How to make a switch from the router

If you do not need a router, as in the Internet Explorer, you can use it as a simple switch. A switch or hub is used to connect all the PCs into one common local area network. Speaking in simple language, it is a kind of "tee" for combining all electronic computers. The advantage of the switch is the transmission speed of each port - 100 Mb / s. Usually the device is equipped with a four-port hub. So, let's find out how to configure the router as a switch to create a local connection of devices.

There are situations when you need to urgently organize a network, and at hand there is only a router.

  1. Included with the router provides instructions for setting it up. It is necessary to find it, but if you have lost it, you should look at its model on the back of the device, enter the number in the browser search window and download the proposed user's manual for further work.
  2. Open the manual for your router and find a chapter on how to access the online management and setup system.
  3. Connect a PC to this unit with a twisted pair - patch cable. Regardless of whether the wireless network is created for operation or not, the network wire must be disposed of in this situation, since after setting up the Internet Explorer as a switch, the wireless network will disappear.
  1. Open a web browser window and enter the router's IP address in the address bar. This address can be found in the instructions. If you have difficulty finding it, use the standard addresses: 168.0.1 or In the rarest of cases, the IP address may be different, and to get it, you must open the "Run" command by pressing the "Win and R" combination. Then enter the command "cmd" in the window, and in the subsequent command line write "IPCONFIG". In the column “Main gateway” you will see the address you are looking for.
  2. In the web interface that opens, enter your login and password. Usually, this word is admin, written in both fields in small Latin letters (this is also indicated in the manual). After entering the data, you will be taken to the Internet transmitter status page.
  3. To get started, select the menu items “Network” and “Local network” and change the IP address of the router so that it does not create problems for your main Internet connection. For example, your address is, then to switch the router to a hub, enter

  1. Now go to the “DHCP” menu tab and select “disable”. The specified server provides the IP address for your computer. Now this function is not needed.
  2. The next step is to disable the DNS server. In the menu, select "Dynamic DNS" and remove the address of the service provider.
  3. If the router has the firewall function enabled, then it should also be disabled. Depending on your device model, this operation may look different. Detailed instructions for disabling the firewall are presented in the user's manual.
  4. If there is a “Mode of operation” tab in the web interface menu, go to it and select the “use as gateway or switch” command. Not all devices have this function.

  1. Clear the port forwarding list. If there is such an item in the communication settings, then configure the wireless network of the router as an access point.
  2. Finally, save all changes and reset the device to apply all settings.

Now your router works exclusively as a hub, and you can safely set up a local PC connection with it.