Launch and setup live on Instagram

It is possible to broadcast live on the Instagram social network, save them and invite other people to participate to talk about something together. This article will discuss how to start and configure live TV.

Ways to live on Instagram.

What is a live broadcast

Live on Instagram is live streaming. Insta bloggers use this feature when they travel, draw, make long reviews for which the short video format in Stories is not suitable, answer questions and want to get feedback from the audience. You can connect other people to the conversation, for example, if the blog is educational, then experts are invited, and the public also sees and hears them. It does not require any special knowledge to configure the air and special equipment - enough phone and monopod, if the stability of the camera is important. Previously, the airs were available for viewing only a day, and then deleted, which meant a complete loss of the information presented and made many bloggers choose other broadcast formats. But in the last update, the function of saving the airs appeared: they can be downloaded to the “Gallery” and perezalivat, for example, in IGTV. Unfortunately, comments and likes still disappear - the developers have not yet taken this moment into account.

How to set up a broadcast

Now let's talk about how to run a live broadcast in your Instagram account:

  1. Open the app and click on the house icon in the bottom left corner.
  2. At the top will appear another icon stylized as a camera. Click on it to turn on the camera. Expand it to the desired position: you can show your own face or desktop, surroundings, etc. During the broadcast, you can switch between the front and rear camera.
  3. Below you see a tape with options: to go live, you need to select the appropriate caption and click on the "Live" button.

By default, if you didn’t set up privacy, the information that a broadcast was started will be sent as a notification to all your subscribers, and they will be able to join the viewing at any time, so do not worry that the broadcast will go unnoticed.

Nevertheless, it is worth thinking about how to make your live broadcast on Instagram an expected event if you want to gather a large audience: announce it in advance in publications and discuss a convenient time. When you start broadcasting, you can immediately mark in the comments the topic to which he is dedicated, so as not to be distracted by explanations for newcomers. How to fix a comment with the subject of discussion:

  1. Write it in the chat.
  2. Click on the text with your finger and hold.
  3. Choose Attach.

Now he will not “run away” from the tape, and everyone who joined will be able to read it. If your conversation is structured in such a way that feedback from the audience is not needed and even interferes, you can turn off this feature. How to remove comments:

  1. Next to the field to create a review, click on the icon with three dots.
  2. Select “Turn Off Comments”.

How to hide the air

If you want to conduct a closed live broadcast for a specific audience, then before starting the broadcast in the upper right, click on the cog wheel icon and select "Hide my stories from ...". Then select the people for whom viewing is not intended. This method is quite tedious when a blog is popular, so this setting does not help filter out the audience into large categories (for example, to conduct a paid broadcast and temporarily exclude some subscribers from viewing), it is rather a protection from a few unwanted viewers. They will not receive a notification about the broadcast, and if the settings were applied during the broadcast, they will see the message: “The broadcast is complete, thanks for watching”. If you previously hid your stories from some people, then until you remove the filter, they will not be able to watch your live broadcasts.

How to make a joint live broadcast on Instagram

As already mentioned, the broadcast can be carried out together: in order to join the live broadcast on Instagram, the viewer must click on the plate with the corresponding sentence, which always appears on the screen next to the comments. The author of the broadcast will receive a request, and when he confirms it, you will appear on the screen and get the opportunity to talk to the audience and the initiator of the broadcast. It is impossible to connect to some broadcasts: many people block requests, therefore it is better to first write to the author and ask for access.

And remember, if you want to save the broadcast not only for 24 hours, but also to download to the device’s memory, it should last no longer than an hour. When finished, click the Save button, select the internal memory or SD card and confirm the action by pressing Done. Now you can republish the broadcast if you want.