Tag Log — Enable to check the current status of the network connection. If the parameter is active, it will ping 2 IPs, if necessary, to confirm the status of the network connection.
  • Log storage location — enable to limit the size of each Network Log packet.
  • Run Command — set the size limit for each network packet.

To clear all previous logs, click on the trash can icon, select “Delete All” and confirm with OK. To extract log files, connect your device to a computer using a USB cable. Go to / storage / mtklog / and copy files from device to PC.

Who needs MTKLogger and why

MTKLogger is a program-function that saves all events and actions performed by the user, while taking up all the free space in the smartphone’s memory or on the SD card. It is necessary only if you want it. MTKLogger can be safely disabled and removed. This will not affect your device. After the application is uninstalled, it may be necessary to disable the registration function in your phone in order to prevent another accumulation of events in the MTKLogger log. The program is essentially a keylogger. A keylogger, sometimes referred to as a keystroke recorder or system monitor, is a type of surveillance technology used to monitor and record each keystroke typed on a particular computer’s keyboard. Keylogger-type software is also available for use on smartphones, such as Apple iPhone and Android devices.

Attackers often use such tools as a spyware tool to steal personal information, login credentials, and confidential corporate information. Keylogger loggers can also be used by employers to monitor the computer activities of employees, parents to monitor the use of the Internet by their children, users to track possible unauthorized activity on their devices, or law enforcement agencies to analyze incidents involving cyber attacks.

A hardware keylogger is a small device that serves as a connector between a keyboard and a PC (screen and smartphone). The device is connected via a standard PS / 2 connector or USB adapter, making it easy to hide such a device to receive sensitive data. The hardware keylogger can also be in the form of a module that is installed inside the keyboard itself. When the user types on the keyboard, the keylogger collects each keystroke and saves it as text on his own miniature hard disk, which can have up to several gigabytes of memory. To gain access to the collected information, the attacker must later return and physically remove the device. There are also wireless keyloggers that can intercept and decrypt data packets transmitted between the wireless keyboard and its receiver.

The program for creating a keylogging Bottom of Form for installation does not require physical access to the user's computer. The application can be launched and run covertly to avoid manual detection or anti-virus scanning. A keylogger program usually consists of two files that are installed in one directory: a dynamic-link library (DLL) file that performs the entire entry, and an executable file that installs the DLL file and starts it to work. The program records every keystroke and periodically downloads information via the Internet. Some keyloggers can save other data, such as the clipboard or screen captures.

Should mtk logger be left to the regular user

The likelihood that MTKLogger is malware is small. Therefore, especially worry about this is not worth it. If the application does not make itself known and does not interfere with the normal operation of the smartphone, it is not necessary to disable or delete it. Unfortunately, the removal of the program is the only way to get rid of the intrusive pop-up message when the message is reloaded and the indicator in the MTKLogger is running notification slider.

How to disable the MTKLogger application

To disable MTKLogger, go to the engineering menu of the smartphone.

Method 1

  1. On the dialer keyboard, enter * # * # 3646633 # * # * and press Call.

  2. The system settings window will open. Slide right, go to the "Log and Debugging" section and select "MTKLogger".
  3. After that, the application settings window will appear. Here it is necessary to disable several parameters, namely: "MobileLog", "ModemLog", "NetworkLog" and "Enable Tag Log".
  4. To disable features, just click on them.

After this, the MTKLogger message will no longer appear.

Method 2

  1. Open the notification panel and click on the message "MTKLogger is running".
  2. At the bottom of the window that opens, click on the small red square to stop MTKL

  3. After that, in the same window, click the trash icon to delete the MTKL data
  4. Select “Clear All” to delete the data of all logs, then confirm the action by clicking OK.
  5. Open the dialer and enter * # 9527 * #.
  6. In the menu that opens, click the DM button.
  7. Enter RD personnel password: 54321.
  8. If the DM value is “1”, click “OK”, after which the DM will change to “0”.
  9. If the color of the DM button changes from green to red, click “Close” and confirm the action “Sure”.
  10. After the reboot, the application will be deleted.

Remove MTKLogger as root user

If you already have root access, you can uninstall MTKLogger by installing the Root Uninstaller application.

  1. Download the free app on Google Play. The program is designed to remove other applications. Its functionality also allows you to remove pre-installed system utilities.
  2. Run “Root Uninstaller” and find the application you want to uninstall. If you do not want to delete MTKLogger, you can freeze the program so that it does not clog up the system.

Root rights open quite a lot of new features, and they can be implemented not only through Root Uninstaller. For example, the same can be done with the help of the alternative, but more difficult to use application Root Explorer.