Vcomp.dll error fix

The error “vcomp110.dll is missing” usually occurs when a user tries to open a graphical application, for example, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Corel, etc. But lately, complaints about the fact that the missing file doesn’t start playing have started to appear. There is one more reason for the error: C: \ Windows \ system32 \ VCOMP110.dll or not used to work in Windows, or damaged. You need to install the application again using the standard official installer, or contact the support service indicated on the website or in the Help window for help. The most common problems are mainly due to the fact that the OS displaying error contains the redist package for Microsoft Visual C + 2012 or Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010. Although the vast majority of applications that need a certain redix RedX package will be included in the process installation, some external third-party anti-virus software can block the installation.

Methods of troubleshooting Vcomp110.dll.

What is vcomp110.dll error

The document is one of thousands of Dynamic Link Library files contained in various Microsoft DirectX software distribution packages. Each of these DLL files contains code that allows other Windows 10 programs and third-party programs to access them and copy their functionality. This is ultimately very efficient for system resources, since several Windows programs can share the same file at the same time. This particular file is not included in the default DirectX packages that are installed during the initial boot of Windows or during the WU (Windows Update). Do not agree to download the missing document vcomp110.dll from dll download sites that claim to offer a fast and secure alternative to official channels.

IMPORTANT. Copying this particular file will most likely lead to another error related to the redist DirectX package, which is missing. Then such sites will offer a paid “one-click fix” that will magically solve all your dll-errors.

The consequences can be even worse, because some antivirus programs have found that files that are shipped separately contain malicious code designed to ensure the vulnerability of the system for subsequent virus infection.

How to fix the error

If you are currently struggling with this problem, we strongly recommend that you stick to the official channels. The described steps will help to fix the error “vcomp110.dll is missing” without creating additional trouble. For most users who experienced the same error messages, two ways to solve the problem were effective. We also looked at other, less popular error solving methods. Try them one by one, until the error message stops bothering you.

Method 1: Install the missing Visual C ++ Redistributable Package

Most of the users who encountered the inability to start the application failed to fix it through two simple installations. This method includes the installation of two packages distributed through Visual C + containing damaged and other files that are commonly used by graphic applications. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Let's start by downloading the Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 package. Depending on the architecture of your OS, download 32-bit from the official Microsoft website. or 64-bit version. Then open the vcredist installer and follow the instructions to install the optional DirectX package on your system.
IMPORTANT. If the installer shows that the package is already installed, click the "Restore" button instead. This will fix any problem with file corruption.
  1. After the installation is complete, restart the system to complete the process.
  2. Now you need to install Microsoft Visual C ++ 2012 Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 from the official Microsoft website. Click the “Download” button, open the installer and follow the instructions to install them on your system. This ensures that your system will have all the additional DirectX files that third-party applications may require.

ATTENTION. If the installer claims that the package is already installed, click the "Restore" button so that all damaged files are restored.

Method 2: Delete or rename VCOMP110.dll before replacing it

If you could not fix the problem using the first method or when you try to install Visual C ++ packages, an error occurred, the main problem with file corruption may occur. Other users in a similar situation managed to get around this problem by deleting the file manually or renaming it with the .old extension. After the damaged file was processed, they were able to install the missing Visual C ++ packages in normal mode. Here is a quick guide to this process:

IMPORTANT. Keep in mind that there are two different locations in which Windows programs and other third-party applications will look for the file. For this method to be successful, you need to manipulate both directories.
  1. Go to C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 (SysWOW) and use the search function to find vcomp110 or scroll through the list manually. When you find a file, right-click it and select Delete to remove the file from your system. If the file is not deleted, right-click it and select “Rename”, then add “.old” immediately after the extension. This means that your OS will now ignore this file, because it contains the old version - in turn, this will allow you to copy the new copy through the redist package.

  2. After the first error occurs, go to C: \ Windows \ System32 and use the search function to find the file or simply scroll through it manually. As before, try deleting it, and if it fails, rename it with the .old extension.
  3. Once you get rid of the document, replace it with new copies. To do this, download and install Visual C ++ from the official Microsoft website:
  4. Perform a final reboot. Error "vdll is missing" must be resolved the next time the system starts.

Other ways to fix vcomp110.dll error

If the above methods did not help, alternately follow the steps described below until the problem completely disappears:

Running antivirus

Some problems with the missing on the computer vcomp110.dll may be associated with a PC infection of a virus or malware, which damaged the DLL file. Perhaps the error you see is related to malware that disguises itself as a document. Many types of viruses hide themselves as unrelated to Windows and PC problems, such as Bluetooth disruption, file problems (in this case, vcomp110), strange hard drive activity, and other serious problems with Windows. That is why you need to immediately run antivirus scanning.

Reinstall the program

To fix the problem, reinstall the program that generates the error. In case of an error, when you run a particular program, you may need to reinstall the specified software. Reinstalling software, whether it is a productivity utility, a game, or even an office application, you replace all the program documents, registry entries, and files needed to run the application. To reinstall the program with the most appropriate tools, you must first completely remove it.

Update / install drivers

Update drivers for any hardware that may be related to the error. Suppose if you get a “missing DLL” error when playing a sound, immediately check and update the sound card driver. Updating drivers can also be a great way to troubleshoot problems other than errors.

Reinstall / Reset Windows

Over time, an increase in the number of documents, incorrect settings of equipment or systems and other variables gradually slow down your computer’s work. If you find that the vcomp110.dll error messages are frequent, and the programs do not work as you expect, you can reset Windows to factory settings. System repair can also fix the problem if you suspect that the system update caused the vcomp110.dll error.

"Repair" Windows

Restoring a Windows version is an order of magnitude easier and less risky than resetting or reinstalling Windows, so you can first use the Windows Recovery Wizard to resolve vcomp110.dll. Resetting a PC in Windows 10/8 is very convenient, since it overwrites all important files, processes that, as a rule, fix vcomp110.dll problems caused by the built-in Windows files.

Install updates for Windows

Windows 10 updates occur several times a month. It is possible that some changes in the operating system are incompatible with the old version of the vcomp110.dll file, so Windows cannot use it. In this case, installing the latest Windows update can help, providing an updated version of the vcomp110.dll file.

Clear the registry

Use the free registry wizard to fix vcomp110.dll related registry problems by eliminating invalid vcomp110.dll entries that may cause the vcomp110.dll DLL error. Such registry cleaners are especially useful for eliminating registry entries in the vcomp110.dll file that no longer exists.

Problem with equipment

If you attempted to perform all the troubleshooting steps described above, it is likely that the problem did not arise at the software level, but at the hardware level. Contact your system administrator or a specialized service center where your PC will be tested and, if available, will identify existing hardware problems.