ZenChoise in Android - assigning, using and deleting an application

ZenChoise - built into the shell of smartphones and tablets from ASUS software for downloading and installing programs. It works similarly to the Google Play Market and is part of the ASUS ZenUI corporate user interface.

Rules of working with the program ZenChoice.

ZenUI and ZenChoise

Zen UI (ASUS ZenUI) is a proprietary shell developed by ASUS in collaboration with partners, with a full touch user interface. ZenUI uses ASUS for phones and tablets with Android OS and is not available for licensing by third parties. ZenUI also comes with prebuilt ASUS utilities, including ZenChoise. ZenUI debuted in the series ASUS Zenfone, ASUS MemoPad 7 (ME176C) and ASUS Padfone Mini (2014). Prior to ZenUI, ASUS was creating an interface for Android phones and tablets called ASUS WaveShare UI. The ASUS WaveShare user shell was part of the touch interface developed by ASUS and partners. The WaveShare user interface was used by ASUS for phones and tablets with Android OS and was not available for licensing by third parties. The WaveShare user interface was originally released on the ASUS PadFone hybrid smartphone / tablet, and then used in other ASUS products. The last gadget that used the WaveShare interface was the ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7.

How to use ZenChoise

Store ASUS ZenChoise works like other similar programs. To take advantage of the utility’s capabilities, launch the ZenChoise shortcut on the desktop of your smartphone or tablet. The main program window will open. As in the Play Market, the utility tabs are located above, which are the main categories:

  • Featured (Recommended);
  • Games;
  • Social (Social Networks);
  • Communication;
  • Office (Office);
  • Logic;
  • Busines (Business), etc.

For quick search of utilities by name, a custom search function is provided. To activate it, click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the program and enter the desired name. The software will search the program database and display a list of available utilities. Select the desired program from the list and click its icon. A window will open with information about the program. Here is the size, the number of downloads, the number of ratings and user reviews, as well as other similar utilities. To install the program you like, click the Download button or Free.

Remove or disable the program

Uninstalling or disabling the program is not available on all ASUS smartphones. To check the uninstall option, follow these steps:

  1. Open the settings menu of the smartphone. This can be done from the phone menu (open the main menu of the smartphone and click on the gear icon “Settings”).
  2. Scroll down to the very end of the list of settings and select Apps.
  3. Find ASUS ZenChoise in the list of programs and click it.
  4. The program properties window will open. If available, click Uninstall.
  5. If the Delete button is unavailable, select Disable so that the program is unloaded from the RAM of the smartphone. Done!

Call the application properties window and immediately from the main menu of the smartphone, bypassing the settings. To do this, hold down the ZenChoise icon and select Properties in the drop-down menu. Please note that after rebooting your device, the software will start again, and in order to disable it, you will have to repeat the above steps.

Using a third-party solution

In most cases, it is impossible to remove the software embedded in the shell, but on some models of tablets and phones from ASUS this is still possible. If you cannot simply remove ZenChoise in your smartphone, use one of the special offers from the store.

IMPORTANT. ROOT is required to run the utilities described below. If this does not mean anything to you, then it is better to turn to professionals.

For those who ruled their phones, the issue of removing unwanted pre-installed add-ons is a little easier.

NoBloat Free

This is a good free solution that removes the preinstalled utilities and backs them up - after all, you want to remove the “necessary” component and end up with a brick! The premium version is available for $ 1.99, offering some advanced features, such as a blacklist of system utilities.

Titanium backup

Perhaps the first solution you should try to work with unwanted components on your Android device is Titanium Backup. It can work with any software you downloaded from Google Play or pre-installed. The free version allows you to create backup copies and delete components, while the paid version ($ 5.99) allows you to freeze programs and much more.

System app remover

This application offers an easy way to remove programs, as well as tools for transferring applications to the SD card, if this function is required. System Remover is faster than the previous two options for removing pre-installed system utilities.

App Master

The last option you might want to try is a simple mass uninstallation tool that is completely focused on batch removal of software.