Check the performance of the Web-camera on a computer and laptop

Internet networks today are not only a source of information, but also provide large-scale opportunities for online communication. With the development of technology and the emergence of webcams, humanity has the opportunity to maintain contacts with friends and family not only in written format, but also through real communication, through speech and voice, with support for images through special applications and instant messengers. Modern computer devices, laptops, even tablets and phones support the ability to communicate in video format, through a built-in or connected camera. This article will tell you how to check if the webcam works on a PC or laptop.

Setting up a web-camera on a computer or laptop.

The need to test the performance of the device

The modern range of instant messengers and programs for communication is diverse, and the popularity of contacting via video link has been at the peak of popularity in recent years. Often the need to check the performance of a web-camera arises when it is first installed, upgraded system software, purchased and installed the device on a computer or after purchasing a new laptop. Most confident users of computer devices know that laptops have been modified by a web-camera from production, and to communicate via video communication on a computer, it is required to purchase an additional camera and connect it to the system. Of course, the easiest way to diagnose a camera is to make a video call to someone you know to check the connection, but this option is not acceptable for everyone, as few will like to look like a “loser” in the eyes of friends, be disgraced in some sense if the device is unstable or not functioning at all. Accordingly, the question of how to check the webcam on a laptop or an installed machine on a computer independently, without third-party help, is more than relevant for many users.

Effective options for diagnosing camera functionality

Checking the health of the web-camera is possible by several methods that are almost all similar for both PC and laptop. The user only needs to understand that the camera in the laptop is a built-in device, and must initially be configured to work, provided that a new or completely serviceable device is used. In laptops, the camera does not require additional settings; it should be automatically activated upon entering the program, implying the possibility of video communication. The situation with cameras for computers is slightly different: the consumer will initially have to buy a video device and connect it to a PC using a special cord through the connector provided for these purposes. Then the procedure for checking the video is identical for any computer devices. Consider the most popular methods that answer the question of how to check the operation of a webcam.

Software diagnostics options

Most often, computer programmers and computer technology professionals use software methods to test the performance of any device, which gives a 100% result. The case of camera diagnostics for video communication is no exception. To check the functionality of the device, it is enough to find the application responsible for its operation among the installed programs. To do this, go to "All Programs" through the "Start", find the desired utility, open it and check the functionality of the device. The application may have different names, depending on the version of the installed OS, but often it can be recognized visually by the camera icon. If the device is working properly, when you start the program, the user will be able to see the image that the camera “sees” at the time of opening, and the green indicator will light up, indicating that the device is active.

When the program for checking the webcam is not in the registry or the user cannot find it, you can diagnose it using any application that supports video chatting. The easiest way to do this is to use Skype, which is today considered the most popular and popular instant messenger. To check the webcam, just go to the "Settings" utility through the "Tools", go to the tab "Basic", where the user will have access to the tinctures of sound and video. When you open the "Video Setup" tab, the user, if the device is stable, will see the image from the camera.

Another effective method, how to check the web-camera, provides the possibility of VLC media player. This is a free and popular application used as a player on computers and laptops. You can check the camera by means of VLC by going through the “Media” tab to the “Open capture device” item. Next, in the “Capture Mode” line, you need to select the name of the camera and after a few seconds of waiting, an image from the video device should appear on the screen.

A reliable, one hundred percent result is a way to check a camera on a computer or laptop - its identification through a driver. To solve the problem, go to the “Device Manager” menu through the “Control Panel”, find the device in it and verify its operation. For this purpose, it is necessary to find the item “Image Processing Devices”, in the list of which you should select a video camera and open its properties with the right mouse button. The “General” item should display the state of the camera, with its standard functionality, the inscription “The device is working normally” will be installed. The absence of such an inscription predetermines the need for updating the driver, which can be done in the same menu in the “Driver” tab.

You can solve the problem of how to check a web-camera, not only through software manipulations, but also online using special services for testing.

Online Diagnostics

At present, checking the webcam online is popular, for which the user only needs to have access to the Internet and an inspected device. The popularity of this method lies in its simplicity and operational speed of obtaining a result without the need for special knowledge. You can find out if the device works on a computer or laptop through many online services, the most popular of which are sites such as //, //, // Web services are free, to diagnose a user, just go to the site, authorize his access to the inspected element and follow the program’s guidelines. The “web” testing sites operate in the device test mode using Flesh technology, which, using special algorithms, checks the sound and visual reproduction of the camera. The programs allow you to inspect the device in real time, as well as in a short time period to get a full report on its performance or malfunction with a description of the errors.

The specifics of the inspection of the camera on Windows 10

Often, computers running Windows OS rarely have problems with the functionality of utilities, applications, and removable or embedded devices, with the exception of the tenth, newest variation of a system that has multi-level privacy criteria. In "Windows 10" there are specific settings that determine the secrecy of information on the device, which, respectively, can cause problems with the functionality of the camera. The problem of how to check the webcam in Windows 10 is solved according to the instructions described above, however, if the video device does not reproduce the image, the cause in this case may not be a problem with the drivers or the malfunction of the camera, but its blocking by the system. To resolve this problem, the user needs to make changes to the system’s privacy settings according to the following algorithm:

  1. Go through the "Start" menu in the "Settings" tab.
  2. Go to the “Privacy” rubric, where a menu with a registry of applications will open, among which you will need to find the “Camera” item and open it.
  3. Check if there is permission to operate the device by the system. If not, then the system automatically perceives the camera as an unnecessary and unauthorized element, prohibiting its use.
  4. Solve the problem by changing the settings, allowing access to the webcam.

After these manipulations, the camera should begin to function in standard mode.

Let's sum up

A webcam is a built-in or plug-in element that is an integral component in the operation of computers, laptops and modern gadgets. Her performance determines the ability to communicate through special video chats with friends, acquaintances and relatives. A few years ago, this opportunity was simply mythical, but today you can “see” with your loved ones, regardless of the distance with them, through modern devices modified by cameras, provided the Internet is available and the installed utility. Such super capabilities of the camera determine its popularity, as well as the search for solutions to issues related to connecting and diagnosing the performance of a video device if problems arise with its functionality. This article describes simple methods of inspecting the camera, which even a “novice” can handle on its own. Choose the test method that is convenient for you, diagnose, customize and enjoy communication.