Top free software error recovery in Windows

Many computer owners use the familiar Windows system. But when using this OS sometimes errors occur. If you did not find the source of the problem yourself, you can use one of the automated programs suggested in the list to correct the errors. We will offer you as options focused on the elimination of certain problems, and universal versions.

TOP best free error correction programs for Windows.

1. Microsoft Fix it

The creator is Microsoft. This free platform is designed to work on specific failures. These include problems of this kind: reading a DVD, problems with connecting to a network, etc. The algorithm of action is as follows:

  1. Open the Microsoft Solution Center page.
  2. Look for the subject of the problem and its appearance in the sections (for a quick search, refer to the “Filter for solutions” field).
  3. Read the detailed description of the solution lining. If after reading the situation has not changed, download the application to automatically fix the failure.
TIP. you can run the program only as an administrator. Also, do not forget to restart the computer at the end.

The main advantage of this program for eliminating errors is security and availability. It was developed by the same Windows specialists, which eliminates the possibility of new system errors or data destruction. The main disadvantage is that the program is not always effective.

2. NetAdapter Repair All In One

This free troubleshooting software for Windows XP, 7 and 8 is offered to experienced users in the form of a manual troubleshooting guide. The troubleshooting tool includes:

  • detailed algorithm of actions
  • diagnostics and review of network settings (correction of settings is available only to the PC administrator).

The main disadvantage is that you need to know the elements of the network subsystem and understand the English interface. Choosing this program, you should understand the problem to be solved.

IMPORTANT. the program can help if you suddenly lost access to any sites, or after removing another program, the Internet disappeared. But you need to clearly understand what and how to do, otherwise the consequences can be unpredictable.

3. Kerish Doctor

This program for detecting and fixing system errors is good because it “pumps” the productivity of your PC and solves a solid list of problems in the system. You can choose both an automatic mode of operation and a manual procedure. Kerish Doctor is capable of:

  • registry troubleshooting.
  • clearing the cache.
  • Increased productivity of system services and the Internet.
  • creating optimal conditions for games.
  • cleaning discs from debris.
  • setup of system software and Windows updates.
  • protection against enemy attacks and overheating of the PC, etc.

Kerish Doctor download from the official site.

TIP. the program is free for a trial period only (2 weeks). Next, you must purchase an annual license.

4. Anvisoft PC PLUS

Anvisoft is a free software for fixing all kinds of Windows errors, including Windows10. The list of features is impressive. She will "fix":

  • Software.
  • Shortcuts.
  • Task Manager.
  • Registry files.
  • Temporary files.
  • Popular games and more.

It is quite simple to work with the program: in the main window you select an area in which you need to solve a problem (for example, problems with access to the Internet). Next, find the error you need and select "Fix" ("Fix"). Anvisoft PC PLUS will automatically fix the detected problems.

IMPORTANT. The application requires an internet connection.

The only problem may be the English interface. But the application does not require the installation of additional software on the computer.

5. Registry Repair

This error detection utility is simple and extremely easy to use. Registry Repair scans the computer and fixes incorrect paths, system registry, remnants of unnecessary entries. The application finds about 18 types of registry problems, which is much more than other programs. Another advantage is the economical waste of PC resources - Registry Repair does not load the processor and does not affect the overall speed of the computer or laptop. The program provides:

  • Check system software.
  • Remove viral and adware files.
  • Deep registry cleaning.
  • Cancel unwanted software changes.
  • Formation of the list of exceptions during the audit and more.

The application is available in Russian, including for the average user. According to the developers, the program is not able to affect the performance of the OS and will not allow the appearance of new errors associated with the installation.

6. Kaspersky Cleaner

The developers of the popular antivirus recently presented their version of the program for diagnosing a computer and fixing system errors. The application not only cleans the PC, but also fixes such popular errors of the latest OS versions (Windows7, 8, 10), such as:

  • Problems with EXE and BAT files.
  • Task Manager Lock.
  • Changes in system settings.
  • Problems in the registry and system elements.

Kaspersky Cleaner is very clear and accessible to every user - even a beginner can easily understand the functions.

7. Anti-virus utility AVZ

AVZ anti-virus utility hit our top for a reason. Despite its original virus removal function, software is very effective in finding and troubleshooting system problems. The System Restore tab allows you to solve Internet connection problems, to debug the work of the conductor, and much more.

8. Windows Repair Toolbox

And finally, it is worth mentioning this free set of various software to fix system errors. Windows Repair Toolbox allows you to fix problems with network access, detect malware, check your hard drive for damage, and find all the necessary information about the components of a laptop or computer.

How to make the right choice

All programs from the list have their advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are more effective, but directed to an experienced user. And some vice versa - they have a limited set of functions, but they are easy to use and will not worsen the situation. Tell us in the comments which utilities you use.