Folder "Inetpub": appointment and removal process

Any operating system, especially Windows 10, contains a huge number of different folders that are scattered throughout the computer. Some, like, for example, “system32” are well known to many users, as they are constantly used in work, and some are simply unknown, and for some time remain a mystery to many. In this article, as is already clear from its title, we will discuss one of these “dark horses” called “Inetpub”, which often raises certain questions, including those concerning its harmless removal.

The process of deleting the Inetpub folder in Windows.

Assign and delete

So, "Inetpub" is a directory / folder that is directly related to the standard service "Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)", which is a proprietary network software and HTTP-server. In simpler terms, Inetpub contains a “tree of folders” that are necessary for the normal operation of Microsoft servers, for example, “http” or “ftp”. Based on this, it is possible to make a logical conclusion that the folder in question appears only after the activation of the above-mentioned service, and in most cases it is initiated with the sanctions of the user himself. Therefore, if this functionality is not planned to be used, then the “Inetpub” directory is unnecessary.


Despite the point application, even the absence of the desire to use it does not allow for instant deletion, since trivial attempts to send the catalog to the Recycle Bin will only lead to the error “No access to the folder, you need permission to perform this operation. Request permission from the system to change this folder. " That is why it is required to carry out several additional manipulations and deactivate the work of the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) service itself, after which the deletion itself will become available. And this is done as follows:

  • Click "Start" and open the alphabetical list and sort it by the letter "C";
  • In the results found, select the folder “System-Windows” - “Control Panel”;
  • Further among all categories, select "Programs and Components" and pay attention to the subsection "Switching Windows Components On and Off";

  • In the "Windows Components" window that opens, find the line "IIS" and expand it;
  • Remove all active checkboxes from it and click on the “OK” button;

  • To save changes, restart the computer;
  • It will only be necessary to repeat the deletion of the “Inetpub” folder, if it has not disappeared automatically.

Possible difficulties

It is necessary to understand that one way or another, but the above service is in a certain way connected with others, and these circumstances can lead to the fact that after the removal of the directory in question, users may experience difficulties with the correctness of the network connection. For example, "Blocking access to some network resources." The problematics of such a situation are not directly related to the IIS service, but may be due to the operation of the software that uses this service for its operation. The first thing to look at is the correctness of the addresses specified in the “hosts”, since some software “got into the habit” of making its own changes to it.

It is located in “C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc” and, by default, its content ends on the line “ Localhost”.

Accordingly, if there are any other addresses after these values, then access to them will be blocked.