Facetune 2 as one of the best photo editors for mobile devices: the pros and cons of the application

Mobile gadgets have long been an integral part of the life of every modern person. A special role in the popularization of smartphones and tablets in the first place was played by instant messengers and social networks that connected billions of people around the world. At the present time it is difficult to imagine your pastime without a smartphone in your hand, without a pair of photographs taken (selfie), without headphones in your ears and on an Instagram page. From the very early age, the younger generation is starting a page on social networks and loading there “tons” of various photographic materials, which is now the main trend and one of the most relevant ways to make money.

Setting up and using the Facetune 2 application.

Software developers for understandable reasons, which were briefly described above, are trying to keep up with the times and meet the ever-growing demands of users. For mobile devices, a huge number of various photo editors have already been released, among which there are several really worthwhile options that differ not only in an intuitive interface that allows them to be used from an early age, but also in a great variety of functionality. One of the most popular options for devices from Apple, which has already eclipsed the more cumbersome and familiar “Adobe Photoshop”, is an application called “Facetune”, and it is about him that will be discussed in this article.

Functionality and order of use

The Instagram social network, the functionality of which is tied to the publication of photographic materials and video content, at the end of 2018 has evolved from a regular social network into a platform with a billion audience, where huge money is spinning. Such popularity, as well as the aforementioned financial background, force users to take any steps to put themselves in the best light, using a huge number of different filters and more “profitable” angles, while not sparing either money or their time. Understanding this, mobile software developers are trying to create the most flexible product that suits everyone not so much with its price, but also with a diverse set of editing capabilities with maximum simple and fast interfaces.

The talented Israeli company Lightricks Ltd, which once became the winner of the Google Editor's Choice App Award, recently released the Facetune 2 application, whose main task is professional photo retouching. The application is available for download at the App Store, but to gain access to most of the functions and tools, you need to purchase a VIP-subscription, which costs from 399 rubles per month, or you can purchase a lifetime license for quite attractive, taking into account the ultimate goal and possible dividend price.


As mentioned above, the application “Facetune 2” contains many professional tools for “improving” photos, but they are presented in the most simplified shell, sometimes working in semi-automatic mode. In essence, all that is required of the user is to upload the taken photo, and then the application itself will tell you what and how you need to apply to achieve the maximum effect. Among the main features of "Facetune 2" are highlighted:

  • The function "Form" - allows you to remove the so-called extra pounds by editing the contours of the face and body. True, this tool should not be abused, since “floating” surrounding objects can lead “spectators” to certain doubts about the veracity of the result obtained.
  • The Whiten function is especially productive when using its whitening properties on the whites of the eyes and teeth. This allows you to achieve a more expressive and deeper look, as well as "flash" inimitable "Hollywood smile."
  • The “Details” function is extremely useful if you need to focus on any part of the photo, for example, on the brand of your “immeasurably expensive” handbag.
  • The “Mood” function - if a smile is not effective enough, it is natural, but not very emotional, then the Mood tool will correct it. The application will automatically select the best image, while producing a result that even you can not separate from the fake.
  • The "Patch" function - there are unnecessary fragments that spoil the overall composition of the photo; the "Patch" will easily handle them. She not only deleted the subject / element, but also does it as imperceptibly as possible for the “audience”.

Of course, do not forget about the huge number of different filters that will bring some zest and so in an already “perfect” photo, for example, this:

  • Insanely beautiful effect imitating falling snow.
  • Effects that transform a photo into a drawing (paints / pencil), despite the fact that this is a standardized filter, it looks all interesting and unusual.
  • Makeup. Yes, with the help of "Facetun 2" you can forget about the need to spend hours for the selection of makeup, the application will do everything for you.
  • Adding various elements (Hearts, geometry, sequins, etc.).

And for all lovers of “sharp wit” the opportunity to add your text on the photo, and at the same time arrange your text expression in dozens of different ways.

Summarizing. The entire set of tools for direct change of the initial composition of the photo, after the subscription is completed, is available immediately after the file is downloaded. All that needs to be done is to choose the appropriate category, for example, the main section "Face" allows you to "run through" all the main components: a smile, jaw, eyes, nose, lips. Everything is as accessible as possible and always at hand.


Of course, if you do not look at a fairly solid price tag, then “Facetune 2” is a vivid demonstration of how you can fit a full-fledged photo editor into a mobile application, without losing not in a functional way, not in simplicity. Of course, almost 400 rubles per subscription can scare away many users, but it’s not worth considering this as a negative side of the project under consideration. The last thing to note is the process of canceling a previously mentioned subscription. Immediately it should be clarified that if the funds were written off, their return for the already paid subscription, even if the application was not used during this period, is not provided.

Talking about the so-called method “I was deceived, my smartphone was stolen” is not worth it, since this question is purely individual and is considered only by Apple’s technical service. In addition, simply referring to the fact that you do not plan to use the application or that you did not know that the funds will be withdrawn for the subscription will not work, since all of this is spelled out in the license agreement, and for a certain period before the cancellation, the user receives a corresponding notice soon write off. Therefore, in this case, the cancellation of a subscription means its termination after the expiration of the paid period, and this will require:

  • Using the "Settings" section, open "iTunes Store and App Store".
  • Enter your Apple ID to verify your credentials.
  • In the window that opens after confirmation, find the “Subscriptions” section.

  • Select the option you want and open it.
  • Click on the "Cancel Subscription" button and leave the settings.

Now it remains only to wait for the end of the paid period.