Install, configure, remove 360 ​​Total Security antivirus

Today, every computer user has heard about virus threats and is worried about the security of their data. Moreover, many families now have several devices on any operating system - a desktop computer, laptop, smartphones and tablets. All of them need antivirus protection. The 360 ​​Total Security program is just one of the solutions to protect against malware. This is a product of the Chinese company Qihoo 360, but do not think that Chinese means bad. This antivirus is one of the best and most reliable. In addition, it is completely free and has versions for various systems - for Windows, Linux, Android. Users of Apple products are also not deprived of attention.

Install, configure and remove 360 ​​Total Security antivirus.

What is 360 Total Security?

In fact, this program is a whole combine that contains several independent blocks:

  • An antivirus that protects not only against malware on your computer, but also monitors the websites you visit and all downloaded files.
  • A firewall that monitors all communication channels and blocks all suspicious traffic.
  • Browser extensions for all common browser versions prevent visiting dangerous sites.
  • The sandbox allows the antivirus to launch a suspicious program in a special environment and check whether it performs any strange and dangerous actions.
  • Optimizer - this block analyzes files and programs and can disable unnecessary applications or clear a lot of disk space.

The anti-virus block itself consists of four separate engines - Avira, Bitdefender, QVMII, and the cloud cloud 360 Cloud. In addition, there is a System Repair repair engine, which can restore the system after a crushing attack. The first two antivirus engines are disabled by default, but you can easily enable them, and thereby greatly enhance protection.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many people doubt the anti-virus programs, which are crammed with a variety of tools. After all, they, in fact, are not needed, but the program from this becomes much more voluminous and loads the system more. But this does not apply to 360 Total Security - it is quite modest in size, and system resources are much more modest than most competitors. The presence of all modules makes this product popular among ordinary users - "housewives", because they just press one button to clean or speed up their computer. Reliable protection, minimum settings, ease of use and free of charge - precisely because of this 360 Total Security is becoming more and more common, especially on home computers.

Among the shortcomings, users say:

  • Antivirus may not respond to the threat with default settings. It is solved by turning on the Avira and Bitdefender engines, which are initially turned off.
  • Antivirus, on the contrary, is too paranoid behavior. For example, he may dislike a video card driver or some other. This infrequent phenomenon may depend on the specific configuration or settings of the program itself.

In general, nothing prevents to install this program and check it personally. Many people like it because of their unassumingness and take root for a long time.

Antivirus installation

Installing 360 Total Security is very simple, and anyone who has installed any program at least once can cope with it. You just need to download the file from the official site and run it. Further user intervention is minimal - the installer will only offer to choose the dad to install and the language. Before installing 360 Total Security, be sure to completely remove another antivirus, if it is available in the system. Otherwise they will start to clash and create a large load. System requirements for 360 Total Security are quite modest - 512 MB of RAM and a 1.6 GHz processor are enough for the antivirus. However, in fact, it is much more modest when running in the background - in memory it takes only a few dozen megabytes, and the system loads almost imperceptibly. For Windows, all versions from XP to 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit, are supported. However, when the system is scanned, the load noticeably increases, although then it decreases somewhat. But a full computer scan is troublesome for any antivirus, in principle, it takes almost all resources. Although 360 Total Security and here is not particularly voracious and can work effectively even on a weak computer.

Security Setup

Immediately after installation, the antivirus is ready to work and will offer to perform a full system scan and optimization. You can just agree and 360 Total Security will do everything automatically. You can refuse and do it all at a more convenient time. You can go to the Anti-Virus tab and connect another Avira and Bitdefender engines - they themselves belong to one of the best, and in combination provide excellent protection. But keep in mind that the load on the system and the consumption of resources will increase slightly. Among other settings in the “Basic” section, you can disable the display of the system load time — this information is of minor importance for the average user. Also, by default, the program does not respond to archives that are simply stored on disk, even if they contain viruses. Therefore, in the “Anti-Virus” section it is useful to enable “Check compressed files”. In the "Privacy" section you can enable the warning when you try to use the webcam - this will protect against unauthorized monitoring through it.

How to temporarily disable 360 ​​Total Security antivirus? To do this, you can simply click on the icon in the tray with the right mouse button and drag the slider to the “Off” position in the menu that appears. Disabling at the time of 360 Total Security can be done in a different way. Open the interface by clicking on the icon in the tray, and then click on the icon in the upper left corner with the inscription "Protection: on." The “Settings” button will appear on the right side - click on it, then “Disable protection” will be displayed below. You can enable the same.

Before you disable 360 ​​Total Security antivirus, consider leaving the system unprotected. Any malicious program at this time is left without control and can harm. However, if you turn off 360 Total Security for a short time and then turn it back on, it will scan and still detect malware.

How to remove 360 ​​Total Security antivirus

Sometimes it may be asked how to permanently remove 360 ​​Total Security from a computer. Although this antivirus provides good protection, such situations may arise:

  • Antivirus reacts aggressively to some programs, considering them infected. In fact, they can be safe, but use, for example, direct access to a disk or keyboard, which is considered a dangerous sign. Removing 360 Total Security and installing another antivirus may be the only option.
  • Need to install another antivirus. It is impossible to have several such programs at the same time, otherwise they will start a war against each other, taking a lot of resources.

Antivirus programs are not so easy to remove - they are specially protected from this, otherwise the virus could easily cope with them. Therefore, before you remove Total Security 360, go to the settings, on the “Basic” tab, and uncheck the “Enable active protection at system startup” option and the “Enable self-defense” option. After that it can be removed without problems. If this is not done, the system will show a message that you do not have enough rights to this action.

Then you can act in different ways:

  1. Go to the folder where the program is installed, and run the uninstall.exe file. This is a 360 Total Security removal utility written by the developers themselves, and it will do everything right.
  2. Go to the "Control Panel", select an antivirus in the list and click "Delete". The system will launch the same utility itself, so this is the same as the first method.
  3. Use some third-party uninstaller, for example, iObit Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller. These programs, after uninstalling the program, also find and delete a lot of residual files and registry entries that remain in the system.

If you use the first two methods, then after uninstalling, run the CCleaner utility, which also finds and removes residual information from 360 Total Security. In general, 360 Total Security is an excellent, and a free solution that provides good protection against various threats. But, in order for the antivirus to work as efficiently as possible, do not forget to update it in a timely manner. It is updated automatically, so all you have to do is periodically turn on the Internet on your computer.