What is the Samsung KNOX program for and how to remove it

Modern smartphones are practically computers. They are actively used for reading websites, downloading various programs and other files, for communicating in instant messengers and for e-mail correspondence. Like ordinary computers, smartphones and tablets are ordinary network devices that can be hacked, infected with a virus or other malware. Anyway, personal data is the most valuable thing on the device, constantly under threat. Some manufacturers are trying to resist this.

Work with the program Samsung KNOX.

What is KNOX

KNOX for Samsung-made gadgets is a software add-on over the Android operating system, which is designed to ensure the security of personal data. In addition, it monitors the state of the device and blocks suspicious attempts by different applications to access files. In fact, the KNOX application is a group of individual modules that work independently and provide security only in their field. For example, one of the modules provides encryption of the transmitted information, while others create an isolated environment for third-party applications, reliably cutting them off from important information. If the smartphone has a KNOX program, you can be sure that no spyware will steal anything. Unlike antiviruses, this system does not deal with their tracking and destruction, but simply does not give them the opportunity to harm, protecting all the important information, like an impenetrable wall.

It is implemented in an interesting way. There is a folder on the device that is protected by the KNOX system, and you can place files or install applications into it. Everything that is in this folder is inaccessible from the outside and works independently. For example, you can install an instant messenger there, and it will work independently of another one installed in the usual way. They will not intersect in any way, besides traffic from the protected one will have enhanced protection by additional encryption. So you can simultaneously use two different usernames in two identical instant messengers, since they work completely independently of each other.

In addition, Samsung's KNOX monitors the integrity of the system’s core and does not allow it to be modified by any third-party applications. This ensures the stability of Android. The file system is also encrypted, which creates great difficulties for malware. The connection to the network is also monitored and secured, and happens through special VPN servers. In general, KNOX guarantees data security even if the phone is lost or stolen. Unlock it by strangers is unlikely to succeed. In addition, there is the possibility of remote location of the gadget.

Advantages and disadvantages of Samsung My KNOX

As already mentioned, this system significantly increases the resilience of the system to the effects of malware, and the protection of personal data is much better. But there are drawbacks. For example, annoying notifications about the use of unlicensed applications can often appear. This is solved either by removing such programs or by disabling KNOX itself. Sometimes KNOX is unstable and error messages may appear. This usually does not happen if the application is installed by the manufacturer - then its compatibility with the operating system is best ensured. But if KNOX was installed independently, then there may be problems with its work, as it is not supported by all devices and not all versions of Android, but only starting from the Samsung Galaxy S3. Of course, the operation of any applications is not guaranteed at all when flashing or rutting a smartphone. In general, complaints about this program rarely happen if the device and the system meet the requirements, and no actions with the firmware have been performed.

How to work with Samsung KNOX

KNOX active protection on Android does not require much intervention. At startup, it checks the integrity of the system's kernel, as well as running applications. If they try to perform actions that they are not allowed, they are disabled. If an application is launched in a KNOX environment, it is tightly controlled, and any attempts to perform an unresolved action will be blocked. The user can choose what to allow him and what to ban. KNOX active protection is enabled by default, but you can disable it.

How to disable or remove Samsung's KNOX

Before you disable or remove KNOX, you should consider whether you need to do this. This is justified in the case of unstable operation of the application, and in other situations it may be unnecessary. If you decided to do it, there are different ways. To completely remove KNOX, it is not necessary to have root-rights or use special programs, although there are some. You just need to start the application, enter the menu and select "Delete KNOX". It’s better to accept the offer to make a backup, and enter a password if required. After that, the deletion will occur and the phone will reboot. You can try to remove it in another way - go to the Play Market, find KNOX there, and since this application is already installed, the “Uninstall” option will be available. Take advantage of it. But this method does not work for everyone, since the application can be closely integrated with the system and block such actions. Sometimes you want to disable KNOX without removing it. This can be done using third-party utilities:

  • KNOX Disabler requires root-rights, but disables any program, including KNOX.
  • Titanium Backup - allows you to "freeze" the selected files, and they will stop working.
  • Android Terminal Emulator - command line for Android devices. The command “su pm disable com.sec.KNOX.seandroid” disables KNOX, and disable disable to enable — enable it.

In general, this system causes some complaints from users, but can sometimes behave too paranoid, interfering with the normal use of the device. Then you can try to disable protection, but not delete it at all. And only if everything works fine, you can remove it completely.