Install, disable and completely remove McAfee from Windows

Each computer running Windows should have an antivirus program, since most viruses are written specifically for this system, as the most common. And here the user has a huge choice - there are quite a lot of anti-virus programs in different configurations. One of the most popular and famous created by the American company McAfee.

Working with McAfee on Windows.

What is McAfee and how it appears on the computer

McAfee Antivirus is considered one of the most powerful and reliable. Although it is paid, it can be used for 30 days completely free - during this time you can decide whether to buy a license or not. This antivirus program is available in several versions, including there is McAfee Secutity for mobile devices on Android or iOS. For Windows, the best option would be McAfee Total Protection - this is a whole package of programs that protect your computer from both internal threats and external ones. Included is McAfee WebAdvisor - what is this program? This is just a browser extension that keeps track of which sites you visit. No, it does not keep statistics, but it checks these sites for security, and if there is a possibility that they have malicious code, then the antivirus will warn about the danger. To install this program yourself, just go to the official website (// and download the installation file. Run this installer, and it will download and install all the necessary components. Installing this antivirus is no more difficult than any other program.

Sometimes this antivirus appears on the computer itself. This happens when installing various programs, usually Adobe products, for example, Flash Player. Few people turn off the tick, which allows the installation of this antivirus just in passing. Such aggressive imposition of services still occurs, although less often than a couple of years ago. How to activate McAfee? 30 days, you can use the antivirus and without activation. If you already have a license, then during installation you will need to enter its number. In the process of work, the antivirus may put suspicious files in quarantine - a special storage. Since antiviruses also use heuristic algorithms that help recognize an unknown threat so far, harmless files can be mistakenly quarantined - this is the problem of all antiviruses, and not only that. Therefore, the question sometimes arises as to where the quarantine is located in McAfee.

Click on the antivirus icon in the tray, and it will maximize its window. At the top right there is a menu "Navigation", and in it the item "Functions". There you can find a list of isolated files under the item "Placed in quarantine". If you select the desired file and click "Restore", it will return to where it was deleted from. Files in quarantine are not physically deleted, they are simply removed from their place and transferred to a separate folder, but they can always be returned back, although there is a risk in this. The recovered file may be infected with a virus - the antivirus is quite rarely mistaken.

How to disable McAfee

It is very easy to install the program, but there are problems with how to disable McAfee on Windows. The fact is that the most “advanced” viruses first of all try to neutralize the antivirus so that it does not prevent them from making their own copies without hindrance and send some valuable data via the Internet. Therefore, antivirus programs are usually harder to disable or remove than regular ones - the developers specifically do this. You can disable McAfee only through the interface, like most other antiviruses:

  • Click the tray icon in the tray to open the program window.
  • Select the section "Protection against viruses and spyware."
  • Turn off the item "Real-time protection".

At that, a window will appear in which you need to choose how much the program is shutting down, since you can temporarily disable McAfee, after which it is activated again. If you need to disable the antivirus completely, then you need to go through the tabs "Scheduled scan", "Web protection and email protection", "Firewall", "Anti-spam" and there also turn off everything.

Disabling all the functions of the antivirus, you act at your own risk! Your computer becomes completely defenseless in front of any external threat, and your personal data that is on it can easily fall into the wrong hands. Since disabling McAfee anti-virus even opens the way for viruses for a while, try to at least disconnect your computer from the Internet, do not download files and do not visit any sites. The use of extraneous flash drives at this time also carries a greater threat.

How to remove McAfee from Windows 10 system completely

Before stopping on a specific program, any user will usually try different options. The same applies to antivirus software - someone likes McAfee more than someone like NOD32 or Kaspersky. Moreover, in Windows 10, this antivirus is installed by default, and you have to completely remove McAfee from your computer if you want to install something else. Make it not as easy as it seems. Yes, you need to use the usual way - go to the Control Panel and uninstall the antivirus, just like a regular program. If there are other modules in the list of programs named McAfee, they should also be selected and deleted one by one. But after that, many more traces of the presence of this antivirus will remain in the system. There will be entries in the registry and some files, and sometimes McAfee will still remind of itself.

