Ways to disable and remove Alice from the computer

Alice is a voice assistant recently appeared on the market. We are grateful to this new product for the well-known Russian company Yandex. Initially, the service existed independently, but the developers decided to combine it with their software. Regardless of the widespread provision of services by the service, sometimes the user does not need them. On the methods of disabling or removing Alice and will be our article.

How to disable or delete Alice.

Where and how to turn on voice assistant Alice

To start working with this resource you will need:

  1. Enable Yandex browser.
  2. Click the purple button on the browser home page.

After that, your assistant Alice will open in a new tab. To work in voice mode, do one of the following:

  • Say: "Listen, Alice" or "Listen, Yandex."
  • Click on the service icon.

Alice has one peculiarity, to interact with an assistant, the web surfer does not have to be turned on, but when Yandex is removed from your device, the service will be erased along with it and no other removal methods exist yet.

How to use Alice

The software is created on the database that it receives from its user. The program identifies words and finds the necessary information on request. Typically, the answer is displayed in voice or text form, but if information on your question is not found, the assistant will open the Yandex page for further independent search. You can tailor the search engine for yourself using a number of settings.

  1. Turn off the launch with a voice so that Alice does not listen to you all the time.
  2. Disable answer playback by voice.
  3. Put the search button instead of the line to save free space on the screen.
  4. Manage files.
  5. Delete the dialogue with the application.

Following the proposed options, you set up an assistant for further productive work.

What can Alice do?

The main functions of this service are:

  1. Finds information.
  2. Track down files.
  3. Controls some functions of the computer.
  4. Monitors the situation on the road and paves the best way.
  5. Losing music.
  6. Talks on any topic.
  7. Opens many applications.
  8. Calls a taxi with a car finding your location.
  9. Competes with you in intellectual games.
  10. And many more handy options.

With such a companion your life will be easier and more rational. You simply do not need to think long about the choice of clothing for the weather and currency exchange rates.

Turn off Alice in Yandex browser

Remove this resource is very simple. There are different algorithms for disabling and completely removing Alice from the device. Option one: right-click on the program icon and in the settings tab click on “turn off”.

Standard removal from PC

The second solution to the problem (complete removal of the dispatcher) will take you a little longer to do this:

  1. Go to the control panel.
  2. Find the program section (uninstall programs).
  3. Choose a voice assistant Alice.
  4. Delete.

How to remove Yandex assistant

As a result, it is not difficult to remove the dispatcher Alice, but the creators still have one small flaw. The icon of the artificial mind itself cannot be removed from the interface, but rather it is a marketing move rather than an unintended error.

Using third-party software

Consider another interesting way to remove software using third-party programs (Uninstall tool, Revo Uninstaller, IObit Uninstaller, CCleaner). They all follow the same sequence:

  1. Choose a program that you want to get rid of.
  2. Right-click on the shortcut and click on the delete line.

CCleaner is the most popular utility to date among consumers, but other programs are distinguished by their abilities. For example, the platform IObit Uninstaller provides a month of free use.

How to configure the program on Android devices

If you want to use Alice not only on your PC, then the guide on using the voice assistant on your phone is elementary. Install the browser and click on the icon you already know. In order to make any adjustments, open the settings located in the web browser or in a dialogue with the “interlocutor”. You will increase your efficiency and organization, try to collaborate with an assistant and on your pocket device. Alice is an example of a bright modern advancement in the field of imitation of the human mind. This program assumes further development in the market. We will follow the development of electronic assistants technology, remaining loyal fans of such innovations. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments.