KernelBase.dll error fix

For the Windows operating system, regardless of its version, periodic manifestations of various errors are typical. As a rule, users take on solving problems on their own, based on their own experience or armed with instructions from the network. Many of the failures that occur are of software nature and are actually eliminated simply in contrast to some hardware faults. In this case, we will discuss the error of the KernelBase.dll service, which can occur during various user actions, for example, trying to print a document or switch to a game. Whenever a failure occurs, it always affects an undesirable way at work and causes inconvenience to the user, since it does not allow to perform the necessary actions.

Fix error in KernelBase.dll.

What is KernelBase.dll

This component, used in API technology, is a system library that links other Windows dynamic libraries. In other words, KernelBase.dll allows many programs to use the same options. A vivid example of this is the appeal of different applications to the same DLL file for all of them when printing is necessary. Damage to KernelBase.dll, as well as the absence of an element in the system can cause a lot of trouble, including the closure of programs, with the problem being accompanied by error messages.

So, if in the process of working with applications you saw a window notifying of problems with the file, it means that the system for some reason is not capable of correctly loading KernelBase.dll. Often the problem occurs when you start, shut down Windows, install, open programs or use any functions of the software. The module name with the KernelBase.dll error may subsequently manifest itself as malware activity, failures when the device is not properly shut down, erroneous or damaged registry entries associated with the library, a system update curve or its components, unlicensed applications, accidental deletion of a file by the user, etc. As external, in addition to its ease of use, there are also high risks of malfunctions which, fortunately, are solved relatively easily.

KernelBase.dll error how to fix

The main reasons why such a failure occurred are the integrity violation or the absence of the file KernelBase.dll. There are several ways to solve the problem, each of them is effective in a given situation, therefore, using the recommendations below, you can resolve the problem yourself. Consider how to fix the error KernelBase.dll in Windows 7, 8, 10. A complete reinstallation of the operating system, of course, solves any system problems, but we will not resort to such serious measures, especially since the issue is solved in fairly simple ways.

Virus check

No matter how trite, but malicious software becomes a frequent system error provocateur, so the first thing to do is to check the device for pests. In addition to scanning the installed antivirus, it will not be superfluous to check the system with the help of treating utilities. Many of them are distributed free of charge, for example, Dr.Web CureIt has shown itself well in this business. Scanning a computer and removing malware often solves the problem of an error.

Driver update

Damaged or outdated device drivers may also lead to KernelBase.dll error, so you should update them when starting to fix it. Perhaps the problem will be solved immediately after the latest drivers are installed. You can do this manually for each component by contacting the Device Manager or using a special utility, for example, Driver Doc or another one, which allows you to automate the update process.

System Restore

If the KernelBase.dll error in Windows 10 or another version began to appear after any changes by the user, system updates and other interventions, then you can use the recovery option, which allows you to return to the point where everything was still functioning properly. The process does not affect the user data, so in this case you should not worry about their preservation.

Registry cleanup

Often, errors of libraries or other system components are related to incorrect registry entries that need to be fixed. Links could remain from previously used or modified programs, while the system is still looking for the file at the old address, and possible damage to the records as a result of the invasion of malware. No actions with the registry can be performed manually without appropriate knowledge and skills, since there are risks to damage the system. For these purposes, it is better to use special software, for example, Win Thruster, which allows you to scan and fix existing problems.

Replacing the dll file and registering the module

The problem will be eliminated if you replace the damaged KernelBase.dll element with a good one. If for some reason the file is completely absent, it was deleted by the user or the software, accidentally or intentionally, the actions are similar. We need to find a suitable KernelBase.dll object on another device. Searches are best done on a different computer based on the OS version and bit depth. Taking this file from the network is not the best solution, because virus codes are often introduced into the library. As an alternative to replacing an item manually, use special software that searches for official resources. How to replace KernelBase.dll:

  • We search for the original library, considering the version and bitness of the operating system. You can get this information in the System section of the Control Panel;
  • To find an item on a device, go to the Windows folder in any convenient way, via My Computer or the Run console (Win + R), where in the line enter the query% windir%;
  • In the search field of the opened window, we write “KernelBase.dll” and among the results we find the corresponding object that lies at the address C: \ Windows \ System 32 \;
  • Extract the file from a fully functioning system to a USB flash drive or any other medium;
  • Now the copied file must be placed in the directory C: \ Windows \ System 32 \;
  • Next, you should register the module, for which we turn to the Run console, running it as an administrator;
  • In the command line of the console, write regsvr32 "C: \ windows \ system32 \ kernelbase.dll" and press Enter, these actions allow you to register the library in the system. After completing the registration, you will need to restart the device.

Scanning System

Another method involves diagnosing the Windows OS, for which you need to enter “sfc / scannow” on the command line (“Run”) - this command is used to fix the damage to the operating system kernel. After the test is complete, a restart of the device is required. It does not hurt to update the system, which can be done using Windows Update.

Using special software

In order not to engage in manual file replacement, you can bring to the business third-party software, specially designed for this purpose, which will be much easier for an inexperienced user. After scanning, such software independently searches for missing files to replace damaged or missing DLL elements and places the modules where they should, for example, Microsoft Fix It or DLL Suite.

APPCRASH fix recommendations

Regarding the widespread APPCRASH failure associated with the launch of modern games, you can also try to remedy the situation with the above methods if the application malfunction is related to the KernelBase.dll library. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of games, because the correctness of their functioning involves the installation of fresh packages and services. Often these components are the latest versions and updates of DirectX, Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual C ++ and others. Their absence may simply prevent the application from starting, causing all sorts of errors.

If, in addition to problems with the file KernelBase.dll, there are a number of other unpleasant moments, for example, due to viruses on the computer, it may be better to reinstall Windows than to solve each issue separately. At the same time, when it comes to damage or the absence of this element, the above measures always work, quickly eliminating the error.