Error "Dxgi.dll was not found": the cause of the occurrence and solutions to the problem

Every lover of computer games sooner or later, but encountered problems when installing or running a game, which in most cases are accompanied by errors of missing dll files. Most users have a general idea of ​​such files and understand that these components of the operating system are extremely important for the normal functioning of the software, and first of all this importance extends to gaming products. About one of the errors in this category, which often manifests itself when installing a game called “PUGB” and has the text accompaniment “Cannot find dxgi.dll” (Dxgi.dll was not found) or “The program cannot be started because dxgi.dll is missing on computer ", and will be discussed in this article.

Methods for resolving the "Dxgi.dll was not found" error.

Causes and Solutions

Already based on the name of the error itself, it is possible to draw logical conclusions about the causes of its occurrence. In fact, there are only a few reasons for this: the first one is the actual absence of the file, the second one is the damaged file, the third one has a copy on the computer that interferes with the normal work or game. And taking into account the reasons indicated, one should start searching for solutions.

Method 1

We should start with the third reason, since this is the simplest and innocuous option, but very effective in situations with the above-mentioned game “PUGB”, which will be considered as an example:

  • The error occurs when the application starts when the download of “BattleEye” starts and before the immediate occurrence of the problem in question, a message appears with the text “locked loading file steamapps \ common \ PUBG \ TslGame \ Win64 \ dxgi.dll”;
  • The reasons, as they say, on the face. Go to the specified folder and transfer the file "dxgi.dll" to another folder;
  • Start the game and test its performance.

It should be understood that if the installed game has its own copies of the executable library files, then it will be addressed to it, and not to the main version, which is located in the system folders. This solution can be used in all similar problems, in most cases, such actions are enough.

Method 2

The second method involves eliminating the first and second reasons based on the update of the main software, of which “dxgi.dll” is a part. The main package is “DirectX”, which is an essential component for the normal functioning of all old and modern games. But there are situations when this software is installed by a user with a particular game, where this package is integrated into the installer, but the files it contains do not always have the latest version. Based on the above assumption, carry out the following sequence of actions:

  • Visit Microsoft's official website and go to the Download Center - Security and Optimization Tools or click on the following link ;
  • Run the download of the web installer and run it;
  • Use the familiar installation wizard and pay attention to the proposed additional software options, and if there is no need to install them, uncheck them;
  • The installer will automatically take all necessary steps to find the missing components and fix the problems.


There are several reasons and options that have incomparably smaller distribution, but still may be relevant.

  1. Antivirus software, including standard operating system tools, blocked or removed "dxgi.dll". Therefore, try disabling them and reinstalling the game or program.

  2. The latest installed software drivers are bugs or are poorly optimized. With such a development, you should return to the previous version of the driver by manually installing it or rolling back the system configuration until the update.


In fact, these are all common options available in the arsenal, and if none of the above have brought the expected fruits, then some individual reasons are possible, for example, a “broken repack”, since it is the pirated software that is most often affected by various kinds of problems.