Ways to convert HEIC images to JPG

In mobile devices, the urgent need is to save memory resources. Even if its volume is quite decent at first glance, the better the camera, for example, the higher the quality of the pictures / videos, the greater their “weight”, and now it turns out that 32 and 64 GB is not so much. And if the Android storage can be expanded with a microflash, the iPhone deprives users of this opportunity. But the last developers came up with their own photo format - heic, which compresses images without loss of quality, but is displayed only on Apple’s “native” devices, which makes us think about how to convert it to jpg. There are several conversion methods:

  • using a special online program;
  • through the application requiring installation;
  • by downloading and then downloading photos from social networks.

Ways to convert HEIC images to JPG.

Online converter

There are a lot of services that offer the service of converting photos from heic to jpg and jpeg. To find them, you just need to make the corresponding request in the browser line. Choose a resource that can process images in batches, that is, several pieces at a time. How to use the online converter:

  1. Reset the photo on the PC to a separate folder (to do this, connect the iPhone to the PC and select “Import photo and video” in the window that appears).
  2. Open the site.
  3. On any of them, regardless of your choice, there will be a button “Add files from computer” or “Upload” or Upload Photo, if the resource is English-language.
  4. Select your folder and wait until all files have been downloaded.
  5. Click "Convert" or "Convert" or another button where you are offered to change the format.
  6. Select the output extension: jpg or jpeg.
  7. Confirm the conversion.
  8. Download ready photos.

Some converters offer additional services: compression, correction, framing, etc. You can choose something from the offer, but remember that compression implies a loss of quality. The disadvantage of this method is that the processing speed directly depends on the good work of the Internet. If you have problems with the connection, the batch conversion will be delayed for hours.

Installed application

On iPhone, you can install a special iMazing converter application and convert heic to jpg before transferring photos to a PC running Windows. When you open the application, prompts will appear that need to be done, the scheme is as follows:

  1. You select multiple photos and upload to the app.
  2. Check that the jpg is specified in the Format line (if you select png, you will avoid quality loss).
  3. Nearby there will be a small mark “Save EXIF ​​data”. This option allows you to save all the preliminary settings of the camera, thanks to which the photo acquired one or another form: brightness, temperature, balance, and so on.
  4. And then you need to adjust the quality of the output images. Of course, the higher it is, the more photos will “weigh”. Consider the memory capacity of your device.
  5. Now click OK or Convert and wait for the result.

Conversion through social networks

If your phone’s iOS and computer’s OS are in no way willing to sync even through iTunes, or you don’t have the opportunity to use one of the above methods, there’s still a good option. When you publish a photo on social networks, it is transferred to jpg automatically, and you can open your page from any device. To speed up the process of downloading and downloading, it is better to use Facebook or Vkontakte. We proceed as follows:

  • We create a closed album (at this stage you will be offered to choose who can view it, set “Only I”) and load all the desired photos there.
  • Turn on the PC. If you use the Yandex browser, go to the Add-ons tab and select Savefrom.net and enable it. Open the page in the social network where you created the album - the arrow “Download” will appear directly on its cover. Click the icon and the entire folder will be loaded entirely.

  • If you have a Google Chrome browser, then Savefrom.net will have to be downloaded to the PC from the official site (it's free). Download, install and go to the album. The arrows, as in the previous case, will not, but you can copy the link (just copy to the album itself, and not to a separate photo), open the program and paste it there. All images are already converted.

Of course, with this method you can lose some of the effects that were in the original format, but you will not have to suffer with the synchronization of the iPhone and PC. This method is not suitable for Odnoklassniki and Instagram - the photos will be downloaded, but only one at a time, which is very inconvenient when there are a lot of them.