Order of connection and payment Android Pay

Not for nothing, science fiction writers of the late 20th century feared that the development of information technologies would reach such a level that all the inside stories of a person would be compiled in one place in a small box or in an even smaller intracutaneous chip. The end of 2018 is in the courtyard and similar ideas are not just closer to implementation, but are already being used everywhere, plunging life and life of people into the information space more and more. This fact can be treated differently, but it cannot be denied that most innovations have significantly simplified many routine and everyday processes, for example, the procedure for paying for purchases. In this article, we are talking about just one of the incredibly popular features, called Android Pay, that have been recognized by millions of users around the world.

Install and configure Android Pay.

Functionality and terms of use

So, “Android Pay” (it is now called “Google Pay”) is a payment system officially launched on the territory of the Russian Federation on May 23, 2017 and intended for contactless payments using smartphones based on Android OS. Those who are familiar with the banking system in one way or another know and remember with what “noise” bank cards were found, equipped with a similar system that allows you to simply bring a plastic carrier to the payment terminal and if the payment amount is less than 1000 rubles, it will pass without input pin, which should simplify the process of paying for purchases. In fact, this innovation was accompanied by many questions regarding the security of making purchases in this way, since such a simplification in some way facilitated the “activity of fraudsters”, because it is enough just to spend on the terminal and the money will be written off.

That is why the information security staff of the contactless payment system was met with a large share of skepticism and mistrust, since according to statistics, smartphones are lost in no less than wallets. You can discuss for a long time on the preservation of cash, but the fact that the main security guarantee is the adequate and competent use of the payment system and the smartphone itself by the user remains unshakable. Therefore, it would not be superfluous to say that if you constantly leave and lose your smartphone, then you should think a few times before you start using the type of payments in question. Returning directly to the topic of this article, it is necessary to clarify that not all mobile devices support Android Pay and the work needs support for three main criteria:

  • Android 4.4 version KitKat or older;
  • NFC module for contactless payments;
  • card emulation (HCE).

According to official data from Google’s own developers, at the end of 2018, the technology under consideration supports the following banks and cards:

BanksWhich cards are supportedWhich cards are not supported
Sberbank1) Supports all MasterCard cards except for MAESTRO cards

2) Supports all VISA cards

Alfa BankAll debit and credit cards Visa and MasterCard

All debit and credit cards Visa and MasterCard
Russian Standard BankMasterCard Debit and Credit CardsVisa, American Express and Diners Club cards, as well as prepaid MasterCard cards
RaiffeisenbankConsumer debit and MasterCard and Visa credit cards; corporate cards and cards for small enterprises; cards issued with other companiesSpecial corporate Visa cards, intended only for use in ATMs; Visa Electron cards, WORLD cards
Bank opening"Debit and credit cards Visa and MasterCardCards intended for use only in ATMs; gift cards of the issuing bank; cards of medical savings accounts; contingency savings account cards; non-prepaid cards
RoketbankDebit cards MasterCard, intended for individuals, with cashback, interest on the balance and mobile application
PointCorporate MasterCard and MasterCard Corporate cards for entrepreneurs, MasterCard debit cards
Agricultural BankMasterCard Instant Issue, MasterCard Standard, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Platinum, MasterCard Premium Black Edition and MasterCard Premium World Elite Cards

Visa Instant Issue Cards, Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, Visa Signature, Visa Infinite

Corporate cards,

Virtual cards,

MasterCard cards, the number of which begins with the numbers 5364 09

Yandex moneyAll MasterCard Cards
BINBANKDebit and credit cards of MasterCard and Visa payment systems issued by PJSC BINBANK (including cards issued by PJSC MDM Bank) and BINBANK Digital JSC
TinkoffDebit and credit cards Visa and MasterCard
Promsvyazbankcredit and debit cards Visa and MasterCard
AK BARS BankSeparate types of debit, credit cards and prepaid cards Visa and MasterCardCirrus / Maestro cards, Visa Electron cards and non-prepaid cards
MTS BankMTS cards Smart Money, MTS Money Contribution, MTS Money Weekend, Mastercard Standard, Mastercard Gold, Mastercard Platinum, Mastercard Black Edition, Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum and Visa InfiniteGift cards, Maestro and Visa Electron cards, corporate cards and prepaid cards
Bank "Saint-Petersburg"Mastercard Standard, Mastercard Gold, Mastercard Platinum, Mastercard World,

Mastercard World Black Edition, Mastercard World Elite, Mastercard Unembossed, Mastercard Business

VISA Classic, VISA Gold, VISA Platinum, VISA Infinite, VISA Business,

VISA Classic Unembossed, VISA Electron

Maestro, Prepaid
GazprombankMastercard Unembossed / Standard / Gold / Platinum / World Black Edition / World Elite;

Mastercard Gazprombank - FC Zenit;

Mastercard Gazprombank - Gazprom Neft;

Mastercard Gazprombank - Ural Airlines;

Mastercard Gazprombank - Aeroflot;

Mastercard Gazprombank - Travel Miles;

Mastercard Gazprombank - Voentorg;

Mastercard Gazprombank - HC SKA;

Mastercard "Army of Russia";

Mastercard Campus;

Mastercard Gazprombank - Amur Holding Company .Visa Unembossed / Classic / Gold / Platinum / Infinite;

Visa Gazprombank Gazfond;

Visa Gazprombank Transaero;

Visa Gazprombank - Gazprom Neft;

Visa Gazprombank - Ural Airlines;

Visa Gazprombank - Aeroflot;

Visa Gazprombank - Travel Miles;

Visa Gazprombank - Voentorg

Corporate, prepaid, virtual cards, as well as cards with a transport application
PJSC CB "Vostochny"Visa debit and credit cards
AO UniCredit BankMasterCard Unembossed, MasterCard Standard, MasterCard Standard +, MasterCard Sticker PayPass, MasterCard Standard UEFA, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Gold +, MasterCard Gold credit, MasterCard Platinum, MasterCard World credit, AutoCard MasterCard World, AutoCard MasterCard Black Edition, MasterCard Black Edition, MasterCard World Elite

Visa Classic Unembossed, Visa Classic, Visa Classic +, Visa Gold, Visa Gold +, Visa Air, Visa Classic S7, Visa Gold S7, Visa Platinum S7, Visa Infinite, Visa Platinum, Visa Platinum +

MasterCard Business, Visa Business, Visa Electron, Visa Virtuon
JSCB RosEvroBank (JSC)VISA Classic

VISA Business

Visa Gold

VISA Platinum

VISA Classic PayWave

MasterCard Standard

MasterCard Gold

MasterCard World

MasterCard Black Edition

VISA Prepaid

Visa Electron


AB Devon-Credit (PJSC)Visa debit and credit cards
Mail BankAll credit, debit, prepaid VISA cards.Corporate VISA cards
Credit Ural BankVisa debit and credit cards

MasterCard Debit and Credit Cards

Public Joint-Stock Company “Moscow Industrial Bank”Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cardsMaestro, Visa Electron Cards
RNKO "Payment Center" (LLC)Prepaid Mastercard CardsVisa cards, Mastercard gift cards
Beeline Cardprepaid mastercard
Map Cornprepaid mastercard
BANK "LEFT BANK" (PJSC)debit and credit cards mastercardMaestro cards, Visa cards
CB "KUBAN CREDIT" LLCAll Mastercard cards except Maestro, Visa except ElectronCards Maestro, Electron, WORLD
JSC CB Khlynovdebit and credit cards mastercardMaestro cards, Visa cards
PJSC "SOVKOMBANK"debit and credit cards mastercardMaestro cards, Visa cards
JSC CB "MODULBANK"debit and credit cards mastercardMaestro cards, Visa cards
OTP BankAll Mastercard debit and credit cards issued under the brand OTP Bank (Russia) except Mastercard Electronic and Mastercard CorporateAll debit and credit cards Visa, as well as Mastercard Electronic and Mastercard Corporate, issued under the brand OTP Bank (Russia).
Public Joint Stock Company "Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development" (PJSC CB "UBRD")debit and credit cards Visamastercard debit and credit cards; Visa Virtuon
PJSC "Moscow Credit Bank"Mastercard Standard debit and credit cards, Mastercard Gold debit and credit cards, Mastercard Platinum debit and credit cards, Mastercard World Black Edition debit and credit cards

Visa Classic debit and credit cards, Visa Gold debit and credit cards,

Visa Platinum debit and credit cards,

Co-brand Visa Platinum ASC debit and credit cards,

Visa Infinite debit and credit cards.

MasterCard Unembossed Debit Cards

MasterCard Business Debit Cards Visa Virtual Debit Cards

Visa Business Debit Cards

PJSC ChelyabinvestbankVisa and MastercardMastercard Virtual and Maestro cards
Bank Round LLC / MegaFon PJSCMastercard Cardsnot applicable
LLC CB "AKSONBANK"debit and credit cards mastercardCards maestro, VISA, WORLD
KREDPROMBANK JSCdebit and credit cards mastercardCards maestro, VISA, WORLD
JSC BANK "KKB"debit and credit cards mastercardCards maestro, VISA, WORLD
INVESTMENT BANK "VESTA" (LLC)debit and credit cards mastercardCards maestro, VISA, WORLD
JSCB MOSURALBANK (JSC)debit and credit cards mastercardCards maestro, VISA, WORLD
LLC "KHAKASS MUNICIPAL BANK"debit and credit cards mastercardCards maestro, VISA, WORLD
CB "ENERGOTRANSBANK" (JSC)debit and credit cards mastercardCards maestro, VISA, WORLD
LLC CB "ARESBANK"debit and credit cards mastercardCards maestro, VISA, WORLD
PJSC «NIKO-BANK»debit and credit cards mastercardCards maestro, VISA, WORLD
PJSC SKB PRIMORYA "PRIMSOTSBANK"debit and credit cards mastercardCards maestro, VISA, WORLD
JSC BANK “VENETS”debit and credit cards mastercardCards maestro, VISA, WORLD
JSC BANK "NATIONAL STANDARD"debit and credit cards mastercardCards maestro, VISA, WORLD
CJSC “VLADBUSINESSBANK”debit and credit cards mastercardCards maestro, VISA, WORLD
"NAZINVESTPROMBANK" (JSC)debit and credit cards mastercardCards maestro, VISA, WORLD
LLC "FIN BANK"debit and credit cards mastercardCards maestro, VISA, WORLD
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Almazergienbank"Credit and VISA payment cardsCards served only in ATMs, gift and virtual cards, transportation cards and all MasterCard cards
PJSC Asia-Pacific BankVisa Infinit, Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum cards, Visa RevordsCards Visa Electron, Visa Business Gold, Visa Business Platinum
Bank Union (JSC)Credit and Debit Mastercard CardsCards Visa and MIR
LLC “ZEMSK BANK”All MasterCards except MaestroCards Maestro, Visa, WORLD
JAY AND TI BANK (JSC)All MasterCards except MaestroCards Maestro, Visa, WORLD
JSC NS BankAll MasterCards except MaestroCards Maestro, Visa, WORLD
Joint-Stock Company Bank AgrorosCards of Classic and Platinum products of Visa payment system
Russian Joint-Stock Commercial Road Bank (public joint-stock company)Cards of Classic and Gold products of Visa payment system
SDM-Bank (public joint stock company)Debit cards Visa Classic, Debit cards Visa Gold, Debit cards Visa Platinum, Debit cards Visa InfiniteDebit cards Visa Electron, All debit cards, MasterCard payment system
TATSOTSBANK JSCAll MasterCard CardsVisa cards
PJSC "SKB-Bank"MasterCard Cards with Registered

phone number for SMS


All cards other than MasterCard.

Maestro Cards.

Avant-gardeAll Visa debit and credit cards, except Visa Electron; All Mastercard debit and credit cards except Maestro and Mastercard PrepaidVisa Electron, Maestro, Mastercard Prepaid
LLC Commercial Bank "Russian Mortgage Bank"Mastercard Debit and Credit CardsMastercard Standard debit and credit cards, Mastercard Platinum debit and credit cards
CJSC Bank VologzhaninMastercard Debit and Credit CardsMastercard Gold debit and credit cards, Mastercard Platinum debit and credit cards
PJSC Bank ZENITMastercard Debit and Credit CardsCards Visa, UnionPay, WORLD
LLC "HCF Bank"Mastercard Debit and Credit CardsBusiness cards
PJSC "SKB-Bank"MasterCard Cards with Registered

phone number for SMS


All cards other than MasterCard.

Maestro Cards.

Bank Agroros JSCDebit Mastercard CardsAll cards other than MasterCard
Russian Joint-Stock Commercial Road Bank (public joint-stock company)Debit Mastercard CardsAll cards other than MasterCard
Joint stock company "United Reserve Bank"Debit Mastercard CardsAll cards other than MasterCard
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank Transstroybank (Joint-Stock Company)Mastercard Debit and Credit CardsAll cards other than MasterCard
JSCB "Belgorodsotsbank"Mastercard Debit and Credit CardsAll cards other than MasterCard
PJSC StavropolpromstroybankMastercard Debit and Credit CardsAll cards other than MasterCard

As can be seen from the table above, the representation of financial organizations is quite diverse and, apart from giant banks, such as Sberbank and VTB, there are also less popular regional structures, which made it possible to expand the territorial user borders throughout the Russian Federation.

How to install and configure

Such a territorial girth should be accompanied by a simple installation and configuration procedure, since the smartphone on the Android operating system is available to the vast majority of the inhabitants of our vast country, and indeed the whole world. In order to install the application, you need to visit the Google Play store and download the application under the name “Google Pay” already announced above. To date, the application in question already has more than 100, 000, 000 downloads, with the average score being quite high at 4.3. After downloading, installing and confirming the security of the received application, you will need to do the following to configure and integrate payment cards:

  • If necessary, read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and click on the “Start” button;

  • The system will automatically offer to add "BC" for this you need to select "Add card";

  • The application is able to recognize the data of a plastic carrier from a photo or its details can be added in manual mode;

  • For manual entry, you need to specify the card number, expiration date and CVC code, which can be found on the back of the plastic carrier, as well as other personal information;
  • With similar manipulations add all the necessary details of payment or bonus cards, yes, the application allows you to work not only with the banking sector, which is extremely convenient, since many have dozens of bonus / gift cards and it is always extremely inconvenient to carry them with you.

So, as can be seen from the above steps, there is nothing difficult in the setup procedure, Google has maximally simplified the interface of its product and has partially automated it.

How to pay

The payment process, as previously mentioned, is simplified to indecency. All that is required of the user is to unlock the screen and bring the smartphone with the back cover to the payment terminal, without even opening the application itself, and waiting for confirmation of the debit. The only thing that may in some way complicate the purchase is the possible requirements of the store to enter the appropriate pin-code or personal signature on the bank check. Similar to the complexity of the process of making purchases in online stores, but there is one key condition that is found in Russian-language stores quite rarely - this is the integration of the payment system under consideration on the site, which should be done directly by the site administration. In the Russian Federation there are only a few dozen of such sites, among which Ozon, Lamoda and S7 Airlines can be distinguished.

Is it safe

The controversy over whether it is safe to “keep all eggs in one basket” never subside, it’s enough to recall the extremely bad experience with UEC, which they tried to introduce to the masses on a large scale, but only came up with the fact that most of the declared functions and capabilities were simply nowhere to use . At the first stages of launching contactless payments in the Russian Federation, this problem arose, since there are very few terminals equipped with this function, which cannot be said about the end of 2018. The main question that every potential user of “Google Pay” should ask themselves, as well as other similar services, is “How will my funds be protected?”.

The general meaning of personal data protection technology in these systems is quite simple and straightforward. It lies in the fact that for each transaction a unique character code is formed, better known under the name “token”, which is used during the operation, while hiding the personal data of the buyer. These tokens are pre-formed and assigned automatically when connected to servers, and real data is encrypted and stored on Google servers and used by them only when directly forming the mentioned tokens. You also need to understand that the second protective wall is unlocking the screen, which in most cases is accompanied by a fingerprint scanner, graphic code or pin-code. These are mandatory conditions for using this application, since when you disable the Google Pay screen lock protection, it will simply erase all payment data, considering it as an unauthorized intervention attempt.

Summarizing the consideration of the issue of security quality, it is worth noting that your money is protected as much as you yourself realize it. That is, if you leave a mobile device unattended in public places or access to it is available to several persons, then no password protection (and fingerprint scanner or face id) will not guarantee your financial security, despite the fact that the developers all the most modern and effective means of protection. It is necessary to think about this and it must be taken into account.


Of course, the specifics of this software raises a number of different questions, since problems and mistakes happen, and no one is protected from it. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that put some users in a difficult position, namely:

  1. “Is internet connection required?”. The answer is no. Despite the fact that previously it was mentioned about the automatic formation of tokens, they are formed in advance. Therefore, an internet connection is optional.
  2. "Added bank card details, but they disappeared when the application was restarted." It is likely that the reason lies in the disabled screen unlock protection, that is, to gain access to a mobile device, just press the button and you do not need to enter a password, confirm credentials with a fingerprint, etc. And the automatic removal of details is included in the announced funds ensuring the safety of personal data.
  3. "I lost my smartphone, what should I do now?" This situation, of course, can not be called pleasant, but you should not panic. If you are authorized in Google services, to remotely block and erase all information stored on your smartphone, just visit the Find My Device website - //www.google.com/android/find and enter your username and password from your account. The service will automatically search for the last location of the mobile device. You will need to choose exactly how to prevent the compromise of personal information.
  4. "Network error, request not processed." If your smartphone meets the requirements given at the beginning of the article and this error occurs, then there may be some suspicious software in the operating system, for example, software has been installed to get root-rights. In addition, Google Pay will refuse to work if you have previously unlocked the bootloader. There are ways to neutralize these "suspicions", but this is a completely different story.
  5. "How to make a refund?" Such situations are not rare, but difficulties may arise. From your side, that is, from the side of the buyer, it is required to contact the cashier with this issue and provide information on when the purchase was made. To do this, open the application, select the media with which the write-off was carried out, and look at the history of operations. It will only be necessary to attach the smartphone to the terminal for the design of the return, since all the preparatory procedures are imposed on the seller.


Резюмируя, «Google Pay» — это действительно качественный сервис, который с успехом навязывает конкурентную борьбу компаниям «Apple» и «Samsung». Безусловно, и так объёмный список представительства будет пополняться различными финансовыми организациями и интернет-магазинами, что только подстёгивает данные учреждения к развитию и поддержанию соответствующего уровня информационной актуальности. Итог: есть куда расти, но уже и есть что предложить.