How to eliminate error 924 in the Play Market and why it appears

Each user of the device on the Android operating system when downloading or updating applications in the Play Market may encounter a problem when a message appears on the screen and nothing happens. Error code number 924 appears in different situations and has different reasons, but it does not allow downloading anything. Of course, if you know the reason for the appearance of this message, you can get rid of it very quickly. But this is not always the case, so often you have to try different methods, although each of them is quite simple and does not require special skills.

Causes and methods of eliminating error 924 in the Play Market.

What does the error code 924 in the Play Market

Error 924 occurs in the Play Market when downloading or updating applications, which is basically the same thing, since updating simply removes the old one and installs a new version. The code marked 924 means that the operating system cannot update or download the program. And why this is impossible - this is a completely different question, to which there are many answers. If the cause is eliminated, the message will disappear. The most common causes are:

  • Operating system failure
  • Unstable internet connection.
  • Too many temporary files in the Play Market cache.
  • Not enough space to download in the device memory.
  • Crash in the Play Market app itself.
  • Incorrectly configured or incorrectly entered Google account on the device.

If you use a smartphone or tablet with unofficial firmware, then there can be a variety of failures, including with code 924, and the reason for this usually lies in the errors of the firmware itself!

How To Fix Error 924 In Play Market

All the problems listed above are solved quickly and easily, but which one caused the code 924 is usually unknown. Therefore, we recommend starting with the simplest methods, gradually moving to more complex ones. At any stage, the problem usually disappears.

Reboot Android devices

It often helps to solve the error 924 in such a simple way as rebooting the device. Many people underestimate the effectiveness of this method, which is able to solve many problems. Any smartphone or tablet, in fact, is a regular computer running the Android operating system. When the system works for a very long time, and the user actively uses different programs, especially if they are often installed and removed, errors inevitably accumulate in it. Over time, some background services may become unstable or shut down altogether. This can lead to crashes in different applications. Therefore, a simple reboot of the device and restarting the system helps to get rid of many failures.

Clearing the cache and data of the Play Market

Any program during its work creates a lot of temporary files in a special folder - cache. Play Market is no exception, and this application is capable of accumulating a lot of such garbage. When its quantity becomes very large, the whole system slows down noticeably, and the free disk space may run out. Because of this, Android can also give an error code 924. Therefore, it is sometimes useful to delete temporary files. To clear the Play Market cache, go to “Settings” - “Applications” and look in the Google Play Market list. Tap on the name and get into the program settings. There is a noticeable button here - “Clear cache”, use it. Do the same with the “Erase data” button.

Clearing the cache is useful for other applications, especially those that are actively used - so you can free up a lot of space in the memory of your smartphone. Its lack may also be the cause of error 924.

Uninstall Play Market app updates

Sometimes a problem occurs with the Play Market program itself. This is usually due to errors when it is updated. Therefore, it is sometimes possible to solve the problem by rolling back the version to the original one. To remove all updates of the Play Market, go to “Settings” - “Applications” - “Google Play Market”, as in the previous method. But this time, use the "Delete Updates" button. Play Market will return to the version that was originally installed on the device by the manufacturer initially. When you connect to the Internet, it will be updated to the latest version again and this time, perhaps, a failure with the error code will no longer appear in the Play Market.

Delete and re-add a google account

The problem is related to incorrect settings of the Google account on the device. In this case, when you try to download something from the Google Play store, a window with an error 924 may also appear. For example, you changed the account password on the computer, and forgot to change the smartphone and left the old one - then the download will not start. The easiest way to delete an account and re-add it. Go to “Settings” and find “Google” in the “Accounts” section. The account name is the same as the gmail mailbox. Tap on the name and get to its settings page. Use the menu and select "Delete account".

When you turn on the Play Market, you will be asked to re-enter your account information - do it. This method does not help very often, but there are situations where the problem is associated with this.

Other solutions to the problem

Sometimes code 924 appears only because of a broken Internet connection when downloading or updating applications. This is usually due to unstable communication with a large distance from the base station. If this is the case, then when restoring a good speed, the problem is solved by itself. If possible, you can switch from mobile to Wi-Fi or vice versa. The main thing - to provide a fairly stable channel of communication through the Internet. There are situations when downloading in the Play Market is blocked by the antivirus, as a result a message with the code 924 appears. It is solved by removing the antivirus.

Did you have such a problem, and how did you solve it? Share your experience in the comments, because any practical advice can help one of our readers.