Rating of keylogger applications for the Android operating system

“Spying on” in any of its manifestations always causes a lot of controversial issues and negative, especially from individuals who became objects of this, in fact, illegal interest of third parties. Unfortunately, modern realities and difficult, and sometimes even dangerous situations sometimes force one to go to extreme measures and become such a “cinematic agent of specials. services, ”and track the movement, personal correspondence, the history of requests, of a person. Of course, surveillance in itself is largely immoral, but sometimes people are not pushed for such measures by the desire to get other people's personal and personal data, but also the actual need and desire to protect their loved ones. To a greater extent, this applies to the younger generation and their parents, who are looking for any opportunity to monitor and control the life of their offspring. You can relate to this in different ways, but you really need to distinguish between the final intentions of the “spies” and compromise on the compromising data from the desire of the parent to protect their child. Taking into account the fact that a large part of modern life takes place in the information space, it is worth noting that the objects of "illegal interest" are mobile devices and personal (or work) computers. And it is about functional tools that allow you to implement the above motives, and will be discussed in this article.

Rating the best applications-keyloggers for Android.

General concepts and legality

So, it’s worth starting with the fact that any attempts to interfere in the private life of a person, even if this person is minor, are, in fact, illegal. Even in Russian judicial practice, there are cases in which a minor claimant has filed a statement against his parents accusing them of interfering with his personal life and viewing his personal SMS messages. Returning to the question of legality, it should be noted that the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation has a dedicated article number 138, which establishes responsibility for violating the secrecy of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraph or other messages, while the maximum sentence is imprisonment for up to 4 years old. Article 137 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation also speaks about the violation of constitutional law on the inadmissibility of interference with privacy Taking into account the provisions of both the Criminal Code and the Constitution of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to sensibly assess the possible consequences of the use of software that will be cited below, and understand that even for their non-commercial distribution criminal liability can occur (Article 138.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

Is this control in the workplace legal?

Many citizens working in offices and dealing with devices (computers, mobile phones), which are provided to him by the employer solely for the performance of his work duties, face the fact that each working device is equipped with certain types of software that track incoming and outgoing Internet traffic, as well as "outlines" all actions performed by the user on a computer or phone. At first glance, given the above provisions of the Criminal Code, such control of the employer is illegal, but it is only at first glance. It is necessary to understand that the law in these articles protects the private / private life of every citizen and nothing more. That is, giving the employee their personal property, the employer has the right to control the procedure for its use, since it is issued not only to ensure the established work activity, but also to prevent the leakage of any corporate data.

And purely from a human point of view, an employee who earns wages, but instead of that, instead of his job duties, playing on a “foreign” (corporate) computer in video games is controlled for understandable reasons. Therefore, if the employer notified in writing when applying for a position (or later until the introduction of the control in question) that all work devices cannot be used for personal purposes and are equipped with special software to control this, then this situation does not violate the current legislation. And moreover, if a citizen violates this obligation and any personal data becomes known to the system administrator or the employer personally, they will not bear any responsibility, and the “negligent employee” himself may be brought to official responsibility (for example, a fine, deprivation of the premium, dismissal), in accordance with internal local regulatory acts.

Top 3 Keylogger Software

Leaving the difficult question of legality, you should go to the main topic of this article - these are the best keyloggers for devices on the Android operating system. In order to begin any search for this specific software, it is necessary to determine the range of possibilities that are planned to be implemented on the victim’s mobile device. Almost always, users of keyloggers plan to intercept the following types of personal data:

  • sent and received SMS messages;
  • all textual information entries in messages, browser search queries, notes, journals, etc.
  • recording voice messages and recording telephone conversations;
  • device location;
  • receiving photos and video files taken by the camera of the phone or received via instant messengers, social networks, etc.

In fact, this is a regular set of functionality that plans to use these “spies”, which will be taken as a basis. But, for obvious reasons, this software should work in such a way that the user / owner of the phone or tablet could not detect the "wiretapping" and subsequently neutralize it. Therefore, any keylogger should:

  • install as quickly as possible with the least visible interference with the operating system, including, if possible, remotely;
  • work as seamlessly as possible. That is, it should be as inconspicuous as possible, work without notifications, not create any third-party shortcuts, etc.

In addition, a big plus is the ease of its use, for example, the reports received should be simple and clear.


Immediately it is worth noting that, taking into account all possible problems with the law, the developers of the software in question establish a certain price tag for their services, which, on average, starts at 1, 000 rubles. Free counterparts, basically, are only viral software that will unilaterally steal personal data. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them. Perhaps this is one of the most popular, but at the same time available options that work on modern versions of the Android operating system. Its key features should also include:

  • complete stealth for the target user;
  • no root rights are required;
  • management using a web panel with a convenient and intuitive interface;
  • tracking in “WhatsApp”, “Facebook”, “Snapchat”, “Instagram”, “WeChat”, “Skype”, “Viber” and many others;
  • real-time location tracking;
  • saving screenshots of the active screen in real time;
  • receiving call log (incoming and outgoing) with the provision of information about the subscriber and the duration of the conversation;
  • listening to calls and remote activation of the microphone to listen to ambient sounds;
  • saving search queries browsers.

Once again, it is worth repeating that the web control panel has a pleasant and clear design that provides its most simplified use. The average cost of "Spyzie" is $ 29.99, which is quite a reasonable price for the proposed functionality.


This is another leader of the segment in question from a fairly well-known developer, who has about the same cost (for the regular version) and a similar set of features. As well as the above-described “MSPY” version, it supports modern versions of the operating system and is constantly updated and maintained by the developer. Returning to the functional part, it can be noted that there are no significant differences between it and “Spyzie”, except that in the “MSPY” it is impossible to remotely activate the microphone to record ambient sounds. The main advantage, which is highlighted by all active users, is the simplicity of its use, achieved through both a clear interface, a detailed user manual, and around-the-clock technical support.


“FlexiSPY” monopolized almost all user interest for a long time, due to the fact that it was released as early as the beginning of the 21st century and there were no sound analogs in that and subsequent period. Now, the number of active users has significantly decreased, since its cost starts with more than $ 60 for the basic package, and for the Extreme version, you will have to part with $ 199 a month. The functionality is extensive and to some extent unique:

  • a set of basic capabilities for intercepting incoming and outgoing correspondence, recording telephone conversations and ambient sounds in real time;
  • access to the camera;
  • Russian-language support, but not a Russian-language interface;
  • view wallpaper and more than 100 different important and to some extent useless functions.

Summarizing a certain result, it can be noted that FlexiSPY is more suitable for widespread use in the regulation of the workflow, and not for one-time use, at least based on its value.


So, in conclusion, it is worthwhile to once again touch upon the key issue - this is the legality of using the above software. It should be understood that, in fact, even a simple purchase of these spies can already seriously affect your relationship with the law, since these actions can be regarded as preparation for committing a crime. Therefore, only mutual consent can to some extent guarantee that instead of listening to other people's calls, you will not find yourself in places that are not so remote.