How To Fix Input Not Supported Error

Sometimes when you start the system or some resource-intensive and old game, instead of the normal image, a black screen suddenly appears with a gray plate that says: Input Not Supported. That is, you are given to understand that it is impossible to continue working, since the monitor cannot show an image. Nevertheless, as if the black window did not look frightening - it is not fatal, there are ways to get rid of this error.

Resolving the error Input not supported.

Why Input Not Supported Appears

If you have already suspected a monitor is in vain - in vain: the problem is rather in the drivers, incorrect configuration, or an attempt to play the game to set its own requirements for the video card. Input Not Supported can appear on the monitors of any company: Acer, Asus, Lenovo, etc. The error correction algorithm will be approximately the same for all. The appearance of a gray plate with an inscription on the termination of input support means that the image cannot be shown on the screen and at the same time meet the conditions of resolution, aspect ratio, quality, etc., set by the user. This means that you You will not see anything until you attempt to improve the situation, and you cannot get access to the usual functions of the computer.

How to fix the error

First of all, check whether you have pressed a button on the monitor with a set of parameters that prevented further normal loading of the image. This is especially true for stationary PCs. Remove all user settings by selecting something like “Auto” or “Standard” by switching the keys on the monitor itself (they can be on the side or on the bottom, as in BQ, for example).

Input Not Supported when you turn on the computer

If the error overtook you when you turn on the computer to visualize the "Desktop" and get the opportunity to fix something, you need to go to the "Safe Mode" (reboot and press F8 or another key that is specified in your version of BSVV).

Uninstalling the video driver

  1. Now press Win + R and in the appeared line write: “devmgmt.msc” (without quotes), click OK.
  2. Look in the list for the installed graphics adapter and click on it with RMB, expand “Properties”.
  3. Here we are interested in the tab dedicated to drivers.
  4. Select the Uninstall option and accept the action.

Thus, if the Input Not Supported error was a result of strange behavior of the drivers, which often happens, you don’t have to do anything else - after restarting the OS, the image will be restored. In order for nothing from the old and damaged files to remain, you need to remove the additional software that was installed along with the drivers - as a rule, these are media players. In the general list of programs they are hard to find, but for this there are special applications, such as the Uninstall Tool. After deletion, you need to restart the system normally and check the result. The system will install the driver again.

Image output setting

People who are passionate about games often set up different screen resolution settings themselves in order to improve the display quality of games in which the composition is built in the first person. The above error may appear when changing the monitor or immediately after applying new parameters.

  1. Let's talk about how to fix it and eliminate the consequences of incorrect settings.
  2. Click in any empty space of the "Desktop" PCM and select Screen Setting.
  3. Return the slider to the place where there is an inscription: "Recommended".
  4. We find Advanced Setting in the same window and set the Screen refresh rate to “75” (or 60 if you have an old model, but it’s better to check yourself by searching on the Internet for reliable parameters suitable for a particular monitor).

Input Not Supported when starting the game

Sometimes Input Not Supported appears immediately when you start the game. The fact is that each version of Windows has an API package installed for working with complex multimedia games, and it could become outdated. In this case, try the following:

  1. Go to the Microsoft website and find the update package for DirectX.
  2. Download and install it.
  3. Restart the PC and start the game again.

It also happens that the distributions of games contain files that themselves change the screen resolution as they please. To return the settings to the standard state, perform the following procedure:

  1. Click "This Computer" - "Drive C".
  2. Next "Users" - "Username" - a folder with the name of the game - a file called Screen.txt.
  3. Expand the window and find the width and height, and then set the recommended for your monitor.