Blue screen HpqKbFiltr.sys: what is it and how to get rid of it

Sometimes when you restart or turn on the PC, a blue screen appears with the inscription "BSOD" and a sad emoticon. This problem occurs with owners of computers and laptops from Hewlett Packard. Such an error is due to Windows updates: this fall, new packages were released, and the HP keyboard driver was unable to interact with them. Fortunately, the problem can be fixed.

How to eliminate blue screen HpqKbFiltr.sys.

Details about the file with name HpqKbFiltr.sys

HpqKbFiltr.sys is the HP Quick Launch Buttons software component, a keyboard filter driver associated with HP's quick launch buttons. These buttons allow you to use special function keys to select devices. HpqKbFiltr.sys is not an important Windows process and can be disabled if it interferes. HP Quick Launch Buttons are usually supplied as a pre-installed application on some Hewlett Packard notebooks and computers. The application modifies the Windows registry and runs with the system, which can reduce performance.

Driver HpqKbFiltr.sys Safe or Threat

In general, this file itself carries no danger. It is confirmed by the signature of "Microsoft" and is designed just to facilitate the work with the PC. But there are viruses that mask themselves. Look at the location of the file, it should be located along the path: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers. If this is not the case, then you are dealing with malware. This file often infects a “Modified MSIL / Arcdoor.AU worm”, which “starts” in the system after installing a program. Antiviruses do not always recognize it, referring to the "undesirable", but not harmful. You yourself can understand that HpqKbFiltr.sys is amazed if you notice the following:

  • spontaneously open and close windows;
  • the process began to load the system (you can check this in the “Task Manager”);
  • computer freezes;
  • The keyboard does not work well: it is late with displaying letters on the screen or skips them, does not respond to keystrokes, etc .;
  • other hidden processes are launched;
  • computer reboot for a long time.

You will need a special utility that removes such threats and fixes registry entries damaged by them. You may have to clean the registry several times and, of course, get rid of the program with which the virus has entered the computer. You may even need the help of a specialist or a complete reinstallation of the system, because getting rid of such a virus is quite difficult, there is a risk of accidentally damaging important files.

Wdf_violation_hpqkbfiltr.sys bug fix

  1. Restart your computer so that icons with a choice of commands appear on the blue screen. We are interested in “Additional parameters” - “Search and correction of errors” - “Parameters” - “Command line”.
  2. It fits: "ren C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ HpqKbFiltr.sys HpqKbFiltr.old" (without quotes).
  3. Now you can close it and turn off the computer, and then turn it on, and the problem screen will disappear.

Further down the right, locate the update notification icon and click on it or type in “Windows” search: “Update Center” -Enter. Here you need to find KB4468304 and install - this is a small amendment from Microsoft, which solves the file compatibility problem with the system. If initially there were no icons on the blue screen that allow you to select a command, then you can start “Windows” only via the boot disk (or USB flash drive). It does not matter what version of the system you will find - the main thing is to get to the “Command Line”, and then you can continue with the above. But note that in the specified path drive "C" is shown, and you may have another (for example, "A"). Do not forget to change the value before giving the command "command line".

If you did not find the update file, you can download it separately on the official Microsoft website.