You can, of course, find and delete it all manually, but such work requires some skill, and a regular PC user to edit the registry and delete system files is fraught with trouble. Therefore, we recommend that you simply use any utility to clean the system of unused files and other "garbage". CCleaner utility, which many already have, will perfectly cope with this. How to completely remove McAfee from Windows 7 or Windows 8? In the same way - uninstall and clean up the remnants of a special utility. Also act to remove McAfee from the laptop. After the complete removal of this product, if you do not plan to use it in the future, you need to take care of revoking the license. Since if you do not cancel the subscription to McAfee, then the money for it can be debited from the card, from the phone or in another way that was used to pay for the first time. The official website has phone numbers and other support contacts, including a toll-free number, 8-800. Call them or write an e-mail and explain that you want to terminate the license. The balance of money for the unused prepaid period should be returned within a few days.

Using built-in Windows features

As mentioned above, you can remove McAfee from your computer, including Windows 10, using the Control Panel and the "Uninstall Programs" item. But sometimes it does not work - a window appears with an error and nothing happens. Then repeat this in safe mode. To enter this mode, restart the computer and at the start of the operating system, press the F8 or Esc key. A menu appears in which to select "Safe Mode". When the system boots, remove the antivirus using the Control Panel. After that, open the explorer and go to the system drive - usually it is "Drive C". In the search bar, type the word McAfee and delete all the files and folders that are on this disk. Next, go to "My Computer", select the system dick, and right-click on it to bring up the menu. Select "Disk Properties" and then "Disk Cleanup". When the system scans the disk, select “Temporary files” for deletion and start cleaning. Everything, McAfee antivirus is completely removed, you can restart your computer in normal mode.

Using Revo Uninstaller

Utility Revo Uninstaller allows you to complete the removal of McAfee antivirus without any difficulties. This program can be downloaded from the official site (// - a free version will be enough. Install and run it.

  • When Revo Uninstaller scans the system and creates a list of installed programs, click on the icon that says “Uninstaller”.
  • Select the component with the name McAfee from the list and click the Delete icon.
  • If there are any other modules with this name in the list, repeat the deletion for each of them.

When the program starts the removal, it will ask you to select the mode of operation - select "Advanced." So you will be able to tick the box to search for all files of the program to be deleted and to clean them. The utility will scan all files on the disk and display a list. Click "Select All" and then "Delete." Complete removal with the search for all files may take several minutes, but there will be no trace left. After all, even temporary files can revive a seemingly remote antivirus to life.

Using Perfect Uninstaller

The Perfect Uninstaller utility is very similar to Revo Uninstaller and also serves for quick and clean removal of installed programs. But there is one advantage - it can even remove the program that is not removed by anything, but only displays a window with an access error. This happens when McAfee Antivirus itself is infected with a virus — it becomes impossible to remove it. But Perfect Uninstaller easily avoids all obstacles.

  • Download, install and run this utility.
  • When the Perfect Uninstaller starts and displays a list of installed programs, click the Force Uninstall button, that is, “force uninstall”, and then select McAfee.
  • Click the Next button to start the scan.

When Perfect Uninstaller completes the uninstall, restart the computer. The utility can work for a long time, as it searches for residual files in all folders on the hard drive, so be patient - it may take half an hour. Now you know how to remove McAfee from your computer in various ways, including special and very useful utilities. The fact is that this antivirus is not always installed by the user himself, and often he appears on the computer himself. And if the system already has another antivirus, then various problems and failures begin to occur. Therefore, it is necessary to delete it, moreover, completely, otherwise it may reappear.

Have you come across McAfee antivirus? What opinion do you have about him left? How did you delete it or keep it permanently? Share your opinion in the comments, it will be interesting to many of our readers.