What is Windows avatar, how to change or delete it

When you turn on a computer or laptop running on Windows 10, an avatar image appears next to the user name. Replacing it or removing it is not so easy, because there are no buttons attached to it that allow you to handle it in one click.

Configure and use avatar in Windows.

What is an avatar and why is it needed in Windows

An avatar is a picture that users of social networks and forums set in addition to their name / nickname. This can be a personal photo, a character you like, a movie hero, etc., etc. Thus, the user becomes less impersonal. Windows also has a website with the ability to open discussions, and comments are accompanied by an image. It is also used for the account and is a means of personalizing the computer. Avatars are stored in a special Windows folder, which can be found along the path:

C: \ Users \ nickname user \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ AccountPictures.

It is also possible that the pictures are placed here:

C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ User \ AccountPictures.

If AppData is not detected, check in the settings if the system folders are hidden.

How to install or change avatar

By default, the avatar is a faceless silhouette of a stylized man, but, as you understand, you can set your own image.

  1. Type in “Search”: “Parameters” (or press Win + I, or open “Start” and click on the gear wheel icon).
  2. Here we are interested in the item "Accounts" and the tab "Personal data".
  3. In the window, you will immediately see the suggestion to change the avatar. You can make an instant photo on the webcam or pick up something from the ready. Depending on this, either the “Explorer” window or the camera will open.
  4. The selected photo is instantly downloaded, and the next time you turn on the computer, a new avatar will appear.

If you register on the Microsoft website, the image will automatically be installed there too, and it will be saved even if you buy another PC. All previous photos used as avatars are stored in the same folder, the path to which is specified above. You can also change the picture on the Microsoft website, but there is one problem - the old avatar will remain on the computer. Unfortunately, the developers have not yet fixed this problem.

Now let's look at how to change the avatar in Skype installed in the system.

  1. Open a dialog box - your name will be above them.
  2. Click the circle and see personal information, as well as a button with the ability to add photos.
  3. Select and download the right one.

You can also go directly to the Skype site and do the same.

How to remove windows avatar

The actual removal of an avatar in Windows 10 is a very complicated procedure. You can do it easier - change the picture to the standard outline of a man or something indefinite. This is done like this:

  1. Go to "Accounts" and "Personal Information".
  2. Try to add an avatar, wait for the “Explorer” to react and select the default picture offered to all users (for convenience, you can change the type of viewing to “Icons” to immediately notice it).
  3. Delete all other images in this folder.

If this method does not suit you for some reason, try the following:

  1. Again open the folder where the avatars are collected, find the file with your nickname and the extension .dat.
  2. Remove it.
  3. Click Win + R, type in “cmd” (without quotes) and click “Inter”.
  4. A “command line” will start, where you need to type “wmic useraccount get name, sid” (without quotes) and also click “Inter”.
  5. Delete the found folder as an administrator.
  6. Do not forget that the picture continues to be used on the Microsoft website - go there, open the profile and delete the avatar.

Now you see how difficult it is to remove the avatar in Windows 10, although the developers claim that they are doing everything possible for the convenience of users. In some cases, to fix the changes, it is not enough just to restart the computer - you need to log out of your Windows account and log in again.