Mode “Invisible” VKontakte

VKontakte is one of the most popular social networks, covering a wide audience of Internet users. In VK, you can chat with friends, create and join communities, listen to music, upload photos, and even make money on advertising sales. Sometimes you need to hide online status on your page. The function with which this can be done can be found in many social networks. This article will discuss how to enable Invisible in VK.

How to enable stealth mode in VKontakte.

What is the mode "Invisible" VKontakte

Invisible mode - this option allows you to use all the functions of the application, but for all friends from the list you will be in offline status, because You do not want to get in touch with them right now. This feature is quite useful, for example, when you want to just look through the tape of records and listen to music, but you do not feel the need to communicate now. Let's take a closer look at how to enable this interesting feature.

How to connect it to a computer

Of course, that there is not one way how to make Invisible in VK. We describe each of them.

  1. This is probably one of the easiest ways to make your profile invisible on your PC. To get started, go to My Messages. Without doing anything, stay on this page for 15 minutes. After this time, your account becomes offline (you can check it with another device).
TIP. It is worth noting the disadvantage of this method. If you go to your page or your friend's page, then the status “offline” will immediately change to “online”. Therefore, you can only view the tape, listen to music, watch videos.

It is not necessary to wait 15 minutes to get the Invisible. You can bookmark a link to VKontakte, but so that it directs you not to your profile or to the main page. For example, the link may be in the form Clicking on this link from the bookmarks, the account will again go into offline mode. Sometimes this trick may not work, as the administrators of the social network carefully eliminate all security gaps.

  1. You can also become invisible with the help of privacy settings in VK. You can make the profile closed: your profile will be available for viewing only to friends. To do this, go to Settings - Privacy - Other - Profile type - Closed.

You can also select the item "Only friends" near the parameter "Who can view my page." Unauthorized users will only see "The page is closed by privacy settings."

  1. You can log in to VK via Invisible by using various programs on your computer. The most popular of them is VkLife. The program can be installed from the official site. It has a special script that is able to hide all your actions.
IMPORTANT. Do not install programs with dubious reviews and that are located on unsafe domains. In addition, in no case do not indicate on these sites your real username and password, as your account may be hacked.
  1. There is one special method for creating an invisible account in the Opera browser. To get started, go to Settings - Advanced (Advanced). Open the Network tab and uncheck "Enable automatic redirection". After that, log into the VC using your username and password. An error will appear on the screen that you should not fear. Then go to any section except your page. Return to the network settings of the Opera browser and restore the checkbox "Enable automatic redirection".
  2. The following method is suitable for people who prefer to sit in the Mozilla Firefox browser. First you need to open the settings. This can be done by entering the about: config command in the address bar. Click Enter and select Filter. Enter network.http.redirection-limit in the field and wait for the parameter to open. Set the forwarding parameter to 0. Next, you need to follow the instructions described in paragraph 4, dedicated to the Internet browser Opera.

How to be invisible VKontakte with Android

A huge number of users use the VC application on the phone. Therefore, you should understand how to hide the status of online VKontakte in the mobile program.

  1. You can become invisible in VK using a program like Kate Mobile. You can set the desired function in it. To activate it, go to Application Settings - Online - If possible, be offline. Kate Mobile is very popular among users, as the service is not only convenient, but also fast and reliable.

As described earlier, in the mobile application you can make the profile closed and change the privacy settings in the same way as on the computer.

Thus, we have dealt with a feature such as Invisible Mode. It is quite useful, but there are not so many safe methods by which it can be activated. Do not forget about security: do not specify your personal data on dubious services. If you have any questions on the topic, then ask them in the comments.