Enable or remove Yandex.Dzen in a few steps

The popularity of Yandex is growing every year, the service creates more and more services and opportunities for users. One of the latest innovations is the Yandex.Den news feed. According to the developers' announcements, the service is designed to simplify the search on the Internet and allow you to see only interesting and useful publications. In fact, everything is a little different: the expansion is full of advertising, large blocks of not too useful information and significantly consumes system resources. We will tell you how to set up or remove a program quickly, not only from the Windows operating system, but also from smartphones and tablets.

Setting Yandex.DZen in different browsers.

What is Yandex.DZen

Yandex.Zen is an individual tape with recommendations, built into Yandex browser. The system personalizes the tape based on the sites that the user visits. Individual selection of material is based on the analysis of the content being read and viewed by the user. For example, if you often look for information about sports, the tape will automatically display news and articles on this topic without duplicating the information you have already seen.

TIP. Query analysis and search history does not identify the user. For the safety of the service do not worry.

The tape itself is vertical. The title of the recommended article is displayed at the bottom of the screen. To read it, just move it up. The Android system makes it possible to place the tape in the notification panel. The advantage of Zen is that the service gradually adapts itself to the user. Initially, unnecessary recommendations and news may seem annoying, but the more the system will recognize you, the more useful it will become. Settings allow you to adjust the displayed information and block unnecessary. The program is constantly being improved and finalized. However, for many users, it seems too intrusive. Consider how you can enable, configure and disable it.

Inclusion Methods

If you decide that the utility is useful and you want to use it, it will not be a problem to enable Yandex.Dzen. It is enough to install Yandex browser on a computer or smartphone, and Zen will automatically appear. If this does not happen, then perhaps the tape is simply turned off.

How to enable Zen on PC

  • Click on the "Menu" icon.
  • Open the settings tab.
  • Run "Appearance Settings".
  • We note "Show a tape of personal recommendations."
TIP. If there is no such item, then the matter may be in the updated browser interface. In this case, enable the new interface and re-enter the browser.

In some cases, initially you need to download browser updates. For this:

  • Open the "Menu".
  • We are looking for the item “About the browser” (may also be called “Advanced”, “About Yandex”, and the like).
  • Update with the appropriate button.

After restarting the program everything should work out.

Disconnect methods

If you decide that you do not want to personalize the tape and are ready to remove it from the PC screen, you need to carry out a series of activities to clean the browser.

How to remove Yandex.Dzen from the start page

  1. Open your browser settings.
  2. We are looking for the "Personal Recommendations" tab.
  3. Uncheck it.

How to remove an extension from a computer

  1. Remove all Yandex utilities.
  2. Clean the registry with any convenient program.
  3. Logout

Everything is quite simple, but each browser used has its own nuances. Consider in more detail where to click and what to do.

We delete from Yandex. Browser

To remove Zen from the Yandex browser, do the following:

  • We open the browser itself.
  • Find the menu "Settings".
  • Disable the function "Show Zen in a new tab."

Thus, the tape will turn off on the main page.

Disable in Chrome

You can disable Yandex.DZen in Google Chrome in approximately the same way as in the previous paragraph. The difference lies in some features. First, often personalized tape is installed in Chrome without the consent of the owner. Secondly, a simple shutdown will not be enough. Additionally, do the following:

  1. As in the case of the previous browser, disable all settings related to Zen in the menu item.
  2. We change the home page in the same panel.
  3. Go to the item "Extensions" and delete there all installed utilities associated with Yandex.
IMPORTANT. If you delete the "Visual masonry", then it will be impossible to restore them. We advise you to recheck manually and remove only what is necessary.

  1. Next, change the start page when adding new tabs. This can be done in the "Open at startup" tab and add the specified addresses in the corresponding item.
  2. You also need to remove the Yandex service from the specified search engines. To do this, delete everything from the search settings, except for Google. Click "Finish".
  3. We close the browser and delete Yandex from the taskbar using the base utility “Uninstall programs”.

Now you can restart Google Chrome and check if the problem remains.

We clean the Opera and Mozilla

The algorithm for disabling Zen in Opera and Mozile is identical, since the tape appears in these browsers only with the installation of visual bookmarks. Most often this happens automatically when downloading any software that adds bookmarks itself during installation.

TIP. To avoid such situations, remove all unnecessary checkmarks from the installation points.

Take the following measures:

  1. Open the "Settings" menu.
  2. As in the previous stages, we remove the mark from the point of personal recommendations.
  3. Disable or completely remove all unnecessary extensions. In the Mozilla browser, this can be done in the Advanced tab, and in Opera, the Extension Management.

You can also use a universal way - Adguard ad blocker.

We remove Zen on Android

It is much easier to remove an extension from a phone than from a PC. To do this, simply disable all Zen items in the settings of the Android or iOS browser.

As we see, to solve the problem is quite simple. If none of the methods helped, then you can simply reinstall the web browser. Do not forget after the measures taken to clean the registry for the normal functioning of the PC and prevent new problems. We hope this information helped you. If not, ask questions in the comments!