Windows hangs on the message Getting Ready: Causes and Solutions

Any computer freezes in terms of the operation of its operating system, regardless of their duration, always cause a reasonable negative reaction from users and a lot of questions regarding the options for resolving this problem. This article will discuss a rather problematic situation in which the user, when installing / updating the “Windows” operating system, is faced with the OS hanging on the step marked “Getting Windows ready”.

Solving the problem of hanging up when installing Windows on the inscription Getting ready.

Causes and Solutions

So, as many probably know, the inscription “Getting Windows ready” speaks of the final stage of preparation for the operation of an installed / updated operating system. Accordingly, it should be understood that this process can really take a lot of time, especially if the installation itself took more than a dozen minutes. “Getting Windows ready” with the active workflow indicator can take an hour, or two, and three, so the first option is to wait.

Hardware or software

The statistics of search queries clearly demonstrate that in the overwhelming majority of cases, users from other countries face the problem in question, and with what it may be connected, it is still not specifically known. The main reasons for the suspension of the preparatory process may be the following points:

  • boot loader failure;
  • malfunction of the operating system image used;
  • cable connection problems, including unstable power supply;
  • active network processes;
  • malfunction of computer components.

Based on the reasons given, it is possible to single out the following algorithm of actions, which, under certain circumstances, will allow to solve the problem of freezing.

Option 1

  • Shut down the computer, but keep in mind that emergency shutdown can lead to additional errors in the operating system;
  • disconnect all external input / output devices, third-party drives, speakers / headphones, etc .;
  • unplug the power cable of the system unit or remove the laptop battery;
  • leave the computer without power for some time, literally 1-2 minutes;
  • Reconnect the power cable / insert the battery and, if necessary, return external peripherals, except for the Internet connection cable.

Many people know this de-energizing method in solving similar problems as in the topic under consideration.

Option 2

When a hangup occurs on the “Getting Windows ready” label during the installation of the operating system, you should also take into account possible errors in the OS image used, as well as in the physical media itself. Therefore, as a second solution to the problem, it is necessary to check the quality of the software. This can be done when trying to install the operating system on another device, as well as change the boot OS image from the “build material” to a clean image or vice versa. In fact, based on the fact that the problem in question does not have any specific reason and can, in principle, be absent or solved by itself, there is no one hundred percent working algorithm of actions that would lead to an instant completion of the installation / upgrade of the operating system.


The last thing worth noting is the presence of several tips from users on the English-language thematic forums, which consisted in the proposal to disable external USB-devices, in particular the mouse, and start the installation / update of the OS.