Television Rostelecom without problems

Since 1993, OJSC Rostelecom has been on the Russian long-distance and international telecommunications market. By this time, the company has received wide recognition among the population, thanks to its continuous development: every second resident of the country uses the services of Rostelecom. The daily routine of modern man is directly connected with high-quality television and the Internet. But, despite such good progress in this area, problems happen, there are no ideal things. In the presented article we will tell you what to do if Rostelecom does not operate television.

Many problems with television will have to be solved through the support of the provider.

Common problems (Internet works)

1. Download Error: Server not found

If the message “Server not found” appeared on the TV screen, then you are faced with a network hardware problem. You will not be able to cope with the situation that arises on your own, so you should resort to using Rostelecom's support service.

2. The problem with obtaining an IP address

If you see an error message: “No IP address”, then the reason may be in this list:

  • no signal from PBX (provider error);
  • receipt of data on the router, not reaching the console;
  • error in the settings of the router.

To troubleshoot, first make sure that the cables are properly connected. You will have to remove and insert all plugs again, as the contact in the connectors may be broken. Next, check the settings of the router: enter the menu at “”. In the router menu you can find out that the signal from the provider is on, the Internet is there, but the signal itself does not reach the router, in this case the cable laid in your apartment is physically damaged, and the problem is solved by replacing the cable.

3. No video input

If the TV is working, but you see an error message on the screen: “No Signal” (English No Signal), or the TV does not show anything at all, the reason is the wrong choice of communication channel for signaling or cable damage. Most modern technical devices have multichannel (multiple inputs). For example, the combination of HDMI and RCA. If you select a different communication channel in the settings from the connector to which the data cable is connected, you will see a message on the absence of a signal on the screen.

To troubleshoot, make sure the data feed is in action. Enter the menu using the remote control (the “Source” button) and check that the name of the port (connector) to which the cable is connected matches the corresponding item in the settings. If the signal is absent when the input is correctly specified, make sure that there is no damage on the cable, replacing it with a working one. If there is no result, you should use the technical support services of Rostelecom.

4. Download Error: Wrong login or password.

When you use the console for the first time, be sure to double-check the entered username and password from the card issued when you connect the services of television and the Internet. Please note that the input data does not have letters or special characters and is only numeric.

If everything is correct, then the problem may lie in the settings of the router. If there is no access to the server, the authorization will not be able to pass, therefore you need to check the configuration of the router. If you have just replaced the console and are faced with the problem of authorization, have patience, a possible reason - a small amount of time allotted for securing the console to the registration data.

5. “Endless” cartoon about a rabbit

When you turn on the TV shows the table, and then a cartoon about the rabbit. You can encounter such an error by connecting the console for the first time. A typical problem: the prefix does not receive firmware from the Rostelecom server. It depends on two reasons:

  • downed router settings;
  • wrong configured port by Rostelecom.

In order for the router to be configured correctly, reconnect the port from the LAN group in parallel with the WAN port. Otherwise, the prefix will receive an incorrect IP address. Make sure the console is connected to the port configured for it. If the problem persists, contact Rostelecom Technical Support with a request to check the port settings.

6. Hanging images on the TV, scattering on the squares

The most popular reasons are:

  • a large load on the router or Internet channel;
  • cable damage;
  • problem with equipment Rostelecom.

The first reason may arise if you have not left bandwidth for television, using all the speed for using the Internet. You should disconnect from the router all devices except the console. Compare the image quality, if the situation has improved, and you see a clear, high-quality image on the TV screen, then you need to adjust the traffic prioritization. You can do this using the QoS tool or download speed limit.

The second reason is often due to the owner’s careless handling of the cable. Check if there is a patch cord somewhere in the apartment, if connectors are properly attached to the connectors.

The third reason lies in the limited time of the set-top box to decrypt the signal (it does not have time to convert the signal into an image) or the arrival of packets with errors on the set-top box. Reconnect the console, see if you got rid of the problem. In case of a negative result, contact Rostelecom technical support.

Important: hanging interactive television within reasonable limits - a standard phenomenon.

7. Message about the absence of a wired interface

The problem is in your Internet line (there is no multicast broadcast). You can help reboot the router and set-top boxes, it is also advisable to check the cable for damage.

8. Loss of sound (TV shows the image)

If you are experiencing the absence or loss of sound, then change the RCA-cable (cable with "bells", "tulips") or switch to the HDMI-cable. This failure most often occurs due to poor-quality equipment, poor contact in the connectors.

9. Only 8 federal channels operate.

The most common reason: your login is blocked.

To remove the problem, check the availability of funds in your Rostelecom account using a call or access to the world wide web. If everything is in order with the balance, make sure that blocking is disabled in the console menu (often people do not notice how the system is accidentally blocked). When both options are checked, but no solution is found, call Rostelecom for technical support, most likely, a failure occurred in the database, and this problem can be solved only by professionals.

If you have only one channel, use the same advice.

As a result, we want to advise you not to panic when getting a negative result when solving a problem. If you did not manage to cope with difficulties yourself, contact Rostelecom technical support, after which you will again be able to enjoy high-quality TV and the Internet!