How to fix the RH-01 error in the Play Market and why it appears

Most modern smartphones work on the Android operating system. All applications in it are installed using the built-in store Play Market. It is very convenient - just select the desired program from the thousands in the catalog, and then it is downloaded and installed. However, it happens that the error RH-01 occurs when you try to open the Play Market. When this happens, the application store becomes unavailable, and download from it will not work. This leads many users to confusion, but everything is not as bad as it seems. The problem can usually be solved by yourself.

Eliminate the error RH-01 in the Play Market.

When an error occurs

Error RH-01 appears when there is a problem with getting data from the server where the store is located. This means that a smartphone or tablet cannot communicate with it and load the start page. The reasons why the Play Market gives such an error as RH-01 are a few:

  • Failures in the operating system or its incorrect configuration.
  • Crashes in the program Play Market.
  • Using root access on the device, due to which some programs or services could be mistakenly deleted or disabled.
  • Incorrect Google account settings on the device.
  • The use of third-party programs to buy game currency for free on dummy data. The most common program is Freedom. It makes changes to the system hosts file, and because of this, there are various problems connecting to the server. It must be removed.

All this is not terrible and is completely solvable on its own. A screwdriver and a soldering iron are not required for this.

How can I fix the error RH-01

In each situation, you need to do differently. But usually the reason is unclear, and it happens unexpectedly, literally “yesterday everything worked, but today it does not”. Therefore, you have to try different ways to solve the problem until it disappears. It is better to start with the simplest ones, which, by the way, usually help solve the problem of eliminating RH-01.

Setting the correct date and time

The first thing you need to do when an error RH-01 appears in the Play Market is to check the date and time. They may be correct at first glance, but the time zone may be incorrect. To do this, go to the "Settings" - "Date and time", and check there, and if necessary, set the correct parameters. Please also note the time zone. Sometimes these simple actions help, and the problem is solved. But if the Play Market still reports a problem, then try the following methods.

Reboot smartphone

When an RH-01 error occurs on the phone when trying to access the Play Market, and the previous method did not help, you can simply try to restart it. When this is not done for a long time, errors accumulate in the operating system, some background services may not work properly or even shut down. In addition, during operation, the system creates many different temporary files that inhibit its work. As a result, various error codes appear, including RH-01 in the Play Market. Regular reboot of the smartphone can solve a huge number of problems, including this one. The restarted operating system clears the garbage accumulated in the previous session, restarts all the necessary services. Therefore, the error may disappear by itself, since there are simply no program reasons for it.

Cleaning temporary play market files

Sometimes the Play Market gives an error RH-01, if the application has accumulated too much “junk”, that is, temporary files. They are created with the work of almost any program, and upon its completion they remain on a flash drive or in the built-in memory. When this garbage accumulates a lot, it greatly slows down the work of the system as a whole, and the application may not work correctly or not start at all. Therefore, periodically it is useful to delete these temporary files. To clear the temporary Play Market files folder, you need to go to “Settings” - “Applications” and select “Google Play Market”. On this screen there is a noticeable button “Clear cache” - this is what you need. If there are a lot of temporary files, cleaning will take some time, so you have to wait. Also use the "Erase data" button.

Do the same to clear temporary files for “Google Play Services” and “Google Services Framework”. In different versions of the operating system and on different phones, some of them may not be in the list of applications, so clean the ones that are named. Restart your smartphone and see if the error RH-01 has disappeared. This method often helps.

Google account error

Sometimes a connection failure in the Play Market with an RH-01 error occurs due to an incorrectly configured Google account. For example, you could change the password from it on the computer, and on the smartphone it remained old, so the application cannot access the store. To get to your account settings, go to "Settings" and at the bottom there find the section "Accounts" - you are interested in "Google", tap on this item, and it will open. You will see your google account by gmail mailbox name. Tap the mailbox name and go to the settings of this account. Sometimes it helps to turn on synchronization in your account settings, but not always. It’s safer to delete an account entirely from the device - use the option in the menu “Delete account” for this.

Now, if you run the Play Market, you will be asked to enter the login and password of your Google account. Enter them correctly and see if the error RH-01 has disappeared.

Reinstalling Google Play Market

A Google Play Market crash may also be accompanied by an RH-01 error. If the previous methods did not help, you can try to reinstall the application of the store itself. To do this, you must first stop and then delete. Go to “Settings” - “Applications” - “Google Play Market”. Next, use the "Stop" and "Disable" buttons. In this case, you will see a warning that disabling the Play Market may damage the work of other programs. However, persevere and the program will be stopped. After that, use the "Delete Updates" button. Everything, application is disconnected and removed.

To install the store again, you need to go back to the "Applications" and find it in the list, and then just turn it on. The application will be installed from a copy of Android, which was installed on the smartphone by the manufacturer, so the Play Market version will be the same as it was originally. When you connect the Internet Play Market will be updated to the latest version. Usually, reinstalling the Play Market helps to solve the problem with RH-01, if other, simpler ways do not help. The above solutions to the problem are usually sufficient. All of them are quite simple and do not require qualifications. But if nothing helps, you may need a smartphone or tablet firmware, and it is better to entrust it to a specialist.

Tell us in the comments if you encountered an error RH-01 and what method of solving it helped. Any of your advice will help our readers in a similar situation.