Socket as an important component of the computer: the purpose of the details, especially the choice

A personal computer is a familiar device for most people, presently present in virtually every home. Few users think about its technical properties, except for specialists and professional users, about what characteristics the device has, installed parts on a PC. Questions begin to appear when the device ceases to cope with the tasks, which requires its improvement and modernization. In this article we will talk about “sockets”, which occupy not the last position in computer performance, determine the possibility of updating to the required parameters, answer the question of many consumers, which socket to choose in 2018 so that its capabilities match the user's needs.

Socket selection rules.

Socket: what it is, its importance for the functioning of the PC

Most consumers, when selecting a new computer or upgrading an old model, are guided by super-power, technical parameters of the processor and the number of cores, which by default should predetermine the criteria for PC functionality. This position is correct, but not absolutely. If you understand the technical side of the computer's performance, a potential buyer of the device will have to face the phrases “motherboard” and “socket”. What is a motherboard, most people know or have a rough idea of ​​its value for the unit, but the concept of "socket" for many is unknown. The word "socket" refers to the computer field of terminology, the detail is an important component of the PC. On the practical side, the socket is a connector that is installed on the motherboard through which the device processor is connected. Sockets, like other components of the system, have different characteristics, if they do not match the processor, which acts as the "heart" of the computer, it is impossible to achieve the required PC performance.

When selecting components for a PC, it is important to consider not only the criteria of the processor, but also the characteristics of the connector installed on the motherboard. Some of them are already outdated by technical positions, others are distinguished by excellent performance with promising possibilities for further updating the computer. The modern market offers many varieties of this element of the system. Visually, the part is a rectangular platform with contacts and a latch on which the processor is installed, as well as special holes for fixing cooling elements. Consider further which socket is best to build a computer in 2018, so that its capabilities and performance fully satisfy the user's requirements.

The nuances of choice

Before answering which socket is better to install into the system, it is necessary to decide on the important components for the computer: the processor and the motherboard, the type of connector that the consumer needs will vary from the variety of which. In 2018, the flagship positions in the production of processors are occupied by two firms competing with each other: AMD and Intel. Each of the manufacturers supplies to the market of computer products sockets specially designed for processors of their brand. The models of connectors from these manufacturers differ both in technical parameters and visually:

  1. Parts from AMD have holes on the board designed for contacts, which are in the form of pins on the company's processors. Components from Intel are distinguished by the presence of contacts on the board, to which the processor of the company is connected due to the presence of specific openings in it.
  2. The processor is connected to the socket from Intel due to the presence of a latch on the board, and the AMD connector is attached by sliding the top plate relative to the bottom.
  3. The fan in the models of Intel are fixed in the holes, and the cooler from AMD is installed on a special frame.

As you can see, the models from well-known manufacturers differ technically, which excludes the possibility of their interchange. The question of which brand of socket is better for a computer is purely rhetorical, since each of the developers offers the consumer models, among which the consumer will be able to choose the part that suits his needs. It is worth repelling from the moment, what brand of processor you choose to install on your PC, after which you will need to select a motherboard and a socket for technical indicators. It is definitely necessary to abandon the models that are currently considered obsolete:

  1. Connectors labeled AM2 and AM2 + from the manufacturer AMD.
  2. Details LGA with serial numbers 2011, 1366, 1156 and 775 under the Intel brand.

The main condition for choosing the optimal socket is the further goals of the consumer, namely what tasks the PC will have to cope with in the future.

Best options

As already mentioned, it is almost impossible to answer the question unambiguously which socket is better for a PC, since everything depends on the criterion for what the device is being built. If a consumer needs an aggregate exclusively for office tasks, simple programs, then you should pay attention to Intel's LGA 1150 model or AM1, FM2 and FM2 + variants from AMD developer. Each of these models of connectors will perfectly cope with simple office tasks that do not require complex graphics solutions, authorizes work on the Internet, allows you to watch videos, even exploit simple games, but no more. The connectors of this class are already beginning to leave the market, since their peak of popularity has long passed - these models cannot be further improved, which, if desired, will modernize the device, the need to purchase new parts. The only advantage of these models is the price, which belongs to the category of budget, in comparison with the following details, designed to build powerful and productive computers.

The Intel LGA 1151 socket model will be better by criteria and technical capabilities. This connector is currently at the peak of popularity, considered to be the most in demand in the computer parts market, combining excellent quality, reasonable price and the possibility of assembling a rather productive computer device on this connector. Good reputation and the model AM3 + from the middle price category. At its base, you can assemble a powerful unit with an AMD processor, suitable for solving not only basic tasks, but also for games of the modern category. In this case, it all depends on the technical performance of the processor, which will be installed in the kit. If consumers are not interested in budget solutions, which socket is better in 2018, allowing them to forget about the need to upgrade their computer for a few years, then he should pay attention to LGA2011-v3 and AM4 from Intel and AMD, respectively. These connectors are positioned as the best at the present time socket options for assembling a professional or gaming computer.

Practical application of knowledge

The socket, although it determines the possibility of assembling a productive unit, is a part that, in a single version, does not solve the issue of device power. When we assemble a computer, installing components incompatible with each other, the minimum disappointment will be the failure to obtain the desired result, and the maximum - a complete failure in the functionality of the PC. If you want to update your old computer, it is important to take into account the parameters of the socket, which it can use to function and only after that select the appropriate connector and processor, are comparable. In a situation where it is planned to build a computer from scratch, it is imperative to decide on the choice of motherboard, and then select the processor under the slot installed on the adapter. If it is necessary to replace only the motherboard, it is necessary to select a model that is modified by a connector compatible with the existing processor. In addition, it is important to take into account the modification of the socket when an update needs on the computer of the fan, since incompatible details cannot be installed on one computer in practice.

Let's sum up

This article answers the question of what is a socket that interests people who are faced with the problem of choosing a computer or the need to upgrade it by installing modern parts. The review presents the best solutions to the problem of choosing a connector, depending on the needs of the PC user.

And one more tip: if you are not a professional, have only basic computer knowledge, it is better to consult before buying working parts for installation in a PC with experts who will help you to understand the details of the selection of components, will take care of their compatibility.