Adguardinstaller.exe: the purpose of the program and how to use it

If you find the adguardinstaller.exe process in the Task Manager, it means that you have Adguard installed, or a virus disguised as it has entered the PC (which, however, is extremely rare).

Methods of using the program Adguardinstaller.exe.

What is AdguardInstaller

The Adguard application allows you to block ads on the Internet, as well as some of these annoying banners that we usually see outside of the workspace in Skype, Torrent and other programs. It is enough just to install it, set up a little bit - and that’s all; you can safely use the browser, cleaned of all rubbish. The adguardinstaller.exe process belongs to Adguard and is responsible for installing the updates requested by it, which does not cause any concern to the user, because it does not take a lot of resources and helps this program to add new advertising schemes to the database.

Main features of the program

The program has three main functions:

Ad blocking - by turning on Adguard, you will find that you no longer come across animated banners, short videos, ads on social networks with screaming headlines, viral news, and more.

Anti-phishing - if you accidentally navigate to a site that is cleverly disguised as a quite respectable resource, and actually engages in data theft (for example, to download a file you need to register via phone or social network profile, you are offered a fake login window and get a login, password, access to a bank card, e-wallet, etc.), instead of a page, a warning window will open explaining why it is dangerous to click on this link. This is a very useful feature if you often search for free programs, plug-ins and various add-ons. Phishing advertising is also hidden in applications, for example, in Skype there is often a banner that looks like an incoming call, but clicking on the tube directs you to a third-party site. Thanks to Adguard, such provocative materials disappear.

Parental control is very useful if children or relatives who are not very well versed in modern technologies and may accidentally enter a dangerous resource have access to a PC. With Adguard, you can customize the list of banned sites.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any application, Adguard has both a set of advantages and disadvantages. The strengths include:

  1. Saving traffic and accelerating the loading of pages - because resources are not spent on displaying unnecessary graphics and animation.
  2. The small amount of memory used - in the unpacked form, the program "weighs" about 25 MB.
  3. Antitracking - the application prohibits the shipment of data collected for various purposes, as a rule, to show you advertising of the content that you may be interested in, as well as "to improve the quality of customer service." Probably, you have already come across such a phenomenon on social networks: you didn’t have time to write to someone in the BOS that you want to take a loan, as on the sidelines the corresponding advertisement immediately appears.
  4. Quite operational support service - there you can report all problems with the program, including those cases when some advertising banners are not blocked.

There are not many disadvantages:

  1. The program is paid - in a month the demo version ceases to function, and to activate the application again, you need to pay about 600 rubles.
  2. It happens that Adguard skips some banners - it is necessary to write about this in technical support.
  3. Sometimes the processes of the program can load the CPU: if there is a lot of advertising or when the PC is infected with viruses, and an uncontrolled spam attack occurs.

By the way, in some browsers you can connect the Adguard extension - it is absolutely free, but advertising is removed only in the browser, it does not affect the installed programs.

How to download and install Adguard

  1. Download the distribution from the official website of the product: select a demo version, or immediately paid - as you wish.
  2. Run the "Installation Wizard" (file called "install.exe").
  3. Specify the folder for storing files.
  4. Select "Custom Installation" and uncheck all unnecessary programs, unless you want to install them.
  5. Wait until the end of the procedure.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this; everything is quite standard. After installation, you can open the program and configure the functions as you like. Please note that if you select the item “Hide social network widgets”, then the “Like”, “Share”, etc. buttons will disappear from them.

Possible problems

When using the program you may experience the following problems:

  1. New blocker component - WFP-driver sometimes conflicts with antivirus. In this case, you can disable it in the "Filtering Settings".
  2. When you go to a proven and completely normal site, a message may appear that the connection is not secure. Reinstall the certificate in the settings, and the error will disappear.
  3. In built-in browsers shipped with Windows 8 and Adguard 10 may not work. Enable the WFP driver so that the blocker can filter ads.