Top software for sorting photos on your computer

Currently, computer technology has saved us from having to store pictures in huge albums on the shelves. Now photos are stored in digital form, occupying gigabytes of hard drives of computers. A huge number of "New Folders" sometimes do not allow you to quickly find the right picture in the photo archive. We decided to talk about the best programs for sorting photos on a computer, thanks to which the search and viewing of images will be a pleasure.

TOP 7 best software for sorting photos on your computer.


This image viewer is lightweight and allows you to edit photos. IrfanView does not overload the system due to only the necessary options and simple design. The speed of the application makes it ideal for use on home PCs. Other benefits:

  • Ability to work with all image formats.
  • The function of adding audio and video files.
  • Convenience options for minor editing (removing red eyes, adding effects, etc.).
  • Batch move and convert files.
  • Slideshow in a convenient mode.
  • Clear interface.
  • Ability to take screenshots, trim photos.

In addition, the application is completely free.

Daminion 1.0 RC

This utility allows you to work with a database of images and organize photos on a computer. Daminion is designed on the principle of a catalog and saves images even when they are moved to another location. Pros:

  • Convenient display in the form of signed thumbnails.
  • A complete summary of each image (size, extension, exposure, etc.).
  • Various functions (pictures can be tagged, set a rating, add keywords, etc.).
  • The ability to supplement information about images and indicate the place, people on it, a category.
  • The presence of the fields "Client" or "Project", which is especially convenient for professional photographers.
  • Advanced search (the program searches not only by folders and shooting date, but also, for example, by used camera, geo-tag and other parameters).

Daminion is notable for stable performance even in the presence of huge catalogs of images.


This file manager allows you not only to organize photos on your computer, but also to convert them into any formats. A rich set of tools and user-friendly interface makes the application very popular. Main advantages:

  • A huge number of supported formats.
  • Powerful converter.
  • Ability to work with the scanner.
  • Easily create albums, directories, slideshows, and even HTML pages.
  • The ability to sort by date, weight, name, etc.
  • Clear and easy to use interface.

The program is free and suitable for both beginners and professionals in working with images. Batch editing and filter sets are greatly appreciated by many users.

IMatch 3.6

Despite the very unfinished appearance of the program, IMatch is still popular among users for several reasons. The main one is the ability to connect all sorts of scripts to the utility that are not in the basic version. This allows you to customize the application "by itself". Add-ons are available for download on the forum. Benefits:

  • Stability even when working with huge image catalogs.
  • Reminders about creating backups.
  • Convenient sorting of pictures.


About this image browser you probably heard. ACDSee has earned its popularity due to its speed, ease of use and a large number of printing options. In addition, the developers have focused on the interface: it is simple, clear and equipped with hints at all stages of work. The graphical editor has basic options: the imposition of effects, rotation, compression and other simple functions. Key features:

  • Large coverage formats.
  • High performance with low system requirements.
  • Ability to print and write files to media.
  • Convenient converter and editor.

This version of the program is free, but there is also a paid version with enhanced functionality.

MyPhotoIndex 1.24

MyPhotoIndex 1.24 has not so advanced functionality, however some advantages still make it popular. These include:

  • Open source code.
  • Simple interface and feature set.
  • Organization of directories for different parameters: tags, categories, rating, etc.
  • Frequently used tags are added by default when loaded into the database.
  • The ability to encrypt images and conveniently add them to sites and servers.


In addition to the basic options for viewing and correcting a snapshot, the utility has a very useful aspect of image recognition. The application scans the hard disk of the computer and allows you to manage all the files found in a very convenient form. The main advantages:

  • Easy to organize images.
  • Support for a large number of formats.
  • The ability to batch work with files.
  • The function of setting a password for albums and folders.
  • Clear interface.

Picasa is suitable for a regular user whose purpose is to clean up the volumes of photos, improve quality, create collages and other simple actions. Plus, the program is absolutely free.

We considered the most convenient, in our opinion, programs for organizing images. All of them differ in a set of options, and each user will be able to choose what he needs. And which application do you use?