Features and options for synchronizing notes between a computer and a smartphone

For any user, the loss of any important or personalized data is always a heavy blow. Considering that currently smartphones and tablets have completely replaced all other means of capturing information in the form of notes, reminders, to-do lists, etc., loss of data stored in this way can make it impossible to restore them. To prevent this, there is a huge number of different cloud services and other tools that help the user synchronize all their devices with each other, and even if one of them fails, the information can always be restored on another device. This article focuses on the less popular category of personal data, rather than, for example, audio, video or photos, notes, which for many still represent a certain weighty importance and are actively used in their work. This topic is intended to clarify the existing ways to synchronize notes between different devices, including devices with different operating systems, and to help in identifying a universal option that can meet modern technical requirements and information volumes.

Rules for synchronizing notes with iPhone or Android with a computer.

IOS Sync - Android - Windows

Yes, despite the fact that some “haters” of Apple’s products claim that iOS is isolated from other operating systems and it’s simply impossible to “make friends” with each other, for example, iPhone and Samsung, there are many possibilities for synchronization between different operating systems. and will be discussed further. As a demonstration, we assume two situational examples.

Example №1

The user is required to transfer the notes from his iPhone to the computer and synchronize their updates in order to maintain the constant relevance of the information used. Quite a banal situation and it is also solved simply. Here comes to the aid of the application «iCloud», which allows you to transfer / copy the entire contents of the smartphone to a computer or to another "apple" device. And to accomplish this goal you will need to do the following:

Option number 1

  • on your smartphone, open “Settings” - “Accounts and passwords” - “iCloud” (or “Settings” - “iCloud”);
  • you will see a list of items, the parameters and values ​​of which are stored in the cloud storage;

  • find the line “Notes” in the list and switch the slider to the “Enable” mode;
  • Download and install “iCloud” on a computer or just visit the site “iCloud.com”;
  • open the application and enter the authorization data (Apple ID and password) to confirm the right to perform the tasks;
  • go to the "Notes" section and carry out with them all the necessary manipulations (editing, copying, transferring), and all changes will be automatically applied to both the iPhone and iPad.

Option number 2

  • visit the website "//www.tenorshare.ru/products/icarefone.html", download and install the iCareFone file manager on your computer;

  • launch the manager and connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a cable;
  • the program automatically recognizes the connected device and displays basic information about it;

  • on the control panel, open the “File Manager” tab and then select the “Note” section;

  • In the window that opens, you will see all active records and you can carry out the necessary manipulations with them, as well as create a new file.

Including entries can be saved as a text document. To do this, you need to click on the "Export" button, select the location of the saved file and its extension, enter the name and click on the "Save" button.

You can also back up sync and import notes to a smartphone or tablet. Accordingly, this is done using the "Import" parameter. The only disadvantage of the above option is the need for a physical connection between the mobile gadget and the computer.

Example 2

The user needs to transfer entries to the device with the Android operating system. To implement such a plan, the best option would be to use the services of "Gmail and Keep" and "OneNote" from the company "Google" and "Microsoft", respectively.

Option 1 - “Gmail and Keep”:

  • similar to the “iCloud” service, open “Settings” - “Accounts and passwords” and select the “Gmail” section;
  • in the subsection with the choice of synchronization parameters, set the slider to the position to include in the “Notes” line;
  • take the device with the Android operating system, download and install the Google Keep application;
  • upon completion of the installation, open it and log in to your account, which is also tied to the smartphone or tablet from Apple;
  • confirm the synchronization and use any tool to edit existing notes.

Option 2 - “OneNote”:

  • The procedure for dealing with an application from Microsoft is not much different from the above. All that is required is to log in to the application on the iOS operating system, and on the smartphone running Android;
  • and in the “OneNote” settings, check the box “Sync all files and images” in the “Parameters” section.


So, as can be seen from all of the above, there is nothing difficult in combining multioperational systems into a kind of “local network” for sharing the most important files and information, as well as for ensuring its safety. Which of the four options presented is chosen, decided by everyone, and in many respects everything depends on the quantitative availability of the used services of “Google”, “Apple” or “Microsoft”.