How to work in Avatan photo editor

Avatan is a simple photo editing application that provides many tools and graphics. The program allows you to easily retouch and edit images, adjust their settings, change the color palette, crop photos, improve their quality, remove imperfections of the face and skin, add headers and captions, change the color temperature and much, much more. There are many filters and effects that will help you change your favorite photos beyond recognition. In addition, using photos from your collection, you can create collages and slide shows. The application has a user-friendly interface designed specifically for the needs of each user. You can start editing images of any size and quality in a couple of clicks. To open a snapshot, click on the Plus button, which is located at the bottom of the screen.

Using Avatan photo editor.

In addition, you can take photos directly from the program using the camera button to the left of the “Plus”. The editor provides the function of integration with social networks. So you can import photos from Instagram and Facebook using direct links to images. The application provides access to a social mini-network that brings together users from all over the world. The best photos are posted on the main page. Avatan has many interesting editing options. It can be used as a simple retouching tool when you need to quickly edit a photo. If you are looking for a reliable and functional photo editor, then Avatan will be a really good choice.

A few words about the service

Avatan is used in parallel with social networks. This application is able to create unusual collages and share photos. Using the utility, you can create your own personal effects, and later use them on other photos. Features of the program:

  • Avatan is a social networking application that allows you to quickly edit photos.
  • Designed specifically for posting photos on social networking sites.
  • You can add stickers, stickers, frames, backgrounds and textures that are available in the application.
  • Interesting features, such as the function of adjusting the shape to change the shape of the body.

Beginning of work

When you start the application, the main screen opens, but which shows examples of using ready-made filters and program settings. The utility shop is also located here - right from the main screen, you can purchase favorite filters and masks for the editor. At the bottom of the screen there are two buttons - Add from Gallery (Plus) and Make Photo (camera icon). After selecting a photo, the editor is loaded directly, where the user has almost unlimited possibilities for adjusting appearance, makeup, lighting, and other parameters that are important for a high-quality selfie or panorama.

Overview of the interface and functionality Avatan plus

The application contains more than 50 art filters for professional photo processing. All you have to do is choose one of them; import the image from the phone gallery or take a photo using the built-in camera, and you will immediately get a finished picture with the selected filter. Colors, contrast, exposure and brightness are adjusted using the slider or manually. You also get a set of tools for removing red eyes, blemishes and wrinkles, all sorts of effects of applying cosmetics, teeth whitener, stickers, stickers and more. Avatan allows you to download 50 additional artistic filters and texture effects such as paper, glass, snow, blood, smoke, bokeh, etc. The final image can be sent directly from Avatan - with a link to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, or saved offline in your smartphone.


The Effects tab contains many styled filters and masks for blurring your favorite photos. Fill joyful pictures with bright colors of the rainbow with the help of hundreds of different color options.


This tab contains all your favorite cartoon stickers and stickers for the photo editor, which you can add to the photo, change the size, transparency, wipe or turn over.

Textures and Backgrounds

If you want to put special textures on a photo or blur the background, then in Avatan it is quite possible. Here you will find Bokeh, Broken glass, Glare and many other effects that will help retouch or cover up the background. Experiment by changing the degree and parameters of the overlay frames.


In the mobile versions of the application, this tab is missing. In the PC web interface here you can choose one of the many different frames. The first tab of photo editing is “Basics”. Here are the standard features of this software: auto-correct (magic lasso), cropping, rotation, exposure, color and sharpness. The purpose of the tools is clear by their name or icon. For example, to crop a photo, select the Crop tool in Avatan and select the area of ​​the photo that should remain. After confirming the action, you will receive a cropped photo. The "Rotate" function allows you to change the angle of the image, rotating it around an axis. For this purpose, a special slider for precise rotation and a 90 ° rotation button are provided.


On this tab you can view and evaluate the work of registered users. Get ideas for ideas, experiment and find your own style of unique photos.

How to load your objects

On the main screen of a browser application or utility for a smartphone, there are also buttons for adding photos from social networks. And this can be done not one by one, but all at once. Just do not get carried away - if the photos will be too much, the download will take some time.

Photo Editor Mode

Photo editor allows you to make of your photos and self true masterpieces. If you want to try yourself as a novice photographer, select the appropriate filters, adjust the exposure and exposure, and share your photos with other program users. So you not only can show your imagination and creativity, but also learn the opinion of such independent “experts” as you.

Photo editing

Mobile versions

How to install Avatan - Photo Editor Touch Up on PC:

  • Download the free BlueStacks PC emulator with the instructions listed on the site;
  • Once the download process is complete, double-click the file to start the installation;
  • In the first two steps of the installation program, click "Next";
  • on the next screen, click the Install button to start the final installation process, and then “Finish” immediately after its completion;
  • open the BlueStacks Android emulator via explorer or desktop shortcut;
  • activate your Google account by logging in - it will not take more than a couple of minutes;
  • The final step in installing a mobile application on a PC will be to go to Google Play via an Android emulator, where you need to find and download Avatan - Photo Editor Touch Up.

Avatan Photo Editor for Android is an easy-to-use, yet functional photo editor for smartphones and tablets based on the Android operating system. The application offers a huge set of tools that will turn your photos into works of art. You can use many different effects, filters, stickers, frames, retouching or collages, and much more. The program provides almost unlimited possibilities and helps you easily express yourself using all your imagination. With the help of the program you can quickly and easily edit any photo at any time, wherever you are. You do not have to sort the various settings or learn how to edit images. The program is ideal even for beginners and will make the process of editing images very simple and interesting.

Avatan application includes a large number of useful tools. For example, with it, you can remove wrinkles, red eyes and add blush, tan, whiten teeth, change the color of lips, eyes and hair, and much more. In addition, there is an auto-correction button. Just click on it and the program will do all the work for you. When editing a photo is finished, you can save it in your gadget's gallery or share it with friends or family through popular social networks.