Correction of the error "The entry point to the procedure Ucrtbase Terminate was not found in the dll library"

If you often work in graphic editors, architectural programs, are actively playing strategy and action games, you may encounter a situation where the message appears when launching or installing them: “The entry point to the Ucrtbase Terminate procedure was not found in the dll library”. It is impossible to use the program further - the window with an error strongly reminds of itself. Is it possible to get rid of it and how to do it, read on.

Error correction technique The entry point to the ucrtbase terminate procedure was not found in the dll library.

The reasons for the lack of entry points to the procedure Ucrtbase Terminate

The entry point to the procedure called Ucrtbase Terminate may be missing for various reasons (in order of greatest probability):

  1. Poor installation package - it lacks important elements.
  2. You downloaded a 64-bit program instead of a 32-bit program or vice versa.
  3. During the download, the Internet was disconnected, and the output archive was damaged.
  4. The system crashed.
  5. Anti-Virus considered the program or its elements unsafe, and “frozen” them.
  6. The PC itself has become a victim of malware and acts inadequately.
  7. The PC does not satisfy the program requests: not enough memory, a weak video card, etc.

If you downloaded a dubious version of the program: with a crack, patch, unlicensed crack, etc., then most likely the problem is in the installation package itself - you simply forgot to add the necessary components to it.

Error recovery methods

If you are in doubt about the quality of the archive with installation files, first of all try downloading the distribution package from another resource (preferably from the official one) and reinstalling. If you have a paid version, you can write to the support team, but first consider the following options:

  1. Restart the system while holding Shift. You will see a blue window with a suggestion to choose an action - we are interested in the items “Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting” - “Advanced” - “Safe Mode”. Try to run the software. Good luck indicates that the problem lies in the application, and if Ucrtbase Terminate is still not found, this indicates a system failure.

  2. Scan your PC with an antivirus, you may find among the files that are proposed to send to quarantine, elements of the problem program. Look in the System32 folder (“Computer” - “Disk C”) and find the component that manages the OS memory, kernel32.dll. Pay attention to the file format - it should belong to the dynamic link library, but not the executable category (.exe). If a format replacement has occurred, the item is infected.
  3. Check if it's time to update the video card drivers. To do this, you can go to the "Update Center" and search for the corresponding notification or in the "Device Manager" ("Windows Search" - "Control Panel" - "Large Icons") and right-click on the name of the adapter.

  4. Click Win + R and type in “cmd” (without quotes). In the window that appears, you need to enter the command "sfc / scannow" + "Enter". Wait until the system utility finds and fixes errors.
  5. It is also worth checking the status of the hard drive. Again we get to the “Command Line”, but this time we give another task: “chkdsk C: / f / r”.

  6. Re-read the program's requirements for computer resources and verify them carefully.