Methods for fixing error 0x00000116

Error 0x00000116 has a second, rather gloomy name - “blue screen of death”. This designation is accepted, because at the worst scenario, you will have to change the video card. However, the problem may be far less serious and completely reparable without financial costs. The error itself says that the OS sent a signal to the graphics adapter driver at some point, but there was no response. Instead of continuing the operation, a blue screen with a digital code appeared and remained “hanging” for an indefinite time. There may be several causes and remedies, which we will discuss later.

Correction of error 0x00000116.

The reasons for the appearance of 0x00000116

Error 0x00000116 can occur in any Windows configuration: 7.8 or 10. The causes of failure are very diverse, we arrange them in order - from the most serious to the most easily resolvable:

  1. The graphics adapter is out of order - it could warm up too much or be covered with a thick layer of dust that prevents the fan from cooling the contacts. Mechanical damage is also possible if you reinstalled the video card or performed any manipulations with it.
  2. The video card is destabilized by inept overclocking or undervolting - an unsuccessful attempt to improve the performance and functionality of the adapter can lead to dire consequences in the form of permanent failures in work.
  3. Problems with the secondary power supply - it may not be suitable for your laptop model and does not supply enough current required by the video card.
  4. RAM failure - sometimes also causes an error. Any microchip may be damaged, which causes various malfunctions.
  5. Overheating - a short-term increase in the temperature of a video card can provoke errors.
  6. Improper operation of drivers is the most common cause of the appearance of the “death screen”. With them, often something happens: the incompatibility of the new version with the system, the appearance of a conflicting "clone" and the like.

Methods for solving error 0x00000116

Now that we’ve figured out the reasons, let's look at what can be done to remedy the situation.

Reinstalling drivers

When Atikmpag Sys appears, the blue screen is 0x00000116, first of all, you can be suspicious of the driver failure, since this is most likely and easiest to fix.

  1. Restart the system and repeatedly press the key to enter the "Safe Mode" (almost always F8).
  2. Now, if you click RMB on “Start”, you will see an offer to open “Device Manager” - here you will need to find the name of your graphics adapter.
  3. Right click on it to remove the drivers, then download and install them again. It is best to look for the model code on the manufacturer's website.

If this does not help, repeat the procedure, only this time install earlier versions of the drivers.

Lower temperature

If you suspect that the “blue screen of death” under the error code 0x00000116 resulted from the adapter overheating, you should try cooling it down a bit. For this:

  1. Download a special utility that can control the temperature, and watch how it rises. While you do not run any programs and do not open windows, the warm-up should be less than 40 degrees, and in working condition - less than 80.
  2. If these indicators do not manage to align in any way, buy thermal grease and put it on the video card chip according to the instructions on the package. Just do not overdo it, because the excess composition is also harmful.

Check RAM

It was the turn to question the health of the RAM. Open the system unit and look at the state of the device: is there anything that has melted, is there no burning smell, is there no dust. The latter should be carefully removed with a soft brush for painting or makeup. Try also to download a tester of RAM and check its performance, since, you can often fix the error code 0x00000116 if you identify a faulty RAM and replace it.

Faulty power supply

Another likely reason for the emergence of a "blue screen of death" is stop 0x0000016. Inspect the power supply to see if it looks visually defective: oddly swollen, chipped, or otherwise damaged. If it was intended for another PC, and you fit it to yours, then you need to verify the required and available power - it is quite possible that the computer is not receiving enough power. In this case, the block is better as soon as possible to replace the other.

Resetting overclocking from the video card

If you are a little addicted to overclocking or other ways to improve performance and overdo it, you need to reset your graphics adapter to standard settings in order to resolve the error. Here you can not do without additional programs:

  • for AMD, the ATI Catalyst Control Center will do:
  • for nVidia - RivaTuner.

In the first case, run the utility and select Productivity - AMD Overdrive - Default in the menu and agree with the changes - all overclocking results will be canceled. In the second case, also run the application. Here you need an arrow with the signature “Low-level system settings” and the subsection Original Settings. In both cases, restart the PC and see if the error has disappeared.

Video Card Replacement

And the last thing you can do to correct the error is to completely replace the video adapter or contact a specialist who may be able to repair it.