Correction of errors in the application

Modern smartphones have an unlimited number of features and functions. But the main task, as before, is making calls. The Android system is constantly evolving and improving, but sometimes there are errors and malfunctions. “Error in the application” is a rare problem, but it can also sometimes overshadow the use of the device, as it prevents calls and dialing. The essence of the error is not so complicated as to carry the phone in for repair. Let's figure out how to fix the problem yourself.

Error correction technique in the application.

What is “”?

Before proceeding to the description of solutions to this problem, consider the reasons for its occurrence. "" is an application for the Android OS, through which calls are made. The message that an error occurred in the application indicates a malfunction of the software. The reasons for the malfunction can be not only malfunctions in the application "Phone", but also the actions of the user that could damage the application. Also very frequent reasons are crowded cache, incompatibility of various applications on the device, or viruses.

How to fix the error?

There are several ways to correct this error. All of them are quite simple, but depend on the reason for the appearance of the message. The algorithm for solving the problem is as follows:

Clear data and application cache

This method should help in most cases.

  • Go to "Settings" - "Applications";
  • Enable the option "Show system applications" (if any);
  • Find the tabs "SIM Menu" and "Phone";
  • In each of them, select "Memory";
  • Clear the cache.

TIP. You can try to do this with applications such as Call Management, Setting Up Two SIM Cards, or Phone Services.

Check if it helped. If not, proceed to the following points.

Disable time and date autosync

  • Go to the settings in the section "Date and time."
  • Disable network date and time and time zone.
  • Reboot the device.
  • We set the correct time and date.

We check for viruses

To do this, it is enough to have an antivirus on the device or download it from the Play Market. Next, we do a full scan and remove all viruses if they are detected. If you do not have an antivirus on your smartphone and you do not want to install it, then there is another way. You can connect the device to a computer or laptop via USB and check the phone's memory with the antivirus installed on the PC. The algorithms of computer and mobile viruses are similar, so any computer antivirus program recognizes and eliminates malicious files even on the phone.

Resetting system settings

IMPORTANT. This action will set all the default settings, while removing all installed applications!

This action will certainly correct the error, but you must be prepared that the smartphone software will return to its initial state. If you still want to try to solve the problem in this way, go to the Android settings and click "Reset Phone Settings" in the "Restore and Reset" item.

TIP. If you have important data on your smartphone, it is better to copy it to another device in advance in order to avoid loss. There is another option - sync everything with Google.

We update all applications

Not in all cases, but sometimes this method works. Try to completely turn off the phone, get the SIM, turn it back on and update all installed applications. Then insert the SIM card back.

Install another call app

This method will allow the user not to solve the problem with the software, but to bypass it. The method is useful in cases where the previous results did not yield, and you do not want to completely reset all settings. In the Play Market search engine, you just need to dial a "dialer", and you will be provided with a whole list of various programs for performing operations provided by the mobile operator without harm to the device.

How to avoid problems

As they say, the problem is much easier to prevent than to solve. Adhering to a few simple tips, you can save the functionality of the device and not face many problems.

  • Tip 1. Before you install any software, double-check the security of the source. This will protect your phone from viruses and other dangerous programs.
  • Tip 2. Clean the phone from unnecessary applications. This will save the device’s memory from clogging and clogging.
  • Tip 3. Do not mindlessly disable or delete system applications as a superuser.
  • Tip 4. Download antivirus, especially if you often connect the device to different PCs. There are also free protection programs that will secure no worse than paid ones.
  • Tip 5. Clean junk files with special programs (for example, CCleaner).

Having done simple manipulations, you can protect your smartphone and get rid of many errors. Troubleshooting is also easy if you don’t panic and try to fix it yourself. It does not take much time and save a decent amount, which would have to pay in the service center.

We hope you have succeeded. If not, please explain your problem in the comments, and we will try to help.