How to fix hang Windows Explorer when you right-click

Any problems with freezing the operating system always cause certain questions to users, and in the absence of some structured minimal knowledge about the principle of the computer, not only questions appear, but also rash steps to eliminate the possible causes of such an unstable device. And the well-known popular thought “Don't know, do not bother, you will only make it worse” is revealed in such situations to the full. In this article, the situation in which Windows Explorer constantly freezes when you right-click on it and also provides a way to fix this problem without “blowing an elephant out of a fly” will be analyzed.

How to solve the problem hang Windows Explorer.

Cause and solution

In fact, there is one reason for the occurrence of the situation in question and it is the incorrect operation of third-party applications or system components. And it is based on this that the search for a solution should begin.

Option 1, it is the easiest and banal. Its use is justified in cases where the conductor began to falter after installing any software. This can happen due to the fact that most of the software for their work introduces individual extensions to the "Explorer", and sometimes it is not only an inactive menu item, but a full-fledged module that is automatically loaded at the time of right-clicking. Therefore, if you know the date of installation of the problem software, then simply roll back the system until it is installed, and this is done as follows:

  • Open "Control Panel" ("Start" - "All Applications" - "System Tools") - "All Control Panel Elements" - "Restore";

  • Select the “System Restore” line and confirm the action with administrator privileges;

  • In the window that opens, check the box “Select another restore point”;

  • The recovery wizard will display all available points that were created manually by the user or automatically by the system when performing any manipulations related to changes in the normal operation of the OS;
  • Select the date you need and click "Next".

The computer will automatically restart. Wait for the restoration and do not turn off the power to the computer. After the restoration, check the operation of the explorer and, if necessary, repeat the above steps, only with a different point.

Option 2. It assumes two methods of execution, the first is implemented by the standard means of the operating system, the second - with the help of third-party specialized software. Immediately it is worth noting that the procedure is not complicated, regardless of the chosen methods.

Method 1:

  • Press the key combination "WIN + R" and enter the command "msconfig";
  • Go to the "Services" section and tick "Do not display Microsoft services";
  • Next, click "Disable All" to deactivate third-party services;
  • Go to the “Startup” tab and open the “Task Manager”;
  • All active items, regardless of the degree of influence on the OS, turn off;
  • Agree to reboot and wait for it to complete.

TIP. After switching on, check the operation of the Explorer, and if it works properly (and with 99% probability this will be the case), go back to the “System Configuration” (WIN + R) and gradually turn on the previously disabled services, and each time you turn on, check Conductor. Thus, the search method will find the “problem component of the system”.

Method 2:

  • The basis has the same structure as the method described above, except that its implementation will require third-party software called "ShellExView", you can download it from the official website of developers //, there you can download and crack;
  • Run the program and go to the “Settings” tab and check the box “Hide / show all Microsoft extensions” and in the line “Show 32-bit extensions”;
  • All that will be displayed in the program is the result of the work of third-party software, so you can safely select them and press the "F7" button (Deactivate the selected entries);
  • Then open “Settings” again and click on the line “Restart Explorer”;
  • Check the performance of the "Explorer";
  • If the result has not changed, you can double-check the extensions from Microsoft, which were hidden in the points described above.
  • If the result is successful, then with the same brute force method, check / find which extension causes the hang.


So, as you can see, the solution of the problem under consideration is not very complex, the main thing is deliberate actions that are aimed at a specific solution of the issues.