Error in the application: causes and solutions

The Android operating system has long been recognized by many as the best platform for mobile devices. This is said not to offend the fans of products from the company Apple, this is only a statement of fact, to argue with which it is possible, but you can not argue. Despite this enormous popularity, and partly perhaps because of it, in devices on the Android OS, there are a simple and immense number of different bugs and errors. In fairness it should be noted that some of this majority is the result of rash actions by the user, including third-party software. This article, like many others, is designed to help fans of the "green robot" to quickly navigate and find a detailed explanation of the causes and ways to correct possible system errors. And as it became clear from the title of the article, the error “Process is stopped” will be considered.

Ways to eliminate errors in the application

Causes and solutions

As for this error, it has already lost its relevance on new versions of the OS and fall into a category in which the entire fault (or most of it) is assigned to the system pre-installed software, which for some reason (probably, known to developers) ceased to be normal mode to perform the tasks. So, as it was repeatedly fixed on practical research, the main fault in the occurrence of an error should be placed on updating the components of services from Google. Therefore, the first thing that needs to be done is to remove “Google” (yes it sounds like “hacker”) and later install the software again, and this will require:

  • Open the Google Play app (or Play Market).
  • Enter “Google” in the search box.
  • In response to your search query, a list of services available in the store will open, in the first place which will be the necessary software now.
  • Open it and click “Delete” and confirm your desire in the window “Delete all updates of this system application”.
  • Wait for the removal and check the performance of your mobile device.
  • If the error has been resolved, you can return the removed software.

If these actions did not lead to the desired result, then try the following alternatives:

Option 1. "Check the set date and time":

  • Open the “Settings” section - “Advanced settings” and go to the “Date and time” item.
  • Deactivate the Network Date and Time item and restart the smartphone / tablet.
  • If the figures are lost, then set the date and time manually.

Option 2. "Clearing the cache":

  • Open Settings again, but this time go to the Applications category.
  • Select "All apps" and in the search box enter "".
  • Expand the details of the found option and click "Clear data" and "Clear cache" one by one.
  • Reload the mobile device again.

Viral activity

It is also necessary to clarify that the causes of the considered error may be related to the activity of the virus software. What kind of viruses these may be, and how they got into the system, in fact, does not play any role, but thinking about how your actions started, the problems would be the right decision. Think about what you have recently installed. It can be any third-party products, including those installed not from the store, but manually from the “.apk” file, downloading any files from the immense Internet space, etc. It should be understood that viruses can impersonate system components and in this regard, it will not be superfluous to check the creation date of “”. This circumstance may affect the fact that simple / regular means to remove malware simply will not work.

There are two solutions. First, it’s more difficult to get the superuser’s rights (they are also root-rights) in any accessible and understandable way and delete with the help of expanded powers “everything that pleases” (within reasonable limits, of course). The second is to roll back the configuration of the mobile device to the factory values ​​while retaining all personal data. For obvious reasons, both the first and second methods should be used only if none of the above has helped, and the likelihood that the error resulted from the malicious impact is supported by facts.


So, as can be seen from all of the above, there are not as many ways to correct the error “Process stopped” as we would like. Basically, all of them are characterized by a short-term failure of the system components of the Android OS, which can also be eliminated (under certain circumstances) by a banal reboot of the mobile device.