What is the program InstallPack, how to use it and remove

Probably, when you had to search for some PC program for a long time (preferably free and Russified), InstallPack was actively offered in search results. Maybe you did not dare to try, what he is capable of - it is very doubtful that he can help with the download, for example Office, which is extremely difficult to find in working condition and without requiring payment. Nevertheless, we will tell you more about this program - it may be useful to you.

Work with the program InstallPack.

InstallPack Features

InstallPack contains a catalog of applications from different applications: they do not need to be searched separately by sites - you can simply install them by selecting from the list - that’s what the program is. The InstallPack package consists of 700 programs, including:

  • browsers - from popular to new and little-known;
  • instant messengers, including computer versions of those designed for smartphones;
  • video and audio scooters and editors - for those who often have to “cut” music and video, process them;
  • players - mainly from the category of popular and sought after;
  • archivers - classic WinRar and 7Zip and little-known;
  • antivirus and system optimizers;
  • ad blockers;
  • simple “drawing machines” and more serious graphic and photo editors;
  • driver sets and flash player;
  • emulators of other systems;
  • "Microsoft Office" and similar utilities for working with text and spreadsheets;
  • various download managers;
  • Utilities for working with a microphone and webcams.

Software installation

The program is installed in the standard way:

  1. Download the distribution kit.
  2. Run the installer, select the storage folder, wait for the procedure to complete.
  3. You can use.

Working with the program is very easy:

  1. Select the desired application in the catalog or several.
  2. Tick ​​them off.
  3. Click "Next". At this stage, the download window of the selected program will open - remove the marks from all unnecessary (for example, you will try to force the installation of any browser or antivirus along with Korela).
  4. Wait for the download and installation to complete.

For convenience, all distributions are signed, sorted into categories and annotated - what is needed for this or that program. The developers claim that they provide only licensed software and do it for free.

How to remove the program

The program, as already mentioned, contains about 700 distributions. Of course, such a number of different applications is not needed by anyone, and, having installed several necessary, users, as a rule, think about how to remove the program. It's easy enough:

  1. Open the "Control Panel" (in Windows 7, it is immediately visible in the "Start" menu, and in Windows 10 it is better to use the "Search" function).
  2. Enter “Add or Remove Programs”.
  3. Select InstallPack from the list and click the “Remove” button at the top.
  4. Wait for the process to complete.

At the same time, the programs already installed using the application will not go anywhere - if you want to remove them too, then you need to get rid of each separately. To completely remove InstallPack, after the main uninstall step, you can clean it up with CCleaner:

  1. Open the program and select "Cleaning".
  2. After analysis, all files are deleted.
  3. Then go to the Registry Cleaner and check it.

Sometimes the program does not want to be deleted in the usual way: the system reports that some InstallPack window is open or operations are being performed. In this case, you can download the utility Uninstall Tool or another uninstaller and apply the "Forced uninstall". After that, you will be prompted to clear all residual files. Sometimes antivirus recognizes InstallPack as malware. This happens because the program has the ability to independently access the server, use Internet resources, and make changes to system folders. In order to “reassure” the antivirus, you need to add InstallPack to the list of exceptions.