Rating of the best cooling coasters for laptops: price and features

Laptops have already entered our lives, and, despite the fact that the market of gaming stationary computers is more relevant than ever, gaming laptops are gradually beginning to provide decent competition to their more eminent rivals. Modern devices of this category, due to their power, are necessarily supplied with an enhanced cooling system to ensure the safety and durability of gaming notebook components, as well as to ensure a comfortable level of use for the buyer. Older members of the mentioned category of electronic devices cannot boast of such stability, which after some time necessarily leads to overheating and reduced operating speed of the operating system and laptop as a whole. That is why users who prefer mobility are sometimes forced to purchase special cooling pads for their devices, which help to avoid overheating and “cool down” components of a laptop. In this article, we will talk about the best options for such pedestals on the world and Russian markets, as well as what you should pay attention to when choosing and how not to lose money with the purchase.

TOP 8 best cooling coasters for laptop.

Selection criteria

So, the market for the devices under consideration cannot be called huge, since, despite their use and availability, for some reason they are not in high demand. But even in this relatively small assortment there are several dozen worthy options that should be paid attention to. Below is a symbolic top-8 cooling pads, best proven in the user segment. But for starters, you should bring 5 basic criteria that you should definitely pay attention to when choosing and further buying:

  1. "Working diameter" is the maximum diagonal of the laptop, which is supported by a single stand;
  2. "The number and power of the fans" - the final result directly depends on this criterion - a decrease in temperature, but not always the quantity leads to a quality result;
  3. “Noise” - it is worth understanding and taking into account that a greater number of active fans will in any case lead to an increase in the emitted noise, but it should not go beyond the comfort frame. Therefore, if the laptop and the fan duet in the duet like two locomotives, this will definitely have a negative impact on their use;
  4. "Weight" - a significant weight will greatly reduce the mobility of the device, for which it is so valued. The weight should correspond to the capabilities declared by the manufacturers, but at the same time be cost-effective in terms of carrying.
  5. “Cost and price / quality ratio” - definitely for a really high-quality product, you can slightly overpay, but the price / quality ratio should be at an acceptable level. A 5-point scale will be used as an evaluation system.

Top 8

It is also worth explaining that the order of consideration of options is random and does not mean better quality before subsequent models.

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim

Perhaps the most popular brand in this category, which has long been a huge number of fans around the world due to its affordable prices and quality assortment. In addition, at present, Cooler Master has the most flexible matrix of goods offered, which can satisfy completely different price needs of customers. “NotePal X-Slim II” offers its users a slim body and a weight of only 530 grams, as well as the ability to adjust the slope, which allows using the laptop keyboard with the greatest convenience. The active cooling system, that is, the air flow is directed from the fan to the body (with the passive method, the opposite effect takes place), under certain circumstances reduces the temperature indicators by a dozen points (in the practical test the peak result was a decrease of 12 degrees), which for the category of devices considered solid result. The only significant drawback in the “NotePal X-Slim II” is the absence of a fan speed regulator, which causes some inconvenience when using it in a room with a low temperature. Otherwise, with a price of just over 1000 rubles, the NotePal X-Slim II is ideal for anyone looking for accessibility and quality. P / S. The presence or absence of illumination can not be counted as a plus or a minus, since they do not carry practical benefits.

"Cooler Master NotePal ErgoStand Lite"

Another worthy option from Cooler Master, which has three modifications (I / II / III). Due to the abundance of additional elements in the form of a tilt angle regulator, and also because of a ruggedized body, “NotePal ErgoStand Lite” weighs in the maximum configuration more than 1 kilogram. The presence of a 140 mm fan and speed controller from 700 to 1400 revolutions per minute allows you to set the optimal airflow in accordance with the needs and the external environment. Of the minuses can be noted only a lot of weight, which really will appeal to not all.

"Crown CMLS-k331"

Enough futuristic version with 5 active fans, speed control and blue, green or red backlight. "CMLS-k331" has seven tilt levels, a fairly strong plastic case, a relatively small weight, subject to the presence of 5 coolers, and decent results of the application. If you do not find fault with the little things, then this option will be a good choice for the user who prefers static use of the laptop in a pleasant environment, which is achieved due to the bright backlight and relatively silent operation of the fans.

"Crown CMLC-530T"

Perhaps this is the most budget option of all those considered in this article, which has an average cost of 990 rubles, but it is easy enough to find stores where this model can be purchased in less than 600 rubles. For this cost, two 140 millimeter “burdock” are offered, but in fairness it should be noted that they are quite slow - only 1000 revolutions per minute, which in the final result will not allow to achieve any significant heights, but a decrease in temperature by 10 is realistic. The case itself is durable and decorated quite nicely, and complements it with a red LED light. Of the visible drawbacks can be identified only visually fragile plastic holders, limiting the sliding of the laptop. Provided that the weight of the device can be 4/5 kilograms, their strength causes some doubts.

"Havit HV-F2056"

This is not a typical option for such articles, since purchasing this model in ordinary computer stores is problematic due to the lack of “on the shelves”. "Havit HV-F2056" is mainly distributed through Chinese online stores, for example, "Aliexpress", with an average price tag of 1, 800 rubles without shipping. As all owners of the “Havit HV-F2056” note, despite the fact that the stand has three 11-millimeter fans each at 1, 100 revolutions per minute, the noise level does not exceed comfortable performance, which is a good help for choosing this model.

"Canyon CNR-FNS01"

Despite the fact that this option got into the top-8 in question, it stands out with nothing so remarkable. The main advantage of the “Canyon CNR-FNS01” is minimalism. The stand has a standard plastic case and a central 120-millimeter fan (1000 rpm). On the sides and bottom there is an imitation of pens, which “adds a tick to the piggy bank” “Canyon CNR-FNS01”, since such a design significantly reduces the overall weight and is more convenient in terms of transportation. In addition, manufacturers claim that the development of the cooler is 30, 000 hours, which is three times more than the more eminent and expensive models described above. But there is one rather significant drawback - this is the inability to adjust the angle of inclination, which for some users is one of the key factors. And the last thing I would like to say about the “CNR-FNS01” - this model has a slightly inflated price tag. Yes, the production of 30, 000 hours, yes, ease, but for the same price you can buy a "Crown CMLC-530T" with two 14-centimeter burdocks. But the whole matter of taste, and this model has many people like, and therefore the place is among the best reasonably.

"Cool Cold IV-002"

The time has come to tell you about your favorite table stands. "Cool Cold IV-002" is another representative of the "Chinese masters" who is easy enough to find in the open spaces of "Aliexpress". The key feature of this kind of table is the convenience of using a laptop, because, in addition to the angle of inclination and the position of the legs, you can adjust the position of the shelf for the mouse (yes, there is one too). This feature, which is met by applause among those who prefer the “bed use” of the advantages of the devices in question. If we consider this model according to the main function (cooling), then we should not expect a special effect from it. It is necessary to understand that first of all “Cool Cold IV-002” is intended for a comfortable location of the laptop in non-standard positions for this, and the presence of a 120-millimeter cooler is only a pleasant addition to this.

Trust Cyclone Cooling Stand

Among the main advantages of the “Trust Cyclone Cooling Stand” is an eight-level adjustment of the angle of inclination, which allows you to achieve the greatest comfort during operation. In addition, it is quite compact and has a size of 16 mm. x 300 mm. x 230 mm., thus providing ease, since its weight is only 550 grams, and this, by the way, is one of the lowest indicators among all the options discussed above. It should be noted that "Trust Cyclone Cooling Stand" completely copes with the tasks, and the average decrease in temperature indicators ranges from 7 to 12 degrees, which corresponds to the indicators and more expensive counterparts. The only drawback is the fragility of the body and the retaining elements (and therefore such a weight), which in turn can adversely affect the feasibility of its “marching” application.

Coasters Technical and visual features
Working diameterNumber and size of fansNoiseWeightCost and price / quality ratio
Cooler Master NotePal X-Slimup to 15.6 ″1 pc / 200 mm.21 dB530 grams1490 rubles /

5 out of 5

Cooler Master NotePal ErgoStand Liteup to 15.6 ″1 piece / 140 mm.16 dbaverage

up to 1200 grams

1290 rubles /

4 out of 5

Crown CMLS-k331up to 18.3 ″ (19 ')5 pieces./

1-140 mm.,

4-80 mm.

21 dB1050 grams1490 rubles /

5 out of 5

Crown CMLC-530Tup to 17 ″2 pcs / 140 mm.25 dB780 grams990 rubles /

5 out of 5

Havit HV-F2056up to 17 ″3 pieces / 110 mm.25 dB700 grams1800 rubles /

4 out of 5

Canyon CNR-FNS01up to 17 ″1 piece / 120 mm.22.5 dB600 grams999 rubles /

3 out of 5

Cool Cold IV-002up to 17 ″1 piece / 120 mm.25 dB1660 grams1990 rubles /

4 out of 5

Trust Cyclone Cooling Standup to 16 ″2 pieces / 110 mm.25 dB550 grams1390 rubles /

4 out of 5


So, the above were considered 8 different models of cooling coasters for laptops in the same price category, which does not exceed 2000 rubles. Perhaps someone will have a question, why in the "top" only such cheap modifications. The answer is quite simple and banal - it is the senselessness of buying the type of cooling in question for 3, 000, 5, 000 or 10, 000 rubles. As mentioned above, the principle of operation of these devices is simple to disgrace, and they perform all the required functions approximately equally and regardless of the price difference.