Computer Optimization with Reg Organizer

The Windows registry is the "heart" of the system. It stores all the data on the installed programs and many of their settings, as well as the parameters of the system itself. This is the database that Windows constantly accesses, reads from it, or writes new data. The registry itself is relatively small, but consists of a huge number of records, which are grouped by branch, which, in turn, are divided into small groups by purpose. The entire registry is stored on disk, as regular files, and is also fragmented. Since the system accesses it constantly, the search for information scattered across different files in different parts of the hard drive slows down the computer as a whole. In addition, the registry itself may contain a lot of "junk" entries that are left from remote programs, and the entries may be erroneous, which disrupts the operation of applications, up to the impossibility of their work. Thus, registry clogging with unnecessary and erroneous entries and its fragmentation affect the operation of many applications, while slowing down the system as a whole. And Windows does not have built-in tools to solve this problem, so you have to use special utilities.

Method of computer optimization program Reg Organizer.

Reg Organizer features

What is Reg Organizer? This is just such a utility that brings the registry into a normal form, defragments it, assembles the disparate parts into one, removes the extra entries in it and fixes the erroneous ones. After that, the health of the system is significantly improved. What else does Reg Organizer need? It allows you to easily disable applications that run with the system, thereby significantly reducing load time and reduce memory consumption. It can delete programs, moreover, completely, cleaning all their traces, including registry entries — with a normal deletion, a lot of garbage remains, even folders and files remain. You can also fine tune Windows to your needs. All parameters are in the registry, but looking at it, it is difficult to find something in it. Reg Organizer presents all parameters in a convenient way, and you can easily change something. It is very easy to use the utility. It has a clear and simple interface that any ordinary user will understand.

How to use the program

It is very easy to use the utility; any person with computer skills can handle it. When it starts, it immediately starts an express check of the system and displays the results - how many unnecessary files and unused data are found, and how much disk space they occupy. It will also show which startup programs can be disabled for optimal performance. If Windows is used for a long time, gigabytes of excess garbage will be found, which can be removed and free up disk space. Note, this will also clear the registry entries related to these files, that is, the system will be much easier. You can download the utility from the site, it has a very small size (// It is very simple to install it - just run the downloaded file and follow the instructions. After the launch and initial analysis of the system it is useful to go through the tabs located in the left part of the program window. There are such tabs:

  • Cleaning the system - here you can clean up temporary folders, outdated driver files, files left after installing Windows, logs, recycle bin, system cache and browsers. You can choose full or partial cleaning.
  • Cleaning private data - in this section, Reg Organizer will find all the files - cookies in browsers, and cached data from different programs, and offer to delete them. You can also select all or part of the data.
  • Registry Optimization - in this section, the utility checks the registry and brings it to its optimal state. After that, you need to restart your computer to see the changes.

  • Autostart programs - the list shows all programs that run when the system boots. Here you can delete or disable them, as well as set a delay so that all programs are not loaded at the same time and do not slow down the entire system.
  • Remove programs - this window is designed to remove any of the installed programs. This removes them completely. It happens that the program is in the list, although it has already been deleted, then the utility can be suggested to get rid of its traces - files and registry entries.
  • Tweaks - this section has an extensive list of Windows settings, grouped on several tabs by purpose. All of them can be changed. For example, you can turn off the sound at system startup, change some interface settings, and much more.

In addition, the utility adds another convenience - when you right-click on the shortcut of any program, the “Delete completely with Reg Organizer” item appears in the menu. You do not need to go to the control panel or do some extra movements.

Alternative programs

Analogues of Reg Organizer are many. Almost any application to optimize the system has similar functions, although few of them, when uninstalling, clean up the remnants of applications - here Reg Organizer has very few competitors. We list the main analogues, the most famous and popular:

  • AVG PC TuneUP - a whole combine, constantly monitoring the state of the system. Conducts maintenance independently, maintaining maximum performance.
  • Advanced System Care - literally in one click solves all questions on optimizing Windows.
  • Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​is one of the most popular optimizers recommended for home computers. Differs in simplicity and efficiency.
  • Auslogics Registry Cleaner is a functional application that can bring the registry to a perfect view. One of the few distributed for free.
  • Wise Registry Cleaner - Independently identifies errors in the registry and tells you which patches are safe and which can cause problems. Distributed for free.

There are a lot of such utilities, but Reg Organizer’s difference is that it combines almost all the necessary tools, while others can have only a part of them.

How to remove Reg Organizer

There are no problems with how to remove Reg Organizer from the computer completely. To do this, it is enough to perform the usual actions - go to the control panel, select the "Programs and components" item, find the utility in the list and select the deletion. You can also go to the folder where Reg Organizer is installed - it is called that, find the Uninstall.exe file there and launch it. Further removal will occur automatically. Moreover, you can simply run this utility, select “Uninstall a program” in it, find it in the list and select “Uninstall”. She will remove herself.