Ways to search for a picture from iOs and Android smartphones

Search engines are quite successful in the question of the accuracy of finding the necessary information to the user for a given request. Services are able to find any content on the Internet. You can search for a picture on the web either by text description or by an image downloaded from the device, which will provide the most accurate result. Among the capabilities of the services is the search for duplicates, the original source of content, resources, where the specific photo or subject shown in the photo is posted. So, with the help of special tools it is also easy to determine the uniqueness of the image. If you search for images by text request, you search by the description for the element added to it or written in the code, while downloading the image you will get exact information about matches on different resources, the original source, which will be extracted by the search engine by analyzing identical or similar images. It is easy to complete a task on a computer using Yandex and Google search engines. The result will not take long to wait if the link in the corresponding field or the picture is loaded. You can use other services or programs to search. With the search for images using a smartphone, the story is slightly different, since the option is not provided for the mobile version, which does not mean that the search is not feasible. In addition, there are special applications that allow you to quickly find the desired picture.

Methods of image search by image from the phone.

How to search for images in Google search

Regardless of the purpose for which the function is applied, this is required due to professional activities or for personal reasons, you will have to perform the same actions. The top bar of the image search engine has a settings menu that allows you to set parameters, for example, sort by file type, size, add time and other criteria. On a computer, laptop, the search process is easy:

  • Open Google Images (images.google.com);
  • We press on the icon in the form of a camera;
  • Specify the link or load the image, click the search button.

If there is only a phone at hand, this method is not suitable, since the mobile version of the browser does not require an icon with a camera. It does not matter what device is used, because the search can be carried out in various ways, using the necessary tools. The Google search engine searches for images or their fragments in the Images section, the page address is still the same - images.google.com, here you can find images by the link, simply by inserting the URL of the search element into the search box and clicking on the search button. Reverse search in a picture downloaded from an iPhone or Android-based smartphone is performed in many ways, some of them will be discussed further.

How to search by image on iOs and Android phones

You can find duplicates of a given image using standard Yandex and Google search engines, as well as other services and special software. This is true for both desktop computers and smartphones. Google search and Yandex services use the most accurate search algorithms, they find graphics other than their base and on third-party resources. The request can be set directly from the search page of the systems, and the images and photos you find are ranked by the date the content was placed, and since the original source is indexed before the copy, you will be able to find the original file. To search for a picture from an Android or iPhone phone, other than browsers often use applications that can be downloaded from the Google Play Market or the App Store.

Search with Google Chrome

The browser is usually preinstalled on smartphones running Android OS, if necessary, it can be downloaded from the app store and for the iPhone. In addition to using the Google Images service, using the Chrome browser, you can find out the origin of the image directly from the resource where it is located without accessing the search page. So, to search for a picture from an iPhone or Android device via a browser, do the following:

  • Launch Chrome on your smartphone;
  • Find the desired image on the site or in the search results, click on it and hold your finger until the context menu appears;
  • Select “Search for a picture on Google, ” after which you will see the results — the original, copies of the image, and the location of the elements.

For reverse search from the search page, regardless of the smartphone OS used, you will need to choose to use the full version in the browser menu. In Yandex Pictures, image search is implemented similarly to the Google search engine. Similarly, the option is available that allows you to check the image from the site by calling the context menu. At the same time, the focus does not work on some resources, but this is due to the layout features of the site.

Search using CTRLQ.org

In addition to popular browsers from Google and Yandex, you can search for a picture from a phone on iOs or Android OS using the CTRLQ.org resource. In this case, the search engine Google is responsible for the results of the issue, so if it has already been used, nothing new in the issue and you should not expect. Consider how to search for a picture from an iPhone or an Android device using CTRLQ.org:

  • Open an Internet browser;
  • In the address bar, enter ctrl.org/google/images/;
  • Press the “Upload picture” button and load the image from the cloud or gallery in the phone;
  • When the download is complete, click “Show matches”, after which Google will produce results. Resources will be available where matches or similar images are found.

Search for a picture on the phone using applications

To use software solutions that perform the reverse search task, you will need to first download the necessary software.

Googles google

The Android application allows you to find the originals of the images, as well as related images and information about them. By analyzing the photographs of the objects, duplicates will be found, similar images of other sizes, the original source, as well as other sites where the content is located. Among the application's capabilities, working with data from the device’s memory, as well as recognizing an object by pointing the camera of a smartphone without taking a photo of it (the data is transmitted to the server, after which the user will receive the results). In addition, you can work with video and use the translation function of the text, implemented on the principle of optical character recognition. So, using the software, you can quickly get information about places of interest, location or other information from a photo, and from a snapshot of a bar code or label you can learn about a product. Among the options present and add to the phone book data from business cards.


The software is available for download in the app stores for iOS and Android, it serves the same purpose as Google Googles. CamFind software product identifies known places and objects, products by barcodes, QR codes, images, and then gives results for them. The application is more focused on product search and is able to find online stores where you can purchase the desired objects. To find out what an element is, you need to take a photo of it and wait until the identification procedure takes place, and then be satisfied with the result. The CamFind application also offers a speech recognition option, but not oriented to the Russian-speaking public, so its use requires clear English, French pronunciation, etc.


Users of the Yandex application can easily search for a picture from an iPhone or Android device using directly this software or Alice from Yandex. You can do it this way:

  • In Yandex or Alice, click on the icon in the form of a camera;
  • Take a picture or load an image from a smartphone by clicking on the icon in the form of four windows;
  • Get the data for the picture.

Owners of Android-based smartphones can also use easy-to-use Search by Image or Image Search applications, while apple users can use Veracity or Reversee.

If there is no desire, time to put software on the device, I don’t want to work with browsers, then there is an excellent alternative in the form of the TineEye service, whose task is to search for images. The interface is English-speaking, but simple enough for the user to understand, not owning the language - the search is performed by analogy with Yandex and Google. The service will be able to find graphics based on the contents of the file, search filtering is available, and you can use the whole picture or its fragment to request. The results will contain variations of the desired image and links to resources where this content is available.

For whatever reason, you do not need to search for a picture, be it a need for unique pictures, better resolution, finding out what object is depicted, checking your photos for illegal use or exposing a fake character from social networks, using the services will not be difficult even for an advanced user. Choosing the right tool for your purposes is, above all, a matter of preference. The functionality of each of the services allows you to search for a picture for different tasks and among the many suggestions the user can choose any convenient way to carry out his plan